3.14 Expose’ (Nikki and Paulo)


In this episode Lost looks at the last 84 days on the island from the perspective of two of the background characters “lives” and “deaths”. I am telling the story in chronological order. The actual episode cuts back and forth a bit.


As the flashback opens the episode, we think we might have stumbled upon a different show altogether. In the flashback, we see a young girl dressed in a short white coat confidently walking on a nightclub stage that we recognize as Nikki (one of the Losties). While doing her routine she notices a man walk past her and into an office. She follows the man and confronts him. She sees another man who shoots her 4 times. She falls over dead, or so we think! Seconds later, she jumps up and talks to the cast and crew of what is a TV show called Expose’. (Later we find out it’s a show about two crime solving strippers). She talks to the director, who we find out is also romantically involved with her. The next day they are talking over breakfast when Paulo the manservant walks in with a plate of food. The director man asks Nikki to take some and she spots a diamond necklace that the man is offering her. Nikki is impressed, but as they talking, the director man’s heart stops beating. Paulo investigates and when he notices the man is dead, he and Nikki happily make for the man’s safe. Inside they find more jewels and they take off with the money. The next day they read in the paper the man has apparently died without raising suspicion and they are free to leave Sydney with their stolen diamonds which they place in Paulo’s backpack. Of course they they are boarding flight 815 and they get a glimpse of Boone and Shannon from Season 1 arguing over a chair. Nikki says she does not want to end up like them. Ironic twist, they do end up like them.

On the Island

The next scene shows Nikki on the island in the aftermath of the airplane crash.We see the same events we saw from season 1, but this time from Nikki’s perspective instead of Jack’s.What’s interesting is we also see Dr. Arzt this time pull himself out of the wreckage.It’s an amazing special effects scene matching very closely the wreckage and events from the Pilot.Anyway, Nikki finds Paulo staring out into the ocean.All she cares about is the bag of diamonds, while Paulo is happy just to be alive.After revisiting a few more scenes from season 1, Nikki talks to Ethan about how to find their lost “luggage”.He says the plane broke apart into two pieces with artifacts spilled out across the island.So Nikki and Paulo go out and rediscover the crashed Beechcraft plane (and the Pearl station), and the two passengers underneath the waterfall.Here is where Paulo finds the bag of diamonds, but he does not tell Nikki.He tries burying them in the sand when Locke catches him and warns him that “things that are buried in the beach tend to not stay buried”, so he tells him to find a better hiding place.Paulo hides them instead in the Pearl station toilet.After many days of searching Nikki is ready to give up.

paulo-and-nikki Paulo is glad and says the diamonds would only have caused trouble in their relationship.But as he unknowingly drops his nicotine gum (an item that was in his bag).Nikki realizes he has found the bag.So she asks Sawyer for a gun to confront Paulo.When that does not work she lures Paulo into the jungle and throws a paralyzing spider at him.While he is incapacitated she searches him and finds the diamonds.Unfortunately for her, this was a female spider and her scent has attracted the males in the jungle who bite her.She makes a quick burial of the treasure and stumbles to beach.Sawyer and Hurley see her but all she can say is “Paulo lies”, but actually it is “paralyzed”.She seems dead.They start to bury her and Paulo.Sawyer finds the diamonds, but when the group accuses him of killing Paulo and Nikki he gives them to Sun. Later saying they are no value she gives them back to Sawyer who just drops them into the grave.Nikki wakes up just in time to see sand shoveled onto her, but can’t speak, and so is buried alive along with Paulo.



This reminds me of a Stephan King story about a man who was buried alive and returned from the dead “so to speak” to seek revenge. This could even happen on Lost as Locke commented that things buried on the beach tend to not stay buried.

The fans got what they wanted.Not only did Nikki and Paulo die, but it was an excruciating death as well.Unless, of course, they are not really dead.

Also, Nikki died twice once in her flashback and once sort of on the island.

Paulo really wanted to just please Nikki and was not after her money. Nikki was touched but Paulo’s saying he did not care about the diamonds, but she got mad that he was hiding information from her.

It was great reliving the scenes from Season 1 and 2. This episode was a “mirror image” of the episode from the Season 2 – The Other “48” Days. This one could be called “The Last 84 Days ‘of Nikki and Paulo'”

Paulo did get a walkie talkie, which the beach Losties can use to find the Others camp. So Paulo did serve some purpose on the show.

I really liked the scenes with Arzt and his exotic insect collection.Nikki and Artz with Spider

And I was really impressed that the writers did not leaving us hanging, they did show us how Nikki and Paulo were isolated from the other Losties because they were more interested in diamonds and each other than the rest of the group.

I have got to think we will see more of Shannon and Boone, since they only got to play one scene in this show.


If they do survive the burial, how will they get out of the grave? I think Sawyer or someone will dig them up to get to the diamonds. Or they may really die as well.

What other things are buried in the lake by the waterfall? So far they have found guns (Kate’s plane) and diamonds.

Will the producer’s recut the Season 1 DVD’s with scenes from this episode to show that Paulo and Nikki were there all along?

Since Juliet and Ben do not smoke who did leave the burnt cigarettes at the Pearl hatch? Wasn’t the plane covering the hatch by then?

3.13 Man from Tallahasee (Locke)

This is the long awaited episode that shows in vivid detail how Locke lost the use of his legs prior to his arrival on the island.

On the island:

This island section picks up where the last one left off with Jack playing football in the Others camp. Kate wants to speak with him immediately, but Locke decides on the more reasonable course of waiting until Jack is alone. When night falls we see Jack and Juliet talking to each other and then Jack retires to his cabin for the night. While Locke and Sayid are watching the cabin, Kate goes in to talk to Jack. Kate is amazed that Jack is not a prisoner but instead is playing the piano. Jack tells Kate to run because they are being watched, but before she can, the Other’s hit squad enters and captures her. They also have captured Sayid, but not Locke. Kate lies to protect Locke who is actually on his way to confront Benry.

Benry is in a hospital bed when Locke enters; at first he believes it is his “daughter” Alex. But is somewhat startled to see Locke standing there instead. Locke wants to know about the submarine that Mikhail “Patchy” referred to in the last episode. Benry guesses that Locke wants to blow it up with the C4 he has stolen. Locke won’t say why he wants to blow it up, but Benry guesses it is so he can stay on the island, the same island that apparently has cured him of his paralysis. Benry says he knows how Locke was paralyzed and for four years, he also knows about his working in a box company in Tustin. Locke tells Benry he is just a pretender on the island and knows nothing about its special properties. Ben says he has lived there all his life and knows more than Locke, but Locke retorts that if Benry did he would not be in a wheel chair (implying that the island would have healed him by now). I will get to the ending in a few minutes.

The Flashback:

Locke is trying to restore his government funding assistance with a case worker. She feels he must have recovered from his anger management problem because he has stopped going to therapy. She denies his request unless he returns to therapy. We see Locke in a run down apartment eating a TV dinner. He thinks the knock at the door is a salesman, but it turns out to be the son of a woman who is marrying the con man who stole Locke’s kidney in Season 1. The man’s name used to be Cooper but he is now going by another name. Locke lies and says he did donate a kidney, but it was an anonymous donation and so he does not know the man. In fact he does know him, and confronts him while he is planning to buy something for the wedding. He tells the con man to call off the wedding, so he does not ruin her life as he ruined Locke’s. Cooper pretends to agree to call it off, but we later find out the woman’s son is murdered. When Locke finds hears about this from two police officers, he confronts Cooper at his 8th floor apartment. Cooper explains he did not kill him but just needed some time to find another angle to get her money and the wedding is off anyway because of the son’s death. When Locke goes to the phone to confirm this with the woman, Cooper sneaks up on Locke and pushes him through a glass window. Locke breaks his back upon landing and his legs are paralyzed. The police arrive at Locke’s bedside but Cooper has fled without a trail.

Back on the island:

Kate and Jack meet again; this time in a recreation room. Jack tells Kate he told her not to come back for him. Kate thought he was making it up, and that he should not trust the Others. But Jack says he had to the moment Kate told him that to save Sawyer, he had to trust them. (Kate and Sawyer were saved when Jack did the surgery on Benry, who allowed then allowed them to go free in return). But now Jack has made another deal, the Others will allow him to leave the island for doing the surgery and post op work on Ben, and Juliet gets to go with him. Kate can’t believe Jack would leave them, but Jack whispers in her ear that he is coming back for her.

Benry sends Alex to get the C4 explosive from Locke’s bag. Benry also says bring me the “man from Tallahassee”. Sayid has the bag and when he sees Alex he recognizes her as Rousseau’s daughter. He tells her that her mother is still alive, but Alex was told her mother was dead.

Locke gets his C4 and Benry allows him to go to the sub, but first Benry says the sub is useless anyway because it can leave the island but no one can return now that the beacon is not working. Locke goes to the sub anyway (and very quickly I should add) and sets the explosive. The Others who are bringing Jack and Juliet to the sub, capture Locke, just as the sub is exploding. Jack gives Locke the “thanks a lot” look.

Locke is handcuffed when Benry visits him in the Barracks. Ben tells Locke he was a pawn in his plan and that he wanted Locke to blow up the sub for him. He now releases Locke and offers to show him “the box”. The Box is a magical device “says Benry” that will produce any object of your imagination as a real object before you. When Locke opens the Box, he sees the man he fears, his father Mr. Cooper, bound and gagged but alive.


The man from Tallahassee is the episode title and refers to Locke’s father who conned people there. I thought it might be Sawyer who also pulled cons in Florida and was jailed there.

Why did Locke lie to the son about knowing Cooper? If he had told the truth, the son could have warned the mother? My guess is that Locke was hoping his father would finally do the right thing and give up conning people. He was “wrong”.

Kate seemed remorseful when she understood that Jack made a deal with the Others at her request to save Sawyer. She also seems to be wondering what the Others told Jack of her relationship to Sawyer.

Jack may be drawing a bit closer to Juliet, but his plan still seems to be to save Kate (and the other losties).

Even though Cooper says he is just a con man and would not kill anyone… he did not hesitate to try and kill Locke and maybe also ordered someone to kill the son of the woman he was conning.

Locke’s plan was to blow up the submarine. I am not totally sure he meant to blow up the Flame also, but that is still possible. Maybe Benry blew it up to keep people on the island.

The guy escorting Locke and Benry to the Box was the same guy who talked Juliet into coming to the island.


How did both Locke and Jack and Juliet get to the sub so quickly? At the beginning of season 3, the Others camp looked to be in the middle of the island. The sub would have to be near the shore, unless there was a secret underwater passage from the camp to the shore.

Now that Jack has not left the island, will Kate, Sayid and Locke be allowed to leave the camp? I don’t think so since Benry’s deal was only contingent on Jack leaving the island.

The sub is gone but what about the sailboat? It may still be around somewhere.

Could Cooper be pulling another con? Is the man from Tallahassee really running the show and is just pretending to be a captive?

Now that Rosseau has seen her daughter (who is very brave and good), will she change her mind and want to talk to her daughter after all?

All About LOST eps 3.12 (Par Avion)

In this episode of All About LOST T.L.E. and I discuss LOST with a recap, thoughts, questions etc. We also kick off part 1 of 3 LOST tributes. This weeks tribute goes to John Locke
Music: Panic At The Disco
Song: I write Sins not Tragedies
The tribute is in between the recap and the thoughts, tell me if you like it.

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3.12 Par Avion (Claire)



On the Beach:

Par Avion is the title of this episode and means “airmail” in French. On the beach Claire discovers a way to contact the outside world. She remembers from watching nature shows that migratory birds are captured by scientists and their migratory patterns are tracked by them. If they could capture one of these birds on the island, they could put a rescue message on the bird. When Claire tells her plan to Charlie he is immediately excited and proud of Claire, but when Desmond warns Charlie that trouble could result, he backs off and ignores her idea instead. Claire is offended and sends Charlie away. She gets with Jim and Sun to capture a bird, and their plan seems to be working when Desmond shoots off a rifle scaring the birds. Claire is suspicious and later on finds out that Desmond did this on purpose to keep Charlie from dying in accident. The reason for this is that Desmond can see the future and predicted Charlie’s death as he tried to get a bird for Claire, but instead fell into the ocean and in his vision Charlie was killed. After questioning Desmond Claire now knows the truth about Charlie’s predicament and will try to help Charlie as they work through his problem together. In the end, Desmond was able to capture a bird, and Claire did attach a message asking for help from whoever finds the bird.


On the island:

Picking right up from last weeks episode… While heading to the Barracks, Mikhail (aka Patchy) tells the group that he knows who they are and that they are not on the famous Jacob’s list. He even “almost: says that he knows that John Locke was paralyzed when Danielle interrupts to say she has found something. It is an invisible fence marked by pylon towers which protects the perimeter of the Barracks.

Mikhail says there is no other way to the Barracks but through the fence, so Locke grabs him and pushes him through it, which results in Mikhail’s brain hemorrhage and death.

Also, Locke is suspiciously found with the M4 explosive right after he told Sayid that he did not know the Flame station was wired to explode with M4. More on this and Locke’s other suspicious behavior in the thoughts section.

Kate is able to climb over the fence using a propping a tree against the tower. The rest of group follows her and when the get the buildings of the Barracks they are in for a big surprise. Jack is running away toward them, but he is not intending to escpape the Others instead he is having fun playing football. Has Jack gone over to the “other” side?


Claire’s flashback:

We see Claire shaken up instead a wrecked car. She is looking and calling out for her mom who is not in the car. When Claire climbs out of the wreckage she finds her mom sprawled out on the road. She is not dead, but in a coma due to a horrific crash with an 18 wheel truck. Claire is questioned by a police officer who tells her that his questions are standard procedure for a vehiclular homicide, but Claire shuts him off by saying her mom is not dead and she wants to be left alone. Claire visits her mom in the hospital and the doctor tells her that mom may not recover due to her head injuries, but all the hospital costs are being covered by an anonymous donor. This donor turns out to be Christian Shepherd, making Claire and Jack brother and sister but from two different families. Christian tells Claire that he is her father, is paying the hospital bills, and that it would be good if they could talk before he returns to America. At a restaurant Christian explains that he met her mom at a convention years ago but she returned to Australia while Christian remained in America with Jack and his mother. Christian (as a doctor) explained it might be nobler to remove her mom’s life support. Claire would not do it and months later a pregnant Claire returns to tell he still comatose mom she is going to give he child up for adoption. She explains she is sorry for being a difficult child, fo yelling at her mom right before the accident and for wishing she was dead.


1. Par Avion means airmail and is an appropriate title for this episode. It also is a recurring theme for Claire who had toy planes flying over her crib, sings wish upon star, and was in Charlie’s dream when a bird probably a dove, flew over her.


2. Claire worked in a tattoo parlor and Jack has tattoo’s and visited Ashara at a place he thought was a tattoo parlor.


3. Kate is always climbing things. Evangeline Lilly loves to climb so they seem to be working that into the show.


4. Mikhail knew all about the Losties, even that John Locke was paralyzed. He said they were flawed and not on the list. Mikhail is probably an Other and knows everything that Ben and Juliet know about the Losties. Mikhail wanted to die, but not because he feared the Losties, but because he was afraid of “him”.


5. Danielle and Mikhail seem to know one another but are pretending they do not.


6. Probably Charlie will die when Desmond is not around to warm him.


7. John Locke knew of the explosive, so he must have lied to Sayid about the Flame hatch blowing up. He also killed Mikhail (on purpose I say).





1. Claire’s father was missing from her life, but was in Jack’s life instead. Did either sibling benefit from this?

2. On the island Claire said her mom was a librarian, is she now dead or was she just meaning she will never recover?

3. Jack appears to have joined the Others, or has he?

4. Do the Others know that the Losties are coming to the Barracks? They did have camera’s at the Flame station.

5. Is Locke really working for the Others? Has he been mind controlled to believe he is really just a regional supervisor for a box company, but is really someone much more important to the Others?

3.11 Enter 77 (Sayid)

Patchy in Front of the Flame Station

Episode 3.11: Sayid flashback

On the island:

The action picks up right where we left it. Kate, Sayid and Locke with Rousseau are hiking through the jungle in a search for Jack who was captured by the Others. Sayid has doubts that Locke’s use of Ecko’s scripture stick will lead them there. As Sayid hikes a bit farther ahead he spots a cow wearing a bell. That cow leads him back to the Flame station which turns out to be an old Dharma communications stations with a satellite dish no less. Said infiltrates the station by claiming to be crash survivor, but before he can get the words out, he is shot by a tall man with an eye patch wearing a Dharma suit. The man just nicks Sayid’s arm and in a kind why sews up the wound. The Losties question “Patchy” who says he is the last surviving member of Dharma who was left at the station after a war with the “hostiles”. They made a truce not to attack him anymore if he did not cross an imaginary line in the valley. (Similar to how “Tom” told Jack not to cross a certain line in an episode from season 2. However Sayid does not believe the man’s story and a fight ensues where Kate comes to the rescue and subdues the man. Under more questioning from Sayid, “Patch” admits he was lying about being part of Dharma. He is one of the “hostiles” and Sayid believes there are others in the Flame station.

Locke is in a back room during this whole ordeal playing a computer chess game. It’s almost as if he is not interested in the man or this place – he is just interested in beating the computer game. Locke loves to play games as was referenced in some early season 1 episodes.

For a while now I have had suspicions about Locke. This episode nearly clinches it for me. He does nothing to stop the man from beating up Said. He leaves the prisoner to play a computer game, allows him to escape, and becomes himself a hostage. And what happens next is even worse

Later while Patchy is knocked out, Sayid and Kate explore the basement of the Flame and find Dharma suites, reference books and maps. Sayid finds that the place is wired to explode. And sure enough they find Bea Klugh in the basement (she was one of the Others that tied up Jack and Kate on the Pala Ferry dock at the end of Season 2. She is in cahoots with Patchy, who both appear to be foreign spies (maybe Russian). She implores Patchy to shoot her so the Losties won’t be able to get information out of her. It works and Patchy shoots her. But Sayid already has the information he needs – a map that leads to the Barracks (most likely the home of the Others). Prior to leaving the Flame, Locke beats the game which gets him into the Island security system. All the systems are down, but by pushing 77 on the keyboard he notifies “someone” that the Flame has been attacked by hostiles. The result of pushing 77 causes the Flame to totally be destroyed when the explosives are detonated. And as Said points out, this was the only way they could have talked to the outside world, i.e. before it was blown up that is. Since Sayid was able to save a map from the Flame, the group is ready to set out to find the Others camp (marked on the map as the “barracks”.

On the Beach:

The beach “losties” challenge Sawyer to a ping pong game. If Sawyer wins he gets his stash back, if he loses he will stop calling everyone by his nicknames. Hurley beats Sawyer easily but consoles him by saying Kate will be okay.


In Sayid’s flashback, he meets a man who wants him to work in his restaurant in Paris. But really the man is luring him into a trap. When he gets to the restaurant he is roughed out and then identified by the man’s wife who says Said tortured her when they both were in Iraq. Sayid denies this but the woman insists it is him and wants him to respect her by admitting it. She was tortured with boiling water which has disfigured her. Sayid finally admits his guilt to her and out of compassion she figures him. He asks why, and she tells him she will not torture others even if she was tortured. She releases Sayid, by telling her husband she made a terrible mistake in identifying Sayid as a torturer. She lies, but she also saves Sayid’s life.


Good Sayid story. Sayid is back to his normal self. He is in charge and in command. He makes astute observations and good decisions while at the Flame station. Much better decisions, then his lousy attempt to save Jack/Kate/Hurley by lighting a signal fire to ambush the Others. This resulted in their losing a sailboat and putting Sun in jeopardy.

In the flashback Sayid is remorseful over his old ways, but here on the island he is using them to protect and rescue his friends.

Locke is definitely a problem. He is intentionally or unintentionally helping the Others and hurting the Losties. I have big suspicions about him.

Go Kate! Kate is super Kate in this episode.


Why was Locke playing video games and not helping out? How did Patchy go from tied up to un-tied which allowed him to sneak up on Locke?

How much longer will Charlie be alive?

What was the relationship between Bea and Patchy? Since Bea was with Ben and the Others she is definitely an Other. Was Patchy also an Other.

Why were they there at the Flame? Were they trying to fix the communications which were broken by turning the fail safe key?

What was the deal with cats in this episode? The woman at the restaurant had a cat. Patchy’s cat was named after Nadia Comaneci the gymnast. Nadia was Sayid’s girlfriend name while he was in Iraq. Some people think that Vincent is the smoke monster. Was the cat at the Flame actually Smokey?

Rousseau has been on the island 16 years looking for Alex. The cable that runs to the Flame went right past her hideout in Season 1. How could she have not seen the Flame or why is she lying about it?

3.10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley)

Episode 3.10

“Tricia Tanaka is Dead” is a Hurley episode and it does not take too long to find out who this new character Tricia is and what happens to her. But before that let’s look at Hurley’s flashback

Hurley flashback:

Hurley is with his father working on a car. His father tells him “hope is never stupid” and “you have to make your own luck” and leaves Hugo/Hurley with a candy bar while he goes off to Las Vegas to find work. His father is gone for years from the family. Even though his mom told him not to eat candy, we see Hugo taking a big candy bite as the scene ends.

Next we see Hugo being interviewed for the evening news. He has just won the lottery and Tricia from the news wants an upbeat story about how all the riches have changed his life for the better. But since winning the lottery, just the opposite has happened. His uncle died, his mom’s house burned down, his girlfriend left him for his best friend etc. As Tricia interviews Hugo, she is annoyed at Hugo’s negative response to her upbeat questions. When she leaves to take pictures of the Mr. Cluck’s restaurant, that Hugo has just purchased, the restaurant is blown up by a stay meteorite.

After many years the Hugo’s father has returned to help his Mom straighten Hugo out. You see… Hugo thinks the lottery has cursed him and he wants to be rid of the money thereby ending the curse. His father takes him to a palm reader who tells Hugo he is cursed because of the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42” and that he must be cleansed by taking his clothes off and washing them in some weird concoction. Hugo is suspicious and asks the woman if his Dad put her up to this. At first she is offended but he offers her 10,000 dollars and she admits the fraud.

Hugo’s Dad apologizes for the stunt and tells Hugo to give the money away except for enough so they can finish working on the car; the same one they started when Hugo was just a boy. It looks like Hugo wants to do this with his Dad, but first he intends to go to Australia where the cursed numbers were his friend Lenny discovered the numbers.

On the island:

Charlie is still in shock that Desmond believes he will die soon. Suddenly Hugo sees Vincent the dog holding a skeleton arm with a key attached. After he follows Vincent into the jungle he finds a VW bus that contains a dead driver who worked for the Dharma initiative. The bus won’t start so he gets Jin, Sawyer and Charlie to help him push it down a hill, where he is successful in getting the engine going. He drives around happy that he has defeated his bad luck and can finally do something fun.


This was just a fun episode. No deep meanings other than Hurley Dad believed his son could make his own luck and Hurley believing the only luck he had was bad. This was reinforced when his Dad left the family and Hurley’s lottery winnings only brought about disaster. This is a common theme on Lost.. fate versus free will.

There were a lot of funny jokes. This included a running gag, with Roger the Dharma “Work man” skeleton. And then later with Sawyer drinking Dharma beer that was old and smelled funny.

Hurley is a praying man which we never saw before and his prayer was quickly answered (with Sawyer’s help).

We also saw that Sawyer regretted pushing Kate away with his inability to say his was sorry. At the end of the episode Sawyer was alone drinking his beer while the other couples on the beach (Jin/Sun, Charlie/Claire) enjoyed some time together. Sawyer watched them with a sad expression on his face.

Nice to see the Losties happy for a change (except Kate who was looking for Rousseau to help her save Jack and Alex).

Cool song played on an 8 track tape was Shambala by Three Dog Night.

The woman used tarot cards to read Hurley. Another reference to the Solataire character I mentioned on the Jack episode. Solitaire was the in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die and used tarot cards to read people. She also had powers similar to Achara from last weeks episode.


How did they not come across the bus before?

Would an old rusty bus laying on it’s side really start after all those years (the gas did not leak out).

How did the bus driver die? Why did no one from Dharma look for him in the jungle? Is it Yemmi (just kidding).

What happened to the road they were building?

Where was he going with all that beer? Maybe to the swan station to stock the pantry.

How did Kate walk into the jungle and find Rousseau in the dark without a map? Kate is known to be good tracker, but she has never known where the woman lived. Although Kate did find the location where Benry was trapped in a net by Rousseau.

3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land (Jack)

Jack flashback:

Jack comes out of a jungle hut onto a beach in Thailand. A young woman (Achara) sees him struggling with making a kite and helps to build it and then fly it. They start a relationship. Both have secrets they don’t want to tell. Jack follows her to her place a work which looks like a tattoo parlor. She says she is not a tattoo artist but can “read” the true nature of people. She says she is only allowed to do this for her people, but Jack insists she “read” him. She does and says he is “a leader” and a “great person” who makes jack unsure of himself and lonely. Jack insists that she complete the ritual by “marking” him with symbols of his true nature. The symbols include Chinese writing that says “outsider to the group?” But it’s not his entire tattoo (it was missing the number 5). The young woman tells Jack there will be consequences for pushing her to do this. Sure enough the next day a young boy he knows shuns him and the local relatives of the girl beats Jack up and orders him to leave Thailand. The girl is crying as she leaves Jack to recover from his beating.

Jack meets Achara

On the island:

Kate and Sawyer are on the catamaran headed back to the main island. Kate says they need to go back to save Jack, but Sawyer says Jack order them to leave him and that is exactly what they will do. Karl says they will be killed if they go back, so Kate reluctantly relents and they land on the beach of the main island. Karl starts to tell them what it means to be an Other. Apparently it includes living in houses and watching the stars from the backyard. Karl says his life is better than Kate’s and the survivors of 815, and the kids who were taken are also better off.

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