3.11 Enter 77 (Sayid)

Patchy in Front of the Flame Station

Episode 3.11: Sayid flashback

On the island:

The action picks up right where we left it. Kate, Sayid and Locke with Rousseau are hiking through the jungle in a search for Jack who was captured by the Others. Sayid has doubts that Locke’s use of Ecko’s scripture stick will lead them there. As Sayid hikes a bit farther ahead he spots a cow wearing a bell. That cow leads him back to the Flame station which turns out to be an old Dharma communications stations with a satellite dish no less. Said infiltrates the station by claiming to be crash survivor, but before he can get the words out, he is shot by a tall man with an eye patch wearing a Dharma suit. The man just nicks Sayid’s arm and in a kind why sews up the wound. The Losties question “Patchy” who says he is the last surviving member of Dharma who was left at the station after a war with the “hostiles”. They made a truce not to attack him anymore if he did not cross an imaginary line in the valley. (Similar to how “Tom” told Jack not to cross a certain line in an episode from season 2. However Sayid does not believe the man’s story and a fight ensues where Kate comes to the rescue and subdues the man. Under more questioning from Sayid, “Patch” admits he was lying about being part of Dharma. He is one of the “hostiles” and Sayid believes there are others in the Flame station.

Locke is in a back room during this whole ordeal playing a computer chess game. It’s almost as if he is not interested in the man or this place – he is just interested in beating the computer game. Locke loves to play games as was referenced in some early season 1 episodes.

For a while now I have had suspicions about Locke. This episode nearly clinches it for me. He does nothing to stop the man from beating up Said. He leaves the prisoner to play a computer game, allows him to escape, and becomes himself a hostage. And what happens next is even worse

Later while Patchy is knocked out, Sayid and Kate explore the basement of the Flame and find Dharma suites, reference books and maps. Sayid finds that the place is wired to explode. And sure enough they find Bea Klugh in the basement (she was one of the Others that tied up Jack and Kate on the Pala Ferry dock at the end of Season 2. She is in cahoots with Patchy, who both appear to be foreign spies (maybe Russian). She implores Patchy to shoot her so the Losties won’t be able to get information out of her. It works and Patchy shoots her. But Sayid already has the information he needs – a map that leads to the Barracks (most likely the home of the Others). Prior to leaving the Flame, Locke beats the game which gets him into the Island security system. All the systems are down, but by pushing 77 on the keyboard he notifies “someone” that the Flame has been attacked by hostiles. The result of pushing 77 causes the Flame to totally be destroyed when the explosives are detonated. And as Said points out, this was the only way they could have talked to the outside world, i.e. before it was blown up that is. Since Sayid was able to save a map from the Flame, the group is ready to set out to find the Others camp (marked on the map as the “barracks”.

On the Beach:

The beach “losties” challenge Sawyer to a ping pong game. If Sawyer wins he gets his stash back, if he loses he will stop calling everyone by his nicknames. Hurley beats Sawyer easily but consoles him by saying Kate will be okay.


In Sayid’s flashback, he meets a man who wants him to work in his restaurant in Paris. But really the man is luring him into a trap. When he gets to the restaurant he is roughed out and then identified by the man’s wife who says Said tortured her when they both were in Iraq. Sayid denies this but the woman insists it is him and wants him to respect her by admitting it. She was tortured with boiling water which has disfigured her. Sayid finally admits his guilt to her and out of compassion she figures him. He asks why, and she tells him she will not torture others even if she was tortured. She releases Sayid, by telling her husband she made a terrible mistake in identifying Sayid as a torturer. She lies, but she also saves Sayid’s life.


Good Sayid story. Sayid is back to his normal self. He is in charge and in command. He makes astute observations and good decisions while at the Flame station. Much better decisions, then his lousy attempt to save Jack/Kate/Hurley by lighting a signal fire to ambush the Others. This resulted in their losing a sailboat and putting Sun in jeopardy.

In the flashback Sayid is remorseful over his old ways, but here on the island he is using them to protect and rescue his friends.

Locke is definitely a problem. He is intentionally or unintentionally helping the Others and hurting the Losties. I have big suspicions about him.

Go Kate! Kate is super Kate in this episode.


Why was Locke playing video games and not helping out? How did Patchy go from tied up to un-tied which allowed him to sneak up on Locke?

How much longer will Charlie be alive?

What was the relationship between Bea and Patchy? Since Bea was with Ben and the Others she is definitely an Other. Was Patchy also an Other.

Why were they there at the Flame? Were they trying to fix the communications which were broken by turning the fail safe key?

What was the deal with cats in this episode? The woman at the restaurant had a cat. Patchy’s cat was named after Nadia Comaneci the gymnast. Nadia was Sayid’s girlfriend name while he was in Iraq. Some people think that Vincent is the smoke monster. Was the cat at the Flame actually Smokey?

Rousseau has been on the island 16 years looking for Alex. The cable that runs to the Flame went right past her hideout in Season 1. How could she have not seen the Flame or why is she lying about it?

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