3.12 Par Avion (Claire)



On the Beach:

Par Avion is the title of this episode and means “airmail” in French. On the beach Claire discovers a way to contact the outside world. She remembers from watching nature shows that migratory birds are captured by scientists and their migratory patterns are tracked by them. If they could capture one of these birds on the island, they could put a rescue message on the bird. When Claire tells her plan to Charlie he is immediately excited and proud of Claire, but when Desmond warns Charlie that trouble could result, he backs off and ignores her idea instead. Claire is offended and sends Charlie away. She gets with Jim and Sun to capture a bird, and their plan seems to be working when Desmond shoots off a rifle scaring the birds. Claire is suspicious and later on finds out that Desmond did this on purpose to keep Charlie from dying in accident. The reason for this is that Desmond can see the future and predicted Charlie’s death as he tried to get a bird for Claire, but instead fell into the ocean and in his vision Charlie was killed. After questioning Desmond Claire now knows the truth about Charlie’s predicament and will try to help Charlie as they work through his problem together. In the end, Desmond was able to capture a bird, and Claire did attach a message asking for help from whoever finds the bird.


On the island:

Picking right up from last weeks episode… While heading to the Barracks, Mikhail (aka Patchy) tells the group that he knows who they are and that they are not on the famous Jacob’s list. He even “almost: says that he knows that John Locke was paralyzed when Danielle interrupts to say she has found something. It is an invisible fence marked by pylon towers which protects the perimeter of the Barracks.

Mikhail says there is no other way to the Barracks but through the fence, so Locke grabs him and pushes him through it, which results in Mikhail’s brain hemorrhage and death.

Also, Locke is suspiciously found with the M4 explosive right after he told Sayid that he did not know the Flame station was wired to explode with M4. More on this and Locke’s other suspicious behavior in the thoughts section.

Kate is able to climb over the fence using a propping a tree against the tower. The rest of group follows her and when the get the buildings of the Barracks they are in for a big surprise. Jack is running away toward them, but he is not intending to escpape the Others instead he is having fun playing football. Has Jack gone over to the “other” side?


Claire’s flashback:

We see Claire shaken up instead a wrecked car. She is looking and calling out for her mom who is not in the car. When Claire climbs out of the wreckage she finds her mom sprawled out on the road. She is not dead, but in a coma due to a horrific crash with an 18 wheel truck. Claire is questioned by a police officer who tells her that his questions are standard procedure for a vehiclular homicide, but Claire shuts him off by saying her mom is not dead and she wants to be left alone. Claire visits her mom in the hospital and the doctor tells her that mom may not recover due to her head injuries, but all the hospital costs are being covered by an anonymous donor. This donor turns out to be Christian Shepherd, making Claire and Jack brother and sister but from two different families. Christian tells Claire that he is her father, is paying the hospital bills, and that it would be good if they could talk before he returns to America. At a restaurant Christian explains that he met her mom at a convention years ago but she returned to Australia while Christian remained in America with Jack and his mother. Christian (as a doctor) explained it might be nobler to remove her mom’s life support. Claire would not do it and months later a pregnant Claire returns to tell he still comatose mom she is going to give he child up for adoption. She explains she is sorry for being a difficult child, fo yelling at her mom right before the accident and for wishing she was dead.


1. Par Avion means airmail and is an appropriate title for this episode. It also is a recurring theme for Claire who had toy planes flying over her crib, sings wish upon star, and was in Charlie’s dream when a bird probably a dove, flew over her.


2. Claire worked in a tattoo parlor and Jack has tattoo’s and visited Ashara at a place he thought was a tattoo parlor.


3. Kate is always climbing things. Evangeline Lilly loves to climb so they seem to be working that into the show.


4. Mikhail knew all about the Losties, even that John Locke was paralyzed. He said they were flawed and not on the list. Mikhail is probably an Other and knows everything that Ben and Juliet know about the Losties. Mikhail wanted to die, but not because he feared the Losties, but because he was afraid of “him”.


5. Danielle and Mikhail seem to know one another but are pretending they do not.


6. Probably Charlie will die when Desmond is not around to warm him.


7. John Locke knew of the explosive, so he must have lied to Sayid about the Flame hatch blowing up. He also killed Mikhail (on purpose I say).





1. Claire’s father was missing from her life, but was in Jack’s life instead. Did either sibling benefit from this?

2. On the island Claire said her mom was a librarian, is she now dead or was she just meaning she will never recover?

3. Jack appears to have joined the Others, or has he?

4. Do the Others know that the Losties are coming to the Barracks? They did have camera’s at the Flame station.

5. Is Locke really working for the Others? Has he been mind controlled to believe he is really just a regional supervisor for a box company, but is really someone much more important to the Others?

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