3.13 Man from Tallahasee (Locke)

This is the long awaited episode that shows in vivid detail how Locke lost the use of his legs prior to his arrival on the island.

On the island:

This island section picks up where the last one left off with Jack playing football in the Others camp. Kate wants to speak with him immediately, but Locke decides on the more reasonable course of waiting until Jack is alone. When night falls we see Jack and Juliet talking to each other and then Jack retires to his cabin for the night. While Locke and Sayid are watching the cabin, Kate goes in to talk to Jack. Kate is amazed that Jack is not a prisoner but instead is playing the piano. Jack tells Kate to run because they are being watched, but before she can, the Other’s hit squad enters and captures her. They also have captured Sayid, but not Locke. Kate lies to protect Locke who is actually on his way to confront Benry.

Benry is in a hospital bed when Locke enters; at first he believes it is his “daughter” Alex. But is somewhat startled to see Locke standing there instead. Locke wants to know about the submarine that Mikhail “Patchy” referred to in the last episode. Benry guesses that Locke wants to blow it up with the C4 he has stolen. Locke won’t say why he wants to blow it up, but Benry guesses it is so he can stay on the island, the same island that apparently has cured him of his paralysis. Benry says he knows how Locke was paralyzed and for four years, he also knows about his working in a box company in Tustin. Locke tells Benry he is just a pretender on the island and knows nothing about its special properties. Ben says he has lived there all his life and knows more than Locke, but Locke retorts that if Benry did he would not be in a wheel chair (implying that the island would have healed him by now). I will get to the ending in a few minutes.

The Flashback:

Locke is trying to restore his government funding assistance with a case worker. She feels he must have recovered from his anger management problem because he has stopped going to therapy. She denies his request unless he returns to therapy. We see Locke in a run down apartment eating a TV dinner. He thinks the knock at the door is a salesman, but it turns out to be the son of a woman who is marrying the con man who stole Locke’s kidney in Season 1. The man’s name used to be Cooper but he is now going by another name. Locke lies and says he did donate a kidney, but it was an anonymous donation and so he does not know the man. In fact he does know him, and confronts him while he is planning to buy something for the wedding. He tells the con man to call off the wedding, so he does not ruin her life as he ruined Locke’s. Cooper pretends to agree to call it off, but we later find out the woman’s son is murdered. When Locke finds hears about this from two police officers, he confronts Cooper at his 8th floor apartment. Cooper explains he did not kill him but just needed some time to find another angle to get her money and the wedding is off anyway because of the son’s death. When Locke goes to the phone to confirm this with the woman, Cooper sneaks up on Locke and pushes him through a glass window. Locke breaks his back upon landing and his legs are paralyzed. The police arrive at Locke’s bedside but Cooper has fled without a trail.

Back on the island:

Kate and Jack meet again; this time in a recreation room. Jack tells Kate he told her not to come back for him. Kate thought he was making it up, and that he should not trust the Others. But Jack says he had to the moment Kate told him that to save Sawyer, he had to trust them. (Kate and Sawyer were saved when Jack did the surgery on Benry, who allowed then allowed them to go free in return). But now Jack has made another deal, the Others will allow him to leave the island for doing the surgery and post op work on Ben, and Juliet gets to go with him. Kate can’t believe Jack would leave them, but Jack whispers in her ear that he is coming back for her.

Benry sends Alex to get the C4 explosive from Locke’s bag. Benry also says bring me the “man from Tallahassee”. Sayid has the bag and when he sees Alex he recognizes her as Rousseau’s daughter. He tells her that her mother is still alive, but Alex was told her mother was dead.

Locke gets his C4 and Benry allows him to go to the sub, but first Benry says the sub is useless anyway because it can leave the island but no one can return now that the beacon is not working. Locke goes to the sub anyway (and very quickly I should add) and sets the explosive. The Others who are bringing Jack and Juliet to the sub, capture Locke, just as the sub is exploding. Jack gives Locke the “thanks a lot” look.

Locke is handcuffed when Benry visits him in the Barracks. Ben tells Locke he was a pawn in his plan and that he wanted Locke to blow up the sub for him. He now releases Locke and offers to show him “the box”. The Box is a magical device “says Benry” that will produce any object of your imagination as a real object before you. When Locke opens the Box, he sees the man he fears, his father Mr. Cooper, bound and gagged but alive.


The man from Tallahassee is the episode title and refers to Locke’s father who conned people there. I thought it might be Sawyer who also pulled cons in Florida and was jailed there.

Why did Locke lie to the son about knowing Cooper? If he had told the truth, the son could have warned the mother? My guess is that Locke was hoping his father would finally do the right thing and give up conning people. He was “wrong”.

Kate seemed remorseful when she understood that Jack made a deal with the Others at her request to save Sawyer. She also seems to be wondering what the Others told Jack of her relationship to Sawyer.

Jack may be drawing a bit closer to Juliet, but his plan still seems to be to save Kate (and the other losties).

Even though Cooper says he is just a con man and would not kill anyone… he did not hesitate to try and kill Locke and maybe also ordered someone to kill the son of the woman he was conning.

Locke’s plan was to blow up the submarine. I am not totally sure he meant to blow up the Flame also, but that is still possible. Maybe Benry blew it up to keep people on the island.

The guy escorting Locke and Benry to the Box was the same guy who talked Juliet into coming to the island.


How did both Locke and Jack and Juliet get to the sub so quickly? At the beginning of season 3, the Others camp looked to be in the middle of the island. The sub would have to be near the shore, unless there was a secret underwater passage from the camp to the shore.

Now that Jack has not left the island, will Kate, Sayid and Locke be allowed to leave the camp? I don’t think so since Benry’s deal was only contingent on Jack leaving the island.

The sub is gone but what about the sailboat? It may still be around somewhere.

Could Cooper be pulling another con? Is the man from Tallahassee really running the show and is just pretending to be a captive?

Now that Rosseau has seen her daughter (who is very brave and good), will she change her mind and want to talk to her daughter after all?

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