Episode 3.02 The Glass Ballerina (Sun)

In the Glass Ballerina we learned that our trustworthy Sun could lie if she wants to protect herself. But as we learn later this Season, her lies may protect her but they also present a harm to her friends and family.

Young Sun lies about who broke the glass ballerina

Sun’s flashback:

In her flashback we see Sun as a little girl in her father’s house. She has just broken a priceless glass ballerina. He father finds out and asks her if she broke it. Sun blames the maid after seeing that angry look in her father’s eyes. He asks her again and this time says she will have to fire the maid if Sun’s story is true. Young Sun repeats her lie, and her father storms out of the room disappointed that his daughter would not tell the truth (or maybe disappointed that she feared his wrath, more than his love).

In the next scene Sun’s is in a place she should not be. She and Jae Lee are a couple and Sun tells him it was a mistake because she is married. Jae Lee tries to offer her a chance for freedom from her life in Korea. He also offers her some expensive pearls. Sun is impressed but refuses them. Just then they hear a knock at the door. It is a worker who lets himself in. As Jae is about to protest, Mr. Paik comes into the room. He see his daughter there and tells her to leave. This has brought great shame to him as expected, and also to Sun who can not bear to look at her father.

Mr. Paik calls Jin into his office. He wants Jin to put a stop to this man’s disrespect (but Jin does not know Sun is involved). Jin promises to send a message, but not to kill the man. Mr. Paik calls Jin his son, but as his son he wants Jin to take drastic measures against Jae.

Jae returns home to a romantic dinner that Sun has prepared. She wants to tell Jin that they should leave Korea for a new life in America (Jae has tought Sun how to speak English), so they can escape her cruel father. But Jin says they can’t leave, and that in order to support Sun he must stay and do the bidding of her father. And tonight he must send a message (Sun seems to know it is for Jae Lee).

Jin waits for Jae Lee to return to his hotel.  He beats him up and tells him to leave Korea and not come back.  Jae is humiliated and clearly regrets what he has done.  Jin leaves him alive, but as he returns to his car, Jae throws himself off the balcony.   He crashes onto Jin’s car with the string of pearls he wanted to give Sun in his hand.

Sun attends his funeral, but so does Mr. Paik.  He tells her she should go back to Jin and that it is her responsibility to tell him what happened between her and Jae.

juliet holds a gun on Kate

On the island:

Sawyer and Kate wake up in their cages.  The Others plan to put them to work.  In the last episode of Season 3, we discover what it is they were building.  Kate’s job is to break rocks while Sawyer’s is to haul them away.  When Kate is just out of earshot, Alex shows up to tell her that Kate is wearing her dress.  She wants to know about her boyfriend Karl, but Kate has not met him yet (Sawyer did meet him last episode).  Later Sawyer grabs Kate and kisses her (in Season 1, he tricked her to kiss him).  This leads to a scuffle with the guards.  Sawyer grabs a rifle, but Juliet grabs Kate and holds her hostage, so Sawyer has to give himself up.

We now turn to Sayid, Sun and Jin sailing on Desmond’s boat.  Sayid promised Jack a smoke signal once he was in position.  They see a dock and then dock the boat there.  Sayid tells Sun that he believes Jack and the group have been captured by the Others.  He wants her to lie to Jin, but he already has figured out what they are planning to do.  So now the smoke signal is to be set to lure the others to the dock so Sayid can interrogate them.  Sun is supposed to stay on the boat while Jin and Sayid shoot and capture them.  Bad plan!  Instead, Sun is nearly captured and ends up killing Coleen, one of the Others that Ben sends to steal the boat.  Sayid says he will trust Jin’s instincts in the future.

Back at the cages, Sawyer says he kissed Kate because she looked so good in the dress smashing rocks and that her kiss tasted like strawberries (she replies that he tasted like fish biscuits).  He also says that Juliet would have killed Kate in a heartbeat.  While they are having this moment, we see Ben in the Hydra station watching the whole thing on TV monitors (creeepy).

Jack meanwhile is still refusing food from Juliet, when Ben walks in.  He wants to reintroduce himself to Jack.  He points out that just a week ago Ben was a prisoner of Jack and now the tables are turned.   He says his name is Ben Linus and not the Henry Gale he claimed to be.  He wants Jack to shake his hand, but he won’t.  Finally Ben tells him, that if he cooperates, he will take Jack off the island (when the time is right).  He shows Jack a video of the Red Sox World Series win to prove that he does have a way to contact the outside world.

Thoughts and questions:

  • Was it Ben’s plan all along for Sawyer and Kate to become romantically involved?
  • Were they really building a runway as Juliet tells them later?  And if so, was this just to make the Others feel like they had a chance to get off the island?
  • Will Jack take Ben up on his offer?  And will he leave the Losties behind?
  • A theme of this episode are the consequences of lying to those closest to you, especially if you do so to protect yourself.

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