3.03 Further Instructions (Locke)

Locke on fire

This was an odd experiment of a Lost episode. We had Locke looking like Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. We had sweat lodges and dead Boone being Locke’s guide through a strange “apocalyptic” vision of the future. And speaking of the future, we get our first glimpse of Desmond’s (post hatch implosion) power. Apparently he knows about events before they happen. This was an interesting episode, but what we learn about our friend Locke is a bit unnerving.

On the Island:

Locke awakes outside the hatch somewhere in the jungle. In a scene that echoes Jack’s first reveal from Season 1, we see Locke’s eye as he looks up into the trees. He hears a noise; it’s not Vincent the dog, it’s a naked Desmond (yikes!) running through the jungle. He has survived the hatch implosion also, but where is Mr. Eko? Locke makes it back to the beach where Claire and Charlie see him tearing down part of his shelter. He will use this later to build the sweat lodge. (It’s a place where you see hallucinations while sweating in sort of a homemade sauna). Locke can no longer speak, so he writes some notes to Charlie asking him to guard the sweat lodge. While inside, Locke hallucinates that he sees Boone (or maybe it’s the smoke monster or island giving Locke a message). They “travel” to the airport in Sydney where we see all our 815 fuselage survivors plus Benry Linus Gale. According to Boone none of these folks need Locke’s help except the one person missing (Eko). Boone tells Locke to clean up his mess. So Locke and Charlie go off in search of Eko.

They find a fresh kill along the way. Apparently there is more the one polar bear loose on the island. They hear a noise and start running, Locke draws his knife, aims and fires. But instead of hitting the bear, the knife hit’s Hurley right in his … canteen. “Dude” ‘watch where you throw that thing’ his voice implies.


Locke and Charlie find out from Hurley that the Others have captured Jack, Kate and Sawyer and warned him not to return with anyone. Locke later finds Eko. He was captured by a bear and dragged to a cave filled with dead Dharmaites and their toys. He saves Eko by spraying the bear with flaming hair spray. As Charlie and Locke set Eko down by a tree, Eko begins to speak to Locke. He tells him to go save the captured Losties. Locke is remorseful for not pushing the button, but he agrees he needs to save his “family” which echoes with the flashback scenes.

Desmond meets with Hurley, he tells him not to worry, that Locke will save his friends. But Desmond recounts a speech that is yet to happen. Hurley sees a Deja Vu when this scene does take place later on with Locke telling his fellow Losties to pack up their things. They are going to find Jack Kate and Sawyer.

Locke’s flashback:

Locke picks up Eddie a hitchhiker. He takes him to his commune where he introduces him to his friends. They all share a meal together. But Eddie is not some lost kid looking for a community to live in, he is actually an undercover cop. Locke finds this out only after the caretakers of the commune are ready to pack up and move out of their with their money and weed. Locke is blamed for letting the cop in. But Locke does not want to lose his commune “family”. So he takes Eddie out into the woods to confront him (and maybe kill him). Eddie says “they” picked Locke on purpose knowing that he was easy to manipulate. Locke threatens to shoot Eddie, but Eddie walks away telling Locke he is a farmer, not a hunter or a killer. Locke insists he is a hunter, but in the end let’s Eddie go without shooting him.


  1. Up to now I thought Locke’s talking to the Island was more of a metaphor about his mystical connection to the Island. But now he really does purpose to “talk” to the island. He really has two conversations with it; fist in the sweat lodge, and again when Eko speaks to him.
  2. Locke’s desire to have a real family drives many of his motivations in this episode. By this season’s end, Locke seems to have now put ALL his trust in the Island and will follow it. Especially now that he has let go of trying to win his father’s (Anthony Cooper’s) love and acceptance.
  3. This would have been a good episode to start Season 3. We would have quickly re-established the chain of events that ended Season 2.
  4. Nikki was particularly annoying because she wanted to go after Jack and save him. (But we in the audience care much more for Jack than Nikki should because we have never seen her interacting with Jack). And who is that Paulo guy standing next to her?


  1. The hallucination scene at the airport foreshadowed Kate and Sawyer’s relationship’ and Jack being searched by Ben makes sense given Jack’s captivity. But how was Desmond just helping himself? That part did not seem to pan out during season 3, unless we are to think Desmond was doing all he did just to get back to Penny. (I thought he also tried to save Charlie and Claire so he was not that selfish.)
  2. Who was the girl Lizzie, that Eddie referred to at the commune. We could only see her walking away from the camera? Was it Libby? It looked more like Kate at first to me. This scene seems to have some significance to the story, so maybe this is more than just a random event.
  3. Who is the “they” that chose Locke to be Eddie’s way into the commune “sting” operation? Could it be the Hanso foundation or Mittelwerk working behind the scenes somehow, and not the police as is inferred?
  4. Why were Dharmaites in the cave with their toys? Were children being hidden in there only to be eaten by the bear? Now that is a disturbing thought.
  5. Will Locke turn into a splitting image of Col. Kurtz? In other words will he become totally insane in his quest to identify himself with the Island? Is Locke starting his “journey into the darkness of his human psyche” with this episode.

One Response

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