3.04 Every Man for Himself (Sawyer)

Kate escapes

In this episode we see a con man being conned, Ben gets another beating, and the wabbit “gets it”.

In Sawyer’s flashback:
Sawyer is in jail in Florida. His last con, Cassidy has turned him in. Now he is doing years hard time in the penitentiary . Sawyer is a fighter (literally) as he beats up some other prisoner in a boxing match. After this they see a new prisoner named Munson. He stole and hid $10 million and the feds want the money back. Sawyer tells him the warden will try and trick him to get his money, and even his wife will come to ask for it. Cassidy comes to tell Sawyer he his a daughter and that they are living in New Mexico. Sawyer refuses to believe it. Some time later Munson, confides to Sawyer as to where the money is hidden, at least so that the warden won’t get it. Later we see Sawyer being called to a meeting with the warden. The warden tells him (sarcastically) of his con, “you lied, and cheated your way out of jail, congratulations. Now where is the money”. Sawyer tells the feds the location, and they promise to release him from jail once they have the money. Apparently Sawyer and warden had worked a plan all along to get the money’s location from Munson.

On the island:

Desmond goes up to Claire and tells her that her roof needs fixing. He actually has had one of his visions and knows that Claire and Charlie are in danger. They refuse his offer to fix the roof, so instead Desmond builds a tower with wire to attract the lightening he thinks is coming. Sure enough it does, saving Charlie, Claire and Aaron from electrocution.

At the Hydra location:

We see Sawyer rigging a trap for the prison guards. Be holding down the food button, he also plans to use electricity to zap the next guard that comes by his cage. Kate is impressed, but worries that he too will be zapped. In the meantime, Jack is watching old cartoons when Juliet brings him a plate of food. He questions her authority and asks to speak to Ben. The door opens, it’s Ben, but he does not have time to speak to Jack. They have just brought Coleen in on the sub, suffering from a gun shot wound (Sun shot her on Desmond’s boat). They need Juliet to operate. She tries, but needs Jack to stop the bleeding. Jack is taken to Coleen wearing a hood. They walk him by the cages, but he does not hear Kate and Sawyer shouting due to loud music blaring over the loudspeakers. Jack sees an x-ray on the way to the operating room. (Next week we find out who’s x-ray it is). He tries to save Coleen, but her heart stops, and the heart restart equipment in the operating is old and no longer works. Coleen dies and Pickett her husband/boyfriend is so incensed, he beats up on Sawyer while asking Kate if she loves him. She says she does and Pickett stops the beating.

Ben comes by the cages to talk to Sawyer. He tries to electrocute Ben per his plan, but they have turned off the electricity to the cages (Ben has been listening to their conversations over closed circuit TV). After that Kate escapes her cage to try and rescue Sawyer. She could squeeze through the upper-most bars to get out. (E. Lilly does her own climbing stunts). But Sawyer won’t leave. Reason is he has been fitted with a pace maker by Ben that supposedly blows up her heart if over stimulated. (Ben shows the potential results by shaking up a bunny that was also implanted, thus killing the over agitated bunny). If Sawyer’s heart rate monitor goes above 140 he too will die. Also Ben warns him not to tell Kate any of this or she will die also. Sawyer is not concerned about himself but does want to protect Kate. When he refuses to leave his cage, Kate returns to hers saying “Live together, die alone” in response to Sawyer’s “Every man for himself” (the title of this episode).

Juliet apologized to Jack for making him do the surgery. She is not used to death (she is a fertility doctor she tells him). Jack does not want Juliet to feel better, but says Coleen would have died anyway. He also asks her who’s x-ray’s were those because he has a life threatening tumor on his spine, and I am a spinal surgeon. But she does not answer.

Early the next morning, Ben takes Sawyer on a hiking trip. He admits that Sawyer’s pace maker is just that and that it was all a fake (including the dead rabbit) to get the con man’s respect. Sawyer punches Ben for being deceived giving him a bloody mouth. Ben and Sawyer reach the top of the hill where Sawyer is astonished to see that they are on a separate island, and that he can see their island just some miles offshore. Ben tells him that is fruitless to try any more escapes.


I know Paulo is dead and all, but he sure was rude to Des when all he wanted to do was borrow a golf club.

Sawyer loves Kate (as Ben points out), but refuses to tell her. Kate tells Sawyer that she only claimed to love him to stop Pickett from beating him up. I think she still loves Jack, but believes that Jack is too good for her, since she has made so many mistakes in her life. But the end of Season 3 this dynamic will totally switch and Kate will be the one with her act together as seen in the flash forward.

Ben rightly points out that even men get too lonely, and that Sawyer really needs Kate, even though Sawyer says he believes its “every man for himself”.

Not might favorite episode. I thought the whole Pickett beating up Sawyer thing for revenge was very cheesy. But we did get that great reveal that they are on the other smaller island.


They faked the pacemaker but did they really inject Sawyer with a needle through the heart? Man that’s got to hurt.

Ben and Sawyer spy an island

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