3.05 The Cost of Living (Eko)

Eko’s Flashback:

Eko did what he thought was necessary to survive. As he says to the apparition of his brother Yemmi:

 I did not ask for the life I was given,
 But it was given, nonetheless.
 And with it,
 I did my best."

Eko did what he thought was best. But is that good enough? Like he said, only God knows if he is a good man or a bad man. He relied on himself to make decisions without consulting God. Eko did survive, but he became a drug dealer and a killer. He also possibly saved his brother from the same fate. When given the chance to truly take Yemmi’s place and become a priest, instead Eko choose the path he knew best. He decided to sell the church’s medicine to bait the drug dealers to confront him. Which would then give him the chance to kill them. He did kill them but the Yemmi church was closed and more drug dealer’s would probably take the place of the other dealers. Eko would go on to London after this to incident to replace Yemmi and get (we assume) priestly teaching. From then he went to Australia to investigate why Richard Malkin’s daughter returned from the dead.

Ecko's last memory (with Yemmi)

On the Island (Eko and company)

Eko was mortally wounded by the polar bear after the hatch imploded and is now fighting an infection and delirious. He is visited by Charlie and Harley, but after that Eko sees an apprition of his brother who tells him “It is time to be judged”. Eko follows the Yemmi into the jungle. He sees people from his brother’s church in a dream (or is it the smoke monster?) including men he has killed. We see Smokey in the background following him. The monster sneaks up on Eko but is scared away by something. John Locke and a band of survivors seeking the Pearl station arrive (maybe they scared Smokey) and meet Eko. They head to the Pearl where Eko finds his brother’s body missing (he died in a plane crash near the very spot where the Pearl station is located). When the Locke group heads inside the station, Eko meets his brother again. He follows him and talks to him, unfortunately the apprition disappears and Smokey comes back – this time to hurl Eko around the jungle. Before Eko dies he tells Locke that “they” are “next”. This infers that Smokey is not done judging the castaways and will resort to murder (like he did to the pilot in season 1), if he (or it) does not like what he sees in a person.

Juliet's cue cards to Jack

On the Island (Jack)

Juliet brings Jack a hamburger (hamburger! Our losties best meal was Dharma pre-packaged food up to this point in the story).  Ben walks in and Jack questions him about his condition.  Ben denies that there is anything medically wrong with him.  But in a scene later with Juliet, he asks her why should told Jack about his tumor.  Juliet only showed him the x-rays, so Jack figured it out himself.  Ben returns to Jack and confesses that his plan all along was to break Jack so he would do the surgery willingly.  He even mentions that Juliet may have been brought in to get on Jack’s good side because she looks alot like his ex-wife.  Ben questions Jack on his belief in God.  He says he needed a spinal surgeon and one just happens to fall out of the sky (in Jack’s plane) which to him is proof that God answered Ben’s prayer.

Juliet comes in later to say that Ben deserves this surgery and Jack should do it because Ben is a good man.  Actually Juliet is showing a video tape (out of sight of the closed circuit tv’s that Ben watches) that says just the opposite of what she is telling Jack.  Her “flash cards” say Ben is liar and the Others want new leadership.  Is this a power play by Juliet, or does she really just want to free herself from Ben’s mind games?  (We find out in the episode called “One of Us”.  Jack sees her hidden message and decides to help her, but on his own terms in the next episode.


I was really frustrated with this Lost episode than any other with the exception of (Fire and Water possibly).  So many things just did not make sense to me.

  1. Eko getting killed by Smokey when before he stared down Smokey (and he did again in this episode).  Maybe Smokey only deals with his “victims” when they are alone, since Eko was with Charlie during the first encounter and in this episode Locke showed up in the next encounter.
  2. Speaking of Locke, he seemed perplexed that Nikki realized that there were other stations mentioned on orientation video in the Pearl.  Didn’t Locke go there specifically to communicate with the other stations.  I literaly “groaned” when I saw this the first time.  Locke’s quote was “boy do I feel stupid” or something.  Yes I agree.
  3. Ben’s plan was to use Juliet because she looked like Jack’s ex-wife?  We find out that Juliet was recruited to be a doctor on the island long before Jack got there.  And it still frustrates me that Ben went to all this trouble to “convince” Jack when really isn’t Jack going to do the surgery anyway because he is dedicated doctor (this info must have been in the file they had on him).  Why didn’t Ben just say he traveled to the other side of the island to look for help knowing that he saw a plane crash there?
  4. How did Eko have the strength to walk to the other side of the island?  Did he get the healing power from the island or Smokey maybe?  That is all I can think of as a possible explanation.

The good news is that Nikki and Paulo did not annoy me as much because I know (having seen the rest of season 3) that they do play a part in the story later on.

I will miss Eko.  He was a great character in contrast to Locke.  Maybe Desmond can fulfill the role that Eko played on the show as a spiritual mirror to Locke.

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