3.06 I Do (Kate)

Kate watches as Sawyer's life is threatened

In this episode Kate chooses someone and Jack makes some choices also.

It is interesting that Kate chooses a policeman to marry. For a while now she has been chased by the law. If you remember, she blew up her father while he slept in their house. Since then she has been on the run and chased by a U.S. Marshall. But sometime during the chase, she met a policeman who she later married. She had his confidence and everyone around them including her mother in law that gave her a family heirloom (a necklace). Only problem was that they knew her as Monica not her real name Kate. And we find out later that she never told her husband that she was a fugitive. She wants the Marshall to stop chasing her, but he refuses unless she settles down for a while. After taking a pregnancy test, Kate decides to run again. But first she tells her husband her real story (but to my surprise she drugs him, so he can’t follow her or be blamed for harboring a fugitive.

Back on the island, Kate and Sawyer are still in cages and Jack is still locked up in the Hydra. Jack refuses to operate on Benry because he does not trust him to let him off the island. So Ben tries a new tactic, he tells Kate that Sawyer will be killed if Jack does not operate. When Kate finally gets to see Jack in person, she tells him, but Jack refuses to go along with the deal and orders Kate to leave him.

Kate figures Sawyer is dead man, so she spends some intimate time with him which Jack ends up finding out about by discovering Benry’s secret TV monitoring station.

Ben shows up and Jack decides to do the surgery if Ben will promise him release from the island, Ben agrees, but Jack has another plan in mind.

The next day the surgery begins with Juliet being Jack’s assistant. After Ben says “see you on the other side”, a recurring expression on Lost, Jack begins to operate as Benry is sedated.

Kate marries Kevin

Kate chooses a policeman, maybe because he is a respected member of society (like her father who was a soldier). Or maybe because he could protect her from the Marshall. She professes her love to him, but never tells him the entire truth about her past. Kate is now con man (con woman) and you can see why Sawyer says “they have a connection” in the fist season. But Kate cons out of loneliness and fear of capture, while Sawyer cons for money and for revenge. Kate finally gets up the courage to tell the policeman the truth about her past, but fear of settling down and commitment leads her to leave. Kate chooses Sawyer for companionship (she once said he reminded her of her father), but she would not say she loved Sawyer when Sawyer asked her.

Jack intentional nicks Benry’s kidney causing him to slowly bleed when Jack puts his plan into action. He demands the walkie talkie and calls Kate who is at the cages with Sawyer. He tells to Kate to run away and in an hour to call him back to let him know she is safe. She is to use the story he told in the first episode of lost (a story only the two of them know about) to let him know she is safe. At the end of the episode Sawyer is about to be killed, Benry is dying and Kate has a new choice – run or stay.


Wouldn’t Kate be suspicious that the policeman would find out who she really was? It is difficult to believe he never became suspicious at any time or did a background check on her/ Monica even though she was his wife to be? Are not policeman trained to be a little suspicious. Also as a fugitive, Kate’s picture would be on all “the most wanted poster’s” etc.

Is Monica someone Kate really knew and she stole her identity; like she tried to steal someone’ identity to secure her place on the raft in season 1 ?

Jack asked Benry to release him from the island, Benry agreed. But will Benry release him from the island just to return him to Lost island. It’s kinda like the deal that xxx made when he told Barbosa the pirate to let Elizabeth go free. He did, he let her freely walk the plank right off the pirate ship and into the ocean to drown.

What are Kate’s other alias’?
Answer (from Lostpedia.org):
Katherine Austen. She has also been referred to or used the aliases as Katherine Ryan, Katherine Dodd, Joan Heart, Maggie Ryan, Annie and Monica, and presumably lived under the name Monica Callis during her marriage. Her father (Sam Austen) and Tom Brennan called her Katie. Her mother called her Katherine. Sawyer almost always calls her Freckles, but occasionally calls her Kate during exceptionally emotional or tense conversations.

Locke looks at Eko' stick


Eko is still dead and now he’s buried. His last message to Locke is on the Scripture stick aka Jesus stick. It says Lift Up Your Eyes and Look North – John 3:05. Locke once told Charlie to “look up”. When did Eko carve this phrase? I do not remember. Last we saw he was knocked out from the hatch implosion and then he chased Yemmi and then killed by the smoke monster. And he had time for carving???


The February premiere episode’s backstory will be on a “new” character. Either Penelope (my favorite) or Benry or Juliet.

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