3.07 Not in Portland (Juliet)

Not in Portland

Juliet flashback:

Juliet is a research scientist working on fertility treatments in Miami. She was treating/researching her sister who looked like she was suffering from some serious ailment (maybe “the sickness”), or it could be something else. The research was successful (miraculous maybe) and her sister became pregnant thereby drawing in some seemingly evil folks.

One group being a mysterious research company named “Mittelos Bioscience” who wanted her to join them in Portland, Oregon. Turns out their research facility was not actually in Portland and that one of the doctor’s who works with them is Ethan. He was last seen on Lost Island trying to capture Claire and her baby before he was killed by one of the Losties.

We also know she was divorced and her ex-husband was conveniently killed by a bus just hours after she told the company rep that the only way she could go to Portland would be if her husband was “killed by a bus”.

On the island:

Juliet is observing Jack’s surgery on Ben Linus. After Jack cuts Ben on purpose in his plan to free Sawyer and Kate, Juliet calls Jack’s bluff and tells the Others that Jack will never let Ben die on purpose. Jack calls her bluff, by exposing her plan to get Jack to kill Ben so that she could gain control. When the Others order her out of the surgery, Jack gets Kate and Sawyer to flee their cages. On their way to get off the small island, they find Alex who saves them from capture and will take them to a boat if they help save her boyfriend Karl. In a bizarre seen from the movie a Clockwork Orange, Carl is trapped in a room watching evil video messages while being drugged.

Back in the operating room, Ben wakes up and tells them to get Juliet. He has overheard that she wanted to kill him and he wants to talk to her. We don’t know what she says, but Juliet will tell Jack at the end of the episode.

Jack removes the tumor and sews Ben up again. But he cuts Ben again, this time by accident. He wants Kate to recount the story he told her in the first episode, to know she is safe. He also tells her in a very emotional scene, not to come back for him.

After the successful surgery, Juliet tells Jack that she had been on the island for more than three years, and that Ben would finally let her leave if she helped Jack and his friends.


Jack and Juliet have a lot in common. Both our doctor’s, both want to help people, and both are reluctant leaders. Of course both are also trapped on the island through Ben’s actions. The writers are setting up some kind of love connection for Jack and Julie for future episodes. I don’t think she was picked to come to the island because she looked like Jack’s wife.

The evil video mentioned Jacob, the guy who prepared a mysterious list of some of the Losties (but not Jack).

Pickett wanted to kill Sawyer no matter what his leaders told him to do. At the beach, Juliet kills Pickett to protect him. But Juliet seemed to have no hesitation in doing this, just like Sawyer said she might do in a previous episode.

Even though Juliet said she wanted her husband dead, she seemed to have some regrets about this later on. She also wanted Ben dead and they may have had some relationship (they “have History”, is what Tom says).

I kind of wish this episode was aired last year. It would have closed out the Alcatraz story line well and we could have started off with a new story line without having to recall what happened last year. It would have made for a much better mini-season resolution if it had aired with the rest of the Alcatraz episodes.


Ben may be Alex’s father on the island, but is he her biological father? Is she the result of a fertility experiment? If not, who is her mother? Rosseau said she is the mother and that her baby was stolen from her.

How did Carl and Alex become boyfriend and girlfriend? Is Carl and islander or was he stranded on the island.

Why is poor Karl being subjected to these experiments? I thought it was interesting that Sawyer took a double take when he saw the evil video, sorta like he had seen this before. Was he also experimented on earlier in his life?

What happened when the sky turned purple? Are the healing properties of the island now gone?

Is the Mittleos Bioscience company and Thomas Mittlewerk from the Lost Experience online game somehow related?

Feel free to answer these questions under comments on this page.


Not many. Good episode.

It’s the old gripe of why the bad guys can’t shoot straight. They shot at Kate and Sawyer and never hit them. However later on they somehow got lucky and shot the radio Kate was holding, without wounding her.

The clip show did not mention Anna Lucia or Eko, once again making their whole storylines pretty irrelevant to the overall story line. Were they added in last season as characters just to pad the show’s length? Or did their personal preferences to leave the show cut their time to get integrated into the main story.

2 Responses

  1. I’m guessing that Ben is NOT Alex’s biological father and that he and Tom are actually a couple. Tom seems very protective of Ben (moreso than any of the other Others) and remember his words to Kate when he took to the showers? “You’re not my type.”

    Also, I am wondering about Juliet’s husband getting hit by that bus. It seemed highly unlikely that the Mittleos (have you noticed this is an anagram of “lost time”?) group could stage something like that — it would require exquisite timing. Instead, I would suggest that perhaps Juliet shares some of Walt’s psychic ability. Could she have willed it? Remember, her favorite book in the book club was CARRIE…a girl with psychic powers.

  2. I also don’t think Ben is the real Father of Alex. If you believe Rousseau, the real father was Robert who was with her on the expedition when they crashed on the island. I really don’t have any idea about the Ben Tom relationship.

    Yes I did hear that a Mittelos anagram is “lost time”. It’s also funny that another one is “time slot”, which goes with moving Lost’s show time from 9 pm to 10 pm.

    On Juliet’s husband getting hit by a bus, it would be difficult to stage. Isn’t it interesting that Claire wanted her mom to die (she did in a car accident)! And how about this? Maybe Locke even wanted Peter Talbot to die (and he did, but we are to infer that Cooper killed him). Peter would have been Cooper’s new son by marriage, and maybe Locke did not like the idea of sharing a father. Of course, Locke did not personally kill him, but only wished it (in the theory). Here are some of the connections to the “they think it and it dies by psychic power” theory:

    Walt / Bird crashed into window and died.
    Walt / Polar bear goes after Lostie’s and dies.
    Juliet / Ex-husband killed by bus.
    Locke / Peter Talbot almost becomes Locke’s brother and dies.
    Anybody have any more psychic connections?

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