3.08 Flashes Before Your Eyes (Desmond)



Desmond is about to see flashes

This is a Desmond flashback episode that also features Penelope, Charlie and Claire. Before the real flashback we get a recap of why Desmond is on the island. He entered a one man sailboat race around the world. In a storm he was knocked unconscious and he and his boat ended up on Lost Island inside a “hatch” or bunker. He met a man named Kelvin who told him they must push a button every 108 minutes or else “the world would end”. Kelvin was killed in an accident and Desmond was left alone to push the button. At the end of Season 2 Locke had convinced him the button did not have to be pushed, but Desmond believed by not pushing it that Flight 815 was caused to crash on the island. Desmond lets the counter to go zero and electromagnetism takes over causing an implosion of the hatch. But before this Desmond turns the fail safe key and the world does not end.

In his flashback, Desmond has collapsed and is slightly unconscious apparently after falling down while painting the walls of his apartment red, which makes him look dead for a moment. Penny is there and picks him up. She loves him and he loves her and wants to marry her. But first he goes to Penny’s father, a very rich and powerful man to ask for a job and her hand in marriage. Penny’s father Mr. Widmore rejects Desmond for being unfit for his daughter. He uses the illustration of expensive whiskey and a story about a great seaman to show Desmond that he is “unworthy” (in quotes).

Desmond leaves his office in anger throws down his necktie in disgust and begins to have “flashes” which are moments of recollection of things that occur in the future. He finds Charlie playing a guitar in front of him and we recognize they are both in England (maybe London). Charlie is trying to make money playing songs on the street. Desmond however sees into the future with Charlie inside the hatch and recounts the story of the button that saves the world even before these events actually happen. Charlie thinks he is a little crazy but humors him.

After this Desmond meets a friend who knows something about paranormal activity, but he does not believe Desmond tale that he knows the future (at least partially knows the future). While at a pub, Desmond tells him what is about to happen in a soccer game and in the pub. When it does not happen Desmond doubts his power and is commited to marrying Penny. He goes to buy her an engagement ring, but that is when things really get crazy.

He meets Ms. Hawking at the jewelery store. He points out that he his not a man “of means” so she shows him an inexpensive ring. And just as Desmond is about to purchase it she says this is the way its suppose to go, which startles him (and the audience). She says Desmond is suppose to leave the store, not marry Penny, go to an island, and push a button “that will save us from death”. Desmond does not believe this so she takes him outside and points out a man with red shoes. The man dies right in front of them when scaffolding falls on him (similar to the witch in Wizard of Oz). He now believes her and goes to Penny to tell her he can’t marry her. She leaves him, but he takes with him the famous picture of him and Penny standing together at the marina (which is really just a fake background picture).



This was a story about fate versus our free will to choose. This is a recurring theme on Lost and last time was discussed was when Locke choose not to push the button. Desmond said his choice would “kill them all”. Yet Locke said it would make them “free”. It’s interesting to think about.

Claire seems to draw psychics to her. First the guy who told her that she was having a baby and that she must raise him alone. And then Desmond who saves her because he sees her drowning in a vision.

This is the second time someone has gone out swimming just to get caught in a rip tide. It happened in Season 1. Jack heard Joanna’s cries for help and went out to save her only to find Boone in trouble out there too. He saved him, but not Joanna who drowned.

Charlie is definitely going to die. His story seems to have come to an end on the show and I expect the next Charlie flashback show will be his last. He is also not the most liked character on the show, but I think Charlie is okay. Not all the characters have to be likeable. But I don’t feel the same about Paulo, he is unlikable and entirely unnecessary.

Penny has made a lot of sacrifices for Desmond, and is still looking for him after 3 years. That makes her one of my favorite characters. Also I was surprised that the picture of the two of them was taken in London with a fake backdrop of Sydney harbor.

The twist at the end caught me by surprise. I thought Desmond was trying to protect Claire not Charlie. That was cool.



Are the visions triggered by something. Desmond fell down while painting and seemed to be lost figuring out why he was not on the island. He also got knocked uncouncious on his sailboat before landing on the island. Did this take away his visions for a while, only to be restored when the hatch imploded.

Why did they show the engagement ring going under the water? That required special effects and was not just a simple shot. Is there some significance to the ring?

Who is the Mrs White? She seems to have powers similar to Desmond, yet she was surprised when her visions of him rejecting the ring did not come true. Is love more powerful than the visions?

The rare bottle of whiskey was found in Sawyer’s stash, but how did it get on the island in the first place and who would put it there? Has Mr. Widmore visited to the island?



If Claire was going swimming, why did she tell Sun she was going for walk and why was she wearing regular clothes. And why did no one at the beach hear her call out for help.

Why didn’t Charlie recognize Desmond. He saw him in London first then again on the island. It was a brief meeting sure, but Jack recognized him after they met briefly in Los Angeles.

In his recap to his friend about being on the island he refers to the bunker as a hatch. If you have memory about some place you usually describe the place. The place Desmond was in was not a hatch; it was more like an apartment. A hatch is a doorway, of course.

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