3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land (Jack)

Jack flashback:

Jack comes out of a jungle hut onto a beach in Thailand. A young woman (Achara) sees him struggling with making a kite and helps to build it and then fly it. They start a relationship. Both have secrets they don’t want to tell. Jack follows her to her place a work which looks like a tattoo parlor. She says she is not a tattoo artist but can “read” the true nature of people. She says she is only allowed to do this for her people, but Jack insists she “read” him. She does and says he is “a leader” and a “great person” who makes jack unsure of himself and lonely. Jack insists that she complete the ritual by “marking” him with symbols of his true nature. The symbols include Chinese writing that says “outsider to the group?” But it’s not his entire tattoo (it was missing the number 5). The young woman tells Jack there will be consequences for pushing her to do this. Sure enough the next day a young boy he knows shuns him and the local relatives of the girl beats Jack up and orders him to leave Thailand. The girl is crying as she leaves Jack to recover from his beating.

Jack meets Achara

On the island:

Kate and Sawyer are on the catamaran headed back to the main island. Kate says they need to go back to save Jack, but Sawyer says Jack order them to leave him and that is exactly what they will do. Karl says they will be killed if they go back, so Kate reluctantly relents and they land on the beach of the main island. Karl starts to tell them what it means to be an Other. Apparently it includes living in houses and watching the stars from the backyard. Karl says his life is better than Kate’s and the survivors of 815, and the kids who were taken are also better off.

Karl takes off and Sawyer tracks him down to console him for the loss of his girlfriend Alex, telling him it’s better to die trying than not to try at all. Sawyer repeats his demand to not save Jack to Kate and believes that she said she loved him because he was in danger. Kate seems miffed about all of this.

Back on Alcatraz island, Juliet is about to be executed for killing Pickett. Alex wants to know why Jack saved Ben. He answers “because I promised I would”. They then get Ben (who has a life threatening infection) to write a note sparing Juliet’s life, on the condition that she get “marked” just as Jack was marked.

Juliet, Jack and the Others then head off Alcatraz in a boat (not a submarine) to return to the main island.


Jack hates secrets. He basically forced the Thailand girl to tell him what she could do and get his “mark” even though she opposed it and said there would be sacrifices. This recalls how Jack would “not let it go” when his father told him to stop worrying who is soon to be ex wife was dating.

Kate wants to save Jack, but Jack will be gone if she tries to do it.

Jack looked like an animal in a zoo, when the tourists (the kids and Cindy) came to visit. It seemed totally natural to them to be there and to witness, whatever.

The scene with the Thailand girl reminded me of the movie, Live and Let Die. In that movie, James Bond meets a girl named Solitaire who can see the future but only for the man who “loves” her. In Jack’s case it was just the opposite, she could not use her “gift” on Jack because he was an outsider.

She called jack a “great man” which is what Ben called the Big leader of the Others.

Jack lied to save Juliet’s life and yet they seemed to know he was lying and would try to kill her anyway.


Why was Jack in Thailand? Was he on vacation. His actions seemed to indicate that with the kite and a house on the beach. Was this after his relationship with Sarah?

Achara received something a white envelope from somebody while she was dining with Jack. What is the mysterious object?

Why did Cindy want to “watch” and why did she seem shocked that Jack would be offended. Were they there to watch Jack or to see Juliet’s trial? Why was she also in the dark about Ana Lucia’s death?

Will Ben let Juliet and Jack leave? It sure doesn’t look like it now that Jack is Ben’s personal doctor.

Who is this new “leader” (Isabel) of the others, why does she report to Ben, and where was she over the last 8 episodes? Maybe she was living in “Otherville”.

If Ethan was their only surgeon, why did Ben send him off on such a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Losties?

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