All About LOST eps 3.18 (D.O.C.)

In this episode of all about LOST we discuss episode 3.18 of LOST titled D.O.C.   This show is complete with listener feed back, recap, thoughts and questions, and finally T.L.E. goes on the clock.

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3.18 D.O.C. (Sun)

Sun and Jin's mother
At the Beach:
Sun is talking to Kate about Juliet. “Why is she here?” Sun asks. It has something to do with her being a fertility doctor. Sun, who is pregnant, wants to know why the Others are stealing children and kidnapping people. What is happening to pregnant woman she asks. “They are dying” is Juliet’s reply. At night Juliet sneaks into Sun’s tent and offers to give her the answers she seeks if she will follow her. After a long trek into the jungle they find the medical hatch. It looks abandoned, but there is a secret room where pregnant woman are sent to die. Inside is a ultrasound machine. Juliet offers to give Sun the ultrasound. If the child was conceived before they crashed on the island, Sun will be alright. If it’s after the crash Sun will die in another two months. Sun is conflicted because she thinks Jae Lee could be father and not her husband Jin. After Juliet examines the result the news is clear, Sun and Jin conceived the baby which means Sun will die unless Juliet can do something. Sun is relieved. She admits her affair with Jae Lee was a mistake. Juliet consoles her “we all make mistakes”. Since Jin was infertile before coming to the island, does this mean the the island has healed him. Juliet says the sperm counts of males increases 5 times for men who are on the island. Juliet returns to the hatch to take care of things. What she is really doing is leaving a message for Ben. She is getting the samples from all pregnant woman (so far Sun and soon Austin). After she turns off the tape she says, “and Ben I hate you”.

Sun’s flashback:
Sun and Jin have just been married. They share some romantic conversation over the phone when a woman overhears them. She shows Sun a wedding announcement in the paper. “Is that you”, she asks. Sun confirms it and the fact that she is part of the very wealthy and powerful Paik family and who’s father runs Paik Industries. The woman asks about Jin’s family, “why weren’t they at the wedding. Sun says they are dead?? The woman says she knows Jin’s mom was a prostitute and she will reveal this information unless Sun pays her bribery money. Sun leaves and goes to her father. She wants a favor. In exchange for her continued silence about Paik’s dirty dealings, she wants $100K with no questions asked. Mr. Paik gets angry but gives her the money and says that to pay this debt Jin must work directly for Mr. Paik. Sun reluctantly agrees without telling Jin that she signed him up for servitude to Paik. Sun travels to find Jin’s fisherman father. She finds him and he recognizes her as his daughter in law. In a very touching scene he tells Sun that he raised his son alone. His mother was with many men and abandoned the boy with him (he is not even sure he is the father). But he raises Jin as a poor fisherman. He is a good man, and Sun is touched by his kindness and love for her. Which obviously is a much different response then she usually gets from her real father. He asks her never to tell Jin about his true past and she agrees.
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All About LOST eps 3.17 (Catch 22)

In this episode of All about LOST we have a whole new format. We kick
off the show with listener feedback, then have our clip of the show,
our recap, thoughts and questions about the show, and finally T.L.E.
goes on the clock. It sounds confusing but we go over it in the show.

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3.17 Catch-22 (Desmond)

Desmond speaking with Penny

The title of this episode refers to a situation where you can not succeed no matter what you do. (link to full definition).

We see Desmond leading a band of “brothers”: Charlie, Jin, and Hurley through the jungle. As Hurley and Charlie argue about some comic book characters, we see Charlie step on a trip wire. As he lifts his foot off the wire, it activates a trigger which sends an arrow right through Charlie’s neck. Desmond runs to help, but Charlie “dies”. It turns out this this was an alternate ending to the trek we are about to begin.

At the beach camp:

Sawyer is glad to have Kate back and visits her at her tent. He wants to restart their relationship, but feels they need to let Jack know. He already knows, as Juliet told Kate that he saw the two of them together on the other island. Sawyer is relieved but Kate just walks away after Sawyer makes a joke about a “mix” tape. That night Kate is eating dinner by herself when Jack walks by. They make some friendly conversation about not having to escape cages anymore and how good it is to be back. Jack asks for spoon, Kate gives it to him and Jack walks away leaving Kate upset when she him together sharing a meal with Juliet. A crying Kate returns to Sawyer. He wants to know why she is crying but she tells him to just shut up and go along. The next day Sawyer brings Kate the mix tape of Phil Collins songs, Kate thanks him. But Sawyer wants to know what’s going on. He finds out from Jack what happened and when he asks Kate all she says is it’s not like that, implying she was not crying over Jack’s relationship with Juliet (but Sawyer knows better).

Desmond’ flashback:

Desmond is in a room reading the Bible and praying. In walks a monk. They are in a monastery. Desmond has just completed a self imposed vow of silence (note: so did Eko in season 2). We don’t know why he did this, yet. The monk is impressed, so he takes Des into the order of the monks. The next day, Des is labeling bottles of wine the monastery uses to raise funds for charity. As he is talking to his friend, a man comes out of nowhere and punches Des right in the nose. He quickly leaves after apologizing (but not to Desmond). Next we see Des at the doorstep of some girl we have never seen before. Her name is Ruth, and Desmond left her the night before their wedding. (I guess it was her bother who punched Des). He was scared about the marriage and got drunk when a man told him to follow him. This led Des to the monastery and a new beginning to his life. But his new life does not last for long. When he asks Ruth to forgive him, she only says that Des is a coward and that next time, he should just tell her to her face what he really feels. So he goes back to the monastery and drinks the wine meant for charity. The head monk finds him there drinking and tells him is really is not suitable to stay there. The experience he had there was part of the journey, but is not his final destination. He fires Des from being a monk and then tells him to follow the steps as God leads him.

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All About LOST eps 3.16 (One of Us)

In this weeks All About LOST we kick off the show with Listener feedback. Then have a recap and finally LOST thoughts.
Note: This show is a little rambley just to warn you.

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3.16 One of Us (Juliet)


Juliet’s flashback:

We see Juliet preparing to leave the life she knew to join Mittelos. She says goodbye to her sister, who is expecting a baby and recovering from cancer. At the airport, she speaks to Richard and Ethan about the trip ahead. They give her some orange juice and a drug that knocks her out. She initially resists it. She is willing to sign all the release forms about keeping her work and location secret, but won’t take the tranquilizer drug. Richard talks to her about the importance of her work to them and the world in general. He also offers to show her things she has never seen before. Of course her ex-husband recently died, so she has no one other than her sister. They promise she can see her in a few months before the baby is born.

We next see her waking up in her berth on some ship or plane, it really is the submarine. She was strapped down by Ethan because the ride is a bit rough at the end of the trip. I am guessing there is some tidal occurance that keeps ships away from the island. Only a storm allowed Desmond to get through and a couple of the losties have drown or nearly so when they went swimming due to the currents.

Juliet arrives on the sub

Ben meets her and welcomes her at the dock. Juliet’s first fertility experiment fails when the patient dies on the operating table. Ben consoles her but Juliet says it is the island that is causing the baby’s not to be born. Juliet’s is out of ideas and wants to go home to see her sister as they promised her. Ben says her sister’s cancer has returned. Juliet is upset that Ben did not tell her. Ben promises to heal the cancer if Juliet will stay and continue her work. She decides to stay (of course she really has no choice since Ben controlls the submarine). We see her later with Goodwin. Juliet ordered Carl to get some x-rays of Ben who was complaining of pain. The xrays showed a tumor. Juliet distrusts Ben, who said he would heal his sister, but then why does he have this condition? This is the same day as the book club as Ben has finished reading Carrie. Not trusting Ben (who would?) Juliet insists on going home now. He will not let her, but he does want to show her something.

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TLE’s LOST Baseball Lineup


With the baseball season now underway it’s time to refresh the LOST baseball lineup )


baseball diamond

Losties team:

Manager – Lenny (knows all the stats and “numbers” by heart)
Catcher – Hurley (can really block the plate)
Pitcher – Sawyer (throws plenty of curves)
First Base – Sayid (distracts runners wanting to steal with his torture threats)
Short stop – Jack (he is in charge; the team leader)
Second Base – Locke (wants to be shortstop, so team-mates will stop telling him what he can’t do)
Third Base – Michael (can relay signs to the outfield with his amazing ability to project his voice – “Walt it’s a fast ball, play deep!!)
Left field – Desmond (some say he is always coming from left field; also has uncanny ability of knowing where the ball is going to)
Center field – Kate (she can climb the fence to stave off a home run ball)
Right field – Charlie (he is a bit out there by himself anyway)
DH – Mr. Ecko (he can hit anything with that stick of his)

Opposing team:

Manager – Ben (knows all the plays; good at exploiting weaknesses in the Lost team)
Catcher – Pickett (can catch anything, even bullets)
Pitcher – Juliet (throws fewer curve balls then Sawyer, but does it with a pleasant and creepy smile thereby distracting the batters)
First Base – Tom Friendly (likes to chat with the runners)
Second Base – Ethan (”hangs” runners at to dry while trying to steal second)
Short stop – Mikhail (”communicates” well with Others; is willing to sacrifice himself for the team)
Third Base – Bea Klugh (always advising the SS about “what must be done”)
Left field – Rousseau (also very much in left field; her throws to home are just like a arrow shot from a bow)
Center field – Smokey (he can cover a lot of ground in a hurry)
Right field – Rotates between Nathan and Goodwin (unfortunately these two players can never get along)

Bench warmer – Aldo (always reading during the game).
DH – HIM / Jacob (most powerful player out there, still waiting his turn at bat, helps the manager prepare the lineup “list”)

Please let me know what you think of the Lost lineups and who we can get to replace Michael, Ecko, Nathan and Goodwin since they have all gone down to injury )