3.15 Left Behind (Kate)

Kate speaks to Cassidy

This episode is about betrayal, being “left behind”, and Kate’s attempts to restore her broken relationships.

Kate’s flashback:

Kate has been on the run since she killed her father to protect her mother. We see her a few months later with a broken down car in Iowa talking to a mechanic. She asks how long it will take to fix it ( a metaphor for broken relationships?). “Three days for a fan belt” she says back. She is then dropped off at the mechanic’s shop where she sees Cassidy hawking some fake diamond necklaces. Kate (who tells everyone her name is “Lucy”) overhears a man accusing Cassidy of being a crook and threatens to call the cops. Kate says her father owns a jewelry store and can tell a fake. She then pretends to buy a necklace from Cassidy, which causes the man to walk away. Cassidy realizes that Kate has saved her, so she wants to repay the favor.

Later at a bar, she finds out that Kate killed her father, but worse that her mother turned her in. Cassidy agrees to help Kate find out why.

The marshall arrests the wrong Kate

So they set up a con where Cassidy will pretend to be Kate in order to determine if Kate’s mom is being watched by the marshall. Sure enough, Cassidy (dressed as Kate and selling Bibles) is apprehended as she knocks on the mom’s door. They arrest her and question her for a half hour, but then let her go. Luckil, she says, she is a good liar. Kate then finds her mom in a restaurant. Cassidy is there and spills some food on Kate’s mom, so Kate can see her alone in the wash room. But her mom is not happy to see her. Kate tells her she killed Wayne “the stepfather” to protect her mom from his drunken beatings. But her mom says Kate killed her father not for her mom, but for Kate, and the next time she sees

Kate is devastated because she thought she was helping her mom escape from Wayne who used to get drunk and beat her mom.

Kate and Cassidy talk again for the last time. Cassidy admits the man she loved (Sawyer) conned her and left her, but she stills loves him and is carrying his baby. Kate is sympathetic and trusting Cassidy, and tells her that her real name is Kate.

On the island:

Kate is still handcuffed in the rec room. She is nervously waiting for someone to open the door because she has a plan to thump them with a pool cue and hopefully escape. Juliet appears and Kate hides behind the door. When it opens she swings the cue and Juliet and quickly ducks and then judos Kate onto the floor on to her back. (Either E Lilly is doing her own stunts or her stunt double looks just like her. Here is a link to her stunt doubles blog. Click here to get her comments on the stunt). Juliet was just bringing her a sandwich and leaves Kate lying on the floor with the broken plate next to her. (This is more foreshadowing as to how Kate misinterprets people’s intentions – or does she?).

The next day John Locke enters the rec room. He tells her he defended Kate to the Others, told them she was smart, strong, brave and honest. Kate is totally perplexed. But the Others know Kate’s past, and they told Locke. Now Locke is ready to go off with the Others, leaving Jack, Kate and Sayid behind. A few hours later Kate hears something outside. It’s the Others packing up and wearing gas masks. They throw a canister into Kate’s room. It knocks her out and she wakes up later in the jungle hand cupped to Juliet. She tells Kate that the Others have rejected her also and left them both out the jungle to fend for themselves. Kate does not believe her, of course. She remembers how Juliet forced her to live in cage and break rocks during the day. As they walk back to the Others camp, they talk about how Jack told Kate not to come back for him. Kate says he did that to protect her.

Smoke monster scans Kate + Juliet

Kate and Juliet argue and fight with Juliet’s arm becoming dislocated (why didn’t Juliet kung fu her). The smoke monster starts to follow them. They run and hide in the mangroves. The monster scans them. It’s after that episode that Juliet says the real reason Jack told her not to come back was that he saw her and Sawyer and that Kate broke Jacks heart. Kate understands now why Jack has been so cold to her (although I think its’ more that that). So the next day, they are walking back to camp when the smoke monster again chases them. They end up at the sonic fence where Kate refuses to cross, so Juliet pulls the keys to the handcuffs out of her pocket. Juliet pushes some buttons and Kate crosses over just in time to stop the smoke monster from going through. Kate finds Jack in his bungalow and apologizes for ruining his chance to escape. He stares at her rather coldly and asks about Juliet. She is there with Sayid, who tells Jack not to bring her back to the beach. But Jack says she is coming with them, because she was left behind too.

Subplot on the Beach:

Hurley tricks Sawyer into thinking the beach losties are planning to vote him into banishment (Survivor anyone?). So Sawyer follows Hurley’s advice in buttering up the survivors with blankets, fish, and a pig roast. It works. But the main point was to show that Sawyer could be a leader if he got to know the losties. It is also apparent that Sun is still angry at Sawyer for telling Charlie to abduct her in their plot to get back at Locke.


  • Kate’s Mom called her sweetheart (which sounded similar to the way the Marshall called Kate sweetheart). She also said “no worries” just like someone from Australia would say it.
  • Cassy and Kate have both been left behind and betrayed by those they loved. Kate by her mom and dad, and Cassy by Sawyer. That is why Cassy wants to help Kate and that is the “connection” that talks about in Season 1 when she says she has a connection to Sawyer.
  • The Jack and Kate scenes were touching. And Kate’s expression of sadness and remorse when Juliet told her that Jack saw her and Sawyer together was really emotional. Kate is full of regret for that and for coming back to rescue Jack (when he told her not too thereby ruining his chances for escape). But Ben wasn’t really going to let them go anyway, was he?
  • Sayid is definitely wise for not trusting Juliet. She staged the whole thing of trying to get Kate to trust her (the smoke monster actually gave Juliet up).
  • Sun may be plotting her revenge against Sawyer. I am thinking maybe Charlie will die (inadvertently) as a result of her actions.


  • Why has Jack been so cold to Kate? My guess is he knows (as Locke does now) exactly what Kate did (killing her step father, Wayne). Locke and Jack may also know things about Kate we do not know yet.
  • Why did Kate’s mom say, “you did it for yourself”, when referring to Kate’s motive for killing her stepfather. Was Kate actually jealous over the relationship between him and her mom. Kate said to her soldier “dad” that she killed Wayne because she found out he was her real dad.
  • Sawyer has the walkie-talkie. When is he going to use it?
  • Why can’t Smokey climb over the sonic barrier?

Smokey hitting the sonic barrier


5 Responses

  1. was a great episode! julliet rocked!!!! the flashbacks were boring imo and didnt really tell us any more info on kate. hurley was actully ok for once and him ad sawyer had good chemistry. was touching that they look to awyer to lead. will he gve it up easily once jack gets back? Sayid seemed really suspicious of Juillet.

  2. The question: Juliet is left behind or it is a trick of the others to infiltrate it between losties.

  3. [“Kate is devastated because she thought she was helping her mom escape from Wayne who used to get drunk and beat her mom.”]

    You don’t remember “What Kate Did” . . . do you? In that episode, Kate admitted that she had murdered Wayne, because she couldn’t deal with the idea of him being her natural father. She wasn’t trying to save Diane. She wasn’t even thinking of Diane. And yet, the first time audiences see Kate lie to her mother about her motive for Wayne’s murder, certain fans rather blindingly accept her lies. Amazing.

    • Yes she murdered Wayne. She also hated that her mom married the guy (even though her mom didn’t feel that way). She may have even wanted her mom to return to her real father (the military man). Of course Wayne was a drunk and seemed to be hitting on Kate (or at least trying to). Things aren’t really as black and white in this regard as to what Kate’s motives might have been. I think I agree with you mostly and I probably should have put “helping” in quotations marks.

  4. Am I really supposed to excuse Kate for cold-blooded murder because her motives might not be as “black-and-white” as we believe? Really? I know that Wayne was a drunken lout who occasionally abused his wife. But I also know that he never touched Kate. He only leered at her when he was drunk. And I also know that Kate had murdered him because she learned that he was her biological father. How do I know? Because she made it QUITE CLEAR in “What Kate Did”. Both Diane Jensen and Sam Austen knew why she had committed murder.

    Kate was the type of woman who resorted to anger when her illusions were shattered. She struck Sawyer when he exposed the fact that she always used him for sex and comfort whenever her relationship with Jack was troubled. She struck Juliet when the latter revealed that Jack had witnessed her “cage sex” with Sawyer and wanted to get away from her. She used Jack to get her hands on Aaron. And she used Aaron as an emotional blanket for nearly three years and kept him from his grandmother, for all the trauma she had faced getting off that island. This is Kate Austen in a nutshell. Kate proved to be a bigger monster than her father was ever perceived by her, or the show’s fans.

    Since Kate had made her motives for killing Wayne quite clear in “What Kate Did”, why are you trying to pretend that her motives were not that clear? Is it really that important to you that Kate’s reason for murder was some kind of selfless act?

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