TLE’s LOST Baseball Lineup


With the baseball season now underway it’s time to refresh the LOST baseball lineup )


baseball diamond

Losties team:

Manager – Lenny (knows all the stats and “numbers” by heart)
Catcher – Hurley (can really block the plate)
Pitcher – Sawyer (throws plenty of curves)
First Base – Sayid (distracts runners wanting to steal with his torture threats)
Short stop – Jack (he is in charge; the team leader)
Second Base – Locke (wants to be shortstop, so team-mates will stop telling him what he can’t do)
Third Base – Michael (can relay signs to the outfield with his amazing ability to project his voice – “Walt it’s a fast ball, play deep!!)
Left field – Desmond (some say he is always coming from left field; also has uncanny ability of knowing where the ball is going to)
Center field – Kate (she can climb the fence to stave off a home run ball)
Right field – Charlie (he is a bit out there by himself anyway)
DH – Mr. Ecko (he can hit anything with that stick of his)

Opposing team:

Manager – Ben (knows all the plays; good at exploiting weaknesses in the Lost team)
Catcher – Pickett (can catch anything, even bullets)
Pitcher – Juliet (throws fewer curve balls then Sawyer, but does it with a pleasant and creepy smile thereby distracting the batters)
First Base – Tom Friendly (likes to chat with the runners)
Second Base – Ethan (”hangs” runners at to dry while trying to steal second)
Short stop – Mikhail (”communicates” well with Others; is willing to sacrifice himself for the team)
Third Base – Bea Klugh (always advising the SS about “what must be done”)
Left field – Rousseau (also very much in left field; her throws to home are just like a arrow shot from a bow)
Center field – Smokey (he can cover a lot of ground in a hurry)
Right field – Rotates between Nathan and Goodwin (unfortunately these two players can never get along)

Bench warmer – Aldo (always reading during the game).
DH – HIM / Jacob (most powerful player out there, still waiting his turn at bat, helps the manager prepare the lineup “list”)

Please let me know what you think of the Lost lineups and who we can get to replace Michael, Ecko, Nathan and Goodwin since they have all gone down to injury )

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