All About LOST eps 3.16 (One of Us)

In this weeks All About LOST we kick off the show with Listener feedback. Then have a recap and finally LOST thoughts.
Note: This show is a little rambley just to warn you.

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  1. I just have a general question for you (TLE) on something Jeremy always says. Why does he always say Razinsky when referring to Mikhail (eye-patch) guy? Did they ever say his last name? Its just really confusing because everyone on the show calls him Mikhail, do you remember when and if they mentioned his last name? Thanks.

  2. hey guys just thought I would give a little comment on TLE’s new blog and about ‘one of us’.

    It’s weird, I actually started to warm towards Juliet during the episode seeing her say goodbye to her sister and then seeing her in the flame station later on, but I guess I am too naive and forgave too quickly!! Then to be hit with that oh so short ending with Juliet and Ben talking over their ‘plan’, what a twist, I admit, never saw it coming. I know it is obvious to mention now, but I guess we are starting to see why the others are kidnapping children and mothers as they want to continue their legacy on the island but can never create children of their own. The kids are probably better off (as mentioned by Karl I think). Also if you think back, the youngest members of the others is Karl and Alex and I reckon they aren’t even related to Ben and co. It almost feels like they could end this entire story by the end of the season – but like Prison Break, it only takes one bad step to throw everything back into a new plot/storyline! Sorry for extremely long comment and I haven’t listened to your latest podcast yet so if I have repeated anything you have said – sorry! Byeee

  3. lost in the UK,
    Thanks for the comment. Your memory is good. I believe Karl did say that the “kids were better off”. So did Goodwin and maybe Cindy as well. The kids seem to be okay (as shown to Jack) and Alex is the nicest of the bunch (at least so far). But what happened to Juliet? Off the island she was kind and loving to her sister and remorseful over her ex husband’s death. But on the island, she is willing to kill and manipulate people. I guess we are to believe it’s because she badly wants off the island; but I wonder if there is more to it that that. Do you watch on Sky One in the UK? We really enjoy listening to the “Lost Initiative” podcast with Iain Lee, et al.

  4. was a good epsiode. im a big julliet fan though :P. i think she is playing ben as she wants to leave the island. ive also seen a screenshot where the clipboard ben showed julliet about her sis’s cancer said male on it… hmm? anthony cooper is obv the guy who conned sawyer, i cant remeber if you mentioned that..

    whats gonna happen in a week? what will beome of sun?
    why are jeremys jokes awful? lol.


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