All About LOST eps 3.17 (Catch 22)

In this episode of All about LOST we have a whole new format. We kick
off the show with listener feedback, then have our clip of the show,
our recap, thoughts and questions about the show, and finally T.L.E.
goes on the clock. It sounds confusing but we go over it in the show.

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. Hi guys

    thanks again for mentioning my comment on the latest podcast, I just wanted to say that I am a lovely lady and not a guy!

    still loving the podcast and i’m glad you have listened to the UK podcast, I actually prefer yours and the official podcast done by ABC.

    liking the new podcast style, keep up the good work guys!


    p.s Jeremy, your jokes are funny!

  2. Great podcast…… I wasn’t sure what the deal was about unsubscribe to Prison Break and subscribe to……? I have both of them (Lost and P/B) on my Ipod and wondered if one of them should be deleted….
    Juliet is just beyond me….. who knows? (…Okay, the writers know…) Elizabeth Mitchell is a fantastic actor, though……

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