3.18 D.O.C. (Sun)

Sun and Jin's mother
At the Beach:
Sun is talking to Kate about Juliet. “Why is she here?” Sun asks. It has something to do with her being a fertility doctor. Sun, who is pregnant, wants to know why the Others are stealing children and kidnapping people. What is happening to pregnant woman she asks. “They are dying” is Juliet’s reply. At night Juliet sneaks into Sun’s tent and offers to give her the answers she seeks if she will follow her. After a long trek into the jungle they find the medical hatch. It looks abandoned, but there is a secret room where pregnant woman are sent to die. Inside is a ultrasound machine. Juliet offers to give Sun the ultrasound. If the child was conceived before they crashed on the island, Sun will be alright. If it’s after the crash Sun will die in another two months. Sun is conflicted because she thinks Jae Lee could be father and not her husband Jin. After Juliet examines the result the news is clear, Sun and Jin conceived the baby which means Sun will die unless Juliet can do something. Sun is relieved. She admits her affair with Jae Lee was a mistake. Juliet consoles her “we all make mistakes”. Since Jin was infertile before coming to the island, does this mean the the island has healed him. Juliet says the sperm counts of males increases 5 times for men who are on the island. Juliet returns to the hatch to take care of things. What she is really doing is leaving a message for Ben. She is getting the samples from all pregnant woman (so far Sun and soon Austin). After she turns off the tape she says, “and Ben I hate you”.

Sun’s flashback:
Sun and Jin have just been married. They share some romantic conversation over the phone when a woman overhears them. She shows Sun a wedding announcement in the paper. “Is that you”, she asks. Sun confirms it and the fact that she is part of the very wealthy and powerful Paik family and who’s father runs Paik Industries. The woman asks about Jin’s family, “why weren’t they at the wedding. Sun says they are dead?? The woman says she knows Jin’s mom was a prostitute and she will reveal this information unless Sun pays her bribery money. Sun leaves and goes to her father. She wants a favor. In exchange for her continued silence about Paik’s dirty dealings, she wants $100K with no questions asked. Mr. Paik gets angry but gives her the money and says that to pay this debt Jin must work directly for Mr. Paik. Sun reluctantly agrees without telling Jin that she signed him up for servitude to Paik. Sun travels to find Jin’s fisherman father. She finds him and he recognizes her as his daughter in law. In a very touching scene he tells Sun that he raised his son alone. His mother was with many men and abandoned the boy with him (he is not even sure he is the father). But he raises Jin as a poor fisherman. He is a good man, and Sun is touched by his kindness and love for her. Which obviously is a much different response then she usually gets from her real father. He asks her never to tell Jin about his true past and she agrees.

At home Jin and Sun try to speak about his family. He told her his father died in the war, she understood something else. They get into an argument and Jin because upset. But Sun loves him and he loves her “greatly”, so they never speak about it again.
Sun goes to pay the bribery money. She realizes now that the woman is Jin’s mother. She gives her the money but warns her never to speak about this, because her father is a powerful man and they can find her.
On the Island:
The woman who had ejected from the helicopter wakes up. Desmond does not know her. She is speaking in some foreign language, but Hurley believes it is Spanish and she is saying “I am dying”. Sure enough they find a short tree branch embedded in her side. This reminded me of Jack’s wound from Season 1. The group of Charlie, Jin, Desmond and Hurley debate how to get her medical help. They can’t move her because of her injuries and they don’t have the medical equipment or expertise to help her. Hurley shoots off the flare gun, oops. So Desmond offers to run back alone to get Jack even though they all know how dangerous this mission could be, what with the smoke monster and all. Just as he starts to head out they run into an alive Mikhail who was probably investigating the parachute falling from the sky. They capture him and bring him back to camp (seems like we missed the return to camp part). He thinks the woman is speaking Italian when she says again that she is dying. Mikhail examines her and realizes her lung is punctured and is filling up with blood. Mikhail offers to help being since he knows field medicine from his time as a Russian soldier in Afghanistan. They agree that they will let him go free if he helps her. He aspirates the wound using a tube and then removes the tree branch. He says she will recover in a day or two (due to the healing powers of the island). They allow Mikhail to leave but Jin notices the sat phone is missing. He chases him down and they recover the phone. Des let’s him go. Did Mikhail want the sat phone to call out, or was he just keeping the Losities from using it. And why hasn’t Sawyer used the walkie he got in the Nikki/Paulo episode?
The next day Hurley is sitting with the woman. She starts to wake up and Hurley asks her why she was there. Did she come to save them? When Hurley mentions they are from Flight 815 she says that is impossible as they found 815 with all the passengers Dead.


  • Sun has signed her husband up to work for Mr. Paik which leads to the death of Jae Lee. Honor is the motivating factor and the theme of this episode.


  • Jin’s father does not want Jin to lose honor by having him be a fisherman’s son and the son of a prostitute. Mr. Paik does not want Jae Lee around because he has dishonored his daughter in law and therefore him. Sun is afraid to confront her husband because he gets angry with her just like her father does.


  • Juliet shows her nicer side. She admits on the audio tape that she hates what Ben has asked her to do. She has answered Sun’s questions and reveals she is tired of giving bad news to the pregnant woman on the island. She wants to give good news like she did to the happy women off the island (like her sister) when they learned about their babies.


  • Mikhail / Patchy is alive! Someone noted on a web site he was still breathing when they left him bleeding at the sonic death fence. He did not die obviously and was healed by the island. That’s good because most people like his character. Bea Klugh is still dead though. I guess the island heals you if your wounds are not terminal. Except for Ben of course who needed surgery from Jack.


  • Naomi the helicopter girl must have come for Desmond. She had no expectations that the 815 people were even alive.



  • Who staged the hoax that Flight 815 was found and all the passengers were dead. This must have been arranged before hand, since they needed to crash another plane somewhere to fake it as 815. Did the authorities not identify the bodies properly? Who is covering up the real disappearance of 815. Was there arrival on the island part of an elaborate plan and not an accident. It definitely looks that way now.


  • Or did flight 815 really crash and the people we see now are living in some sort of alternate reality? I doubt it, but with all the time travel themes going on, who knows. I am sure this will bring up the purgatory theories, but the writers say that is not what is happening.


  • Will Juliet be able to save Sun? Will she tell Jin that she may die soon (I would think so).


  • How will Juliet trick Kate to get her sample? Is Kate going to die too if she is pregnant?


  • Is Naomi speaking in tongues? Can Hurley understand different languages? Even languages he may not know. Also Jin thought it was Chinese and Mikhail Italian. But only Hurley and Mikhail could translate. Does Mikhail have the same talent? Where is Mikhail going to? Is he reporting to Ben? How did he survive the fence. Does he have a twin?


  • Sun noticed Jack is behaving differently, does he have a twin?


  • What did Naomi really say to Mikhail. He said it was “thank you”, but the look on his face made you think he was lying. According to Lostpedia, she said “I am not alone”.

Crazy theory:
Desmond is an Other. He might be lying about not knowing Naomi. He knew about the helo drop all along and so did Mikhail. Des lured the Losties away from the camp, with his made up visions. The helo drop was triggered by Locke (by accident or on purpose) when he typed the codes into the Flame hatch computer. He wanted/let Mikhail escape because he works with him. He wanted Mikhail to take the radio, but Jin intercepted it and ruined their plan. It would explain how Ben never seems that interested in knowing about Desmond, even though he was monitoring the Swan hatch. Des, Ben and Mikhail all are Others, in the crazy theory.

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  1. The re-appearance of Mikhail got me excited, because at first I thought he came back from the dead, and that people can come back from the dead on the island. I guess that is just wishful thinking, but it would be another way to look at the fact that the Lost characters see “dead people” on the island (Jack’s dad, Eco’s brother) But I guess Mikhail wasn’t dead in the first place, it makes more sense. It could have been cool if he really came back from the dead though.

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