High’s, Low’s, and Don’t yet know”s” – Season 3 (1-6)

Season 3 was a great roller coaster ride of a LOST season. It started off with a spectacular “Others” eye view of the 815 plane crash. Then we had to settle in for a seemingly endless time Season 3 DVDwatching our Losties in cages, wet hatches, and “working in a chain gang”. That part ceased thankfully with the end of Fall group of episodes. And hope would be restored with the coming of winter.

A great second half to the season had us forgetting all about the first half. We finally got to spend some real time with the characters we liked from the first two seasons. Hurley, Claire,

Sayid, and especially Desmond were back in a wonderful way. In fact, the series changing episode occurred on the Des man’s watch with “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.

So here are Jeremy’s and TLE’s High’s, Low’s, and we still don’t know”s” for Season 3.

The High’s

1. 815 Plane crash (From the “Others” view)

2. The Red Sox win the World Series. This means the Others do have contact with the Outside World. And Jack is promised a trip home if he cooperates with Ben.

Charlie, Claire and Aaron

3. In Locke’s sweat lodge vision, Boone tells him that Charlie, Claire and Aaron will be “fine, for awhile“.

4. “Stay back or the bunny gets it!”. Sawyer is conned by Ben to “earn” his respect. A bunny or two figures into the finale episode as well.

5. Ben shows Sawyer, “you are not on ‘your’ island, James”.

Juliet has a plan

6. Juliet wants a revolution to overthrow Ben as leader. “No one has to know if you accidentally kill Ben during the surgery, Jack”.

Kate run

7. Kate, run!! (or something like that) Continue reading

All About LOST eps 3.22 (Through the Looking Glass)

In this episode of All about LOST T.L.E. and I discuss the season finale of LOST season 3. We have listener feedback, recap, thoughts/questions, and finally we conclude by putting T.L.E. on the clock for the final time this season.

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3.22b Through the Looking Glass, part 2 (Jack)

Newspaper article

Whoa. What a great season finale. In my opinion the best episode of season 3. In this two-part episode we found out that Jack, and probably Kate, are trapped in some kind of of time travel maze. Somehow Fated to return to Lost island over and over. At least that is my best explanation for what is going on in this superb finale.

Jack’s flashback:

Jack is on an Oceanic airplane when he asks a flight attendant for another drink. Seeing that he has already had enough and that they are landing soon, she gives him a newspaper instead. The news upsets him enough that he considers throwing himself off a bridge. He asks for forgiveness and as he is about to jump, a car crashes behind him. A young boy cries for help. Jack stops and turns from jumping and rescues the boy and his mom from the burning wreckage. The next day he returns to visit them in the hospital. The boy is all right but the mom needs surgery. Jack wants to do it. But the chief surgeon in charge is no longer Jack’s dad. And what is interesting is Jack talks about his Dad as if he was still alive. The new chief surgeon recognizes Jack as a hero, and talks Jack out of the surgery. This is a very wise move, as Jack is a mess. He looks much older with a beard and is clearly abusing alcohol and as we see later, prescription drugs as well. Jack relents and goes home. He is trying to drown out his sorrow and frustration with loud music as he approaches the funeral parlor. He is so messed up a car nearly hits him as he walks to parlor. Inside there is no one there, just a closed casket. No one has come to this person’s funeral the director says. He asks Jack if he wants to look in the coffin. Jack declines. Who is in the coffin? We don’t know, but I have a few guesses in the thoughts section below.

Next we see Jack trying to refill his prescription. The doctor’s name on the Rx is Christian Shepherd. Again he could only have gotten away with this if his father was still alive. But as the nurse tries to call to confirm that, Jack leaves the pharmacy, crashing into a display of sunglasses. Continue reading

3.22a Through the Looking Glass, part 1 (Island)

Here are some of scenes I most remember from the season 3 finale.

  • Charlie’s last message to Desmond – “Not Penny’s Boat”
  • Hurley to the rescue !!
  • Dynamite wipes out seven of the Others
  • Sawyer kills a defenseless Tom
  • Walt!
  • Naomi takes a knife to the back
  • Mikhail’s dead, I mean alive, I mean dead.
  • Jack beats up Ben (finally!)
  • Jack tells Kate he loves her. What took him so long?

Penny communicates to Charlie

Island story:

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet prepare to leave the beach to head to Rousseau’s radio tower. They need to turn off the signal in order to get Naomi’s radio working to call for help. She says there is a freighter off shore which could rescue them if they could just get their message through. Rose tells Bernard to remember he is just a dentist and not some hero as he, Jin and Sayid get into position to blow up the Others with dynamite.

Meanwhile Charlie is getting beat up by the two gun carrying girls in the Looking Glass. One of the girls calls Ben and let’s him know that they have someone. Ben has Mikhail go to the station. When he gets their Desmond is floating overhead. Mikhail shoots at him, so Desmond jumps overboard. He uses the guide wire to pull himself down and into the station. Charlie sees him and warns him to hide. Mikhail get to the station and eventually Charlie tells him that Juliet told the Losties about this station.

As night falls the Others approach the beach. Mikhail calls Ben and tells him that Juliet betrayed them. He questions Ben who lied to them about the station being flooded. Ben convinces Mikhail that he had to do it, to save them all from an outside invading force. Ben tries to call the Others to warn them of a trap, but their walkie’s are turned off. Our three Losties blow up seven of the Others as they try to get near the tents. Unfortunately the three are captured and under duress Bernard tells them of the plan to head to the radio tower.

Ben gets the news and decides to intercept the Losties before they can turn off the signal. He allows Alex to go as well, since he knows it was she who told Carl to warn the Losties of the ambush. Ben says he mistreated Carl so that Alex would not get pregnant knowing what could happen to her on the island. Seems a bit extreme, but okay.

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Season 3 finale (preview)

Inside the Looking Glass -

Title: S3E22 – Through the Looking Glass – Part One and Two
Backstory: Jack Shephard

Jack and the castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi”s rescue ship.

Writer: Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof
Director: Jack Bender
Star: Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond (Season 3, recurring previously)), Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen), Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet (Season 3+)), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Kwon), Sam Anderson (Bernard Nadler (Season 3, recurring previously)), Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah), Michael Emerson (Henry Gale / Benjamin Linus (Season 3, recurring previously)), Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard), Yunjin Kim (Sun Kwon), L. Scott Caldwell (Rose Henderson Nadler (Season 3, recurring previously)), Terry O’Quinn (John Locke), Josh Holloway (James “Sawyer” Ford)
Recurring Role: Blake Bashoff (Karl), Mira Furlan (Danielle Rousseau), Sonya Walger (Penny)
Guest Star: Tania Raymonde (Alex), Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), Kate Connor (doctor), M.C. Gainey (Tom), Nigel Gibbs (funeral director), Loreni Delgado (pharmacist), Larry Clarke (customer), James LeSure (Dr. Hamill), Marsha Thomason (Naomi), Lana Parrilla (Greta), Tracy Middendorf (Bonnie), Brian Goodman (Pryce), Andrew Divoff (Mikhail), Ariston Greene (Jason)


We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please post any comments you have about the finale here. Or just leave us an audio comment at (206)-203-3152.  Theories and observations are always welcome on the blog, but please no spoilers until after the show airs. Thank you.

All About LOST eps 3.21 (Greatest Hits)

In this episode T.L.E. and I go over episode 3.21 of LOST (Greatest Hits). Episode complete with a recap, thoughts/ questions about the episode, and T.L.E. goes on the clock all this and so much more on this weeks episode.

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3.21 Greatest Hits (Charlie)


This episode recounts the best parts of Charlie’s life. His band, his Dad, his brother, and his girlfriend Claire are shown.

Charlie flashback:

Charlie is ready to quit the band. The band’s van breaks down and the lack of fan support have left Charlie depressed and ready to move on. But something amazing happens. His song “You all everybody” is being played on the radio. And the band now has some hope, in fact they become a big international hit. Naomi mentions that when 815 crashed there were memorial services for the band and a new album was released. Charlie was just as famous (by dying) as he was when he was alive. We see Charlie writing down all of his life’s favorite moments on a list (which he wants to give to Claire after he his gone).

5. The first time he heard his song on the radio.

4. His father teaching him to trust him and dive into the pool. Charlie is right, his dad did not catch him when he jumped into the pool. But it taught Charlie that he could survive on his own if he had to.

3. Liam and Charlie celebrating Christmas together. The band is at it’s peak, but Liam is doing drugs. He complements Charlie for resisting (unfortunately Charlie has already chosen some other vices). He gives Charlie his DriveShaft ring, which is really a family heirloom whose DS stands for their great grandfather’s initials.

Charlie's Top 5 countdown

2. Charlie saves a young girl who is being mugged. She calls Charlie a hero, as people ignore her on the street when she calls out, but Charlie actually tries to save her. As he did many times with Claire. Desmond called Charlie a hero and good man if I remember right also.

1. When I first met you.. Refers to his meeting with Claire. Charlie gave her a blanket on the night of the crash. This was a newly filmed scene, that placed both characters at the scene of the crash. Back in Season 1 we saw Hurley give her two dinners, one for her and one for the baby.

**bonus** Saving the group of survivors by deactivating the jamming signal from the Looking Glass station. **hopefully**

On the island:

It’s now time for Jack to tell the Losties his plan to protect them from the Others who are planning to invade the camp. But before that we see Karl running through the jungle. He has been hiding out alone in a cave or something when Alex comes to warn him that the Others are planning to take the women a day early and to kill anyone who gets in their way. Apparently Ben is ticked off at Locke’s ability to talk to Jacob and is worried his plans may be thwarted somehow (like if Locke were to regain his life and warn the Losties for instance). Karl catamarans to the main island to warn them since Austin and Ford saved his life.

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