3.19 The Brig (Locke/Sawyer)

Locke watches the Others leave

The theme of this episode was how difficult it can be to release the past. Simply locking up the past in the Brig is not sufficient without getting rid of the thing that enslaves us. For Sawyer it was the man who led his father to kill himself and his mother. For Locke it was the man who claimed to be his father but abused him like an enemy. But really both were enslaved by their hatred and unwillingness to forgive.This episode had no off-island flashback. It was structured similar to “The Other 48 Days” from Season 2, which contained events from past days on the island leading up to the present.

We first see Locke reading a file (which is pretty strange, since there on no file cabinets where the Losties live). We find out later that this file came from Richard (works for Mittelos industries), but it’s probably really from Ben. What Locke reads surprises him. As he reads someone “off-camera” grunts. That person is the focus of this episode.

Today on the island:

Kate is awake in Sawyer’s tent. She can’t sleep here. She needs to go back to her tent. Sawyer wants to follow her, but she says it’s nothing personal, old habit. She leaves. Sawyer goes out to hit the restroom, or in this case the jungle. He spies Hurley and Jin working on a shelter. They won’t tell him what exactly they are doing. (They are building a tent for Naomi, the parachutist who landed on the island). Sawyer goes out to do his business when he hears a noise, it’s Locke, returned from his encounter with the Others. He needs “James” to come with him to kill Ben who he has captured. Sawyer agrees when Locke goes back to find someone else to do the job.

Sawyer says he won’t kill anyone, but Locke disagrees. He has seen the “file” of Sawyer’s life obtained by the Others. It reveals his relationship to Anthony Cooper, aka the real Sawyer. This is the man James Ford has wanted to take revenge on since he was a child. James inadvertently killed another man who he thought was the real Sawyer. Locke thinks he will kill Ben once he talks to him.

8 Days Ago:

Locke has seen his father. He was brought to the island by Locke (at least according to Ben). The “magic box” brought him there. It is now up to Locke to take care of this “problem”. As the Others leave their village, they end up camping in “a very old place”. The place is a large field with a huge “totem pole” for lack of a better explanation. Ben ties Cooper up to the pole and challenges Locke to kill him. Cooper tied to the columnAfter a stressful scene where Ben challenges Locke’s manhood (and so does Cooper), Locke refuses to kill him. Ben states to the Others gathered there that Locke is not the “special” person they thought he was. The next day the Others leave, with Ben telling Locke, you brought Cooper here, you need to deal with him. We are going on without you. But if you change your mind you can follow our trail, but you need to bring a dead Cooper with you.

Picking up with the present time again:

Locke and Sawyer arrive at the Black Rock, it is a huge slave ship which somehow has made it to the interior of the island. Inside the ship is a man with a sack over his face. Locke tells Sawyer they are in the Brig and then locks Sawyer in there with the man. After yelling at Locke to let him out he reveals the man’s face. It is Cooper not Ben. Danielle arrives for some reason to get dynamite. Sawyer questions the man, “who are you” “how did you get here, etc.”. To cut a long story short, Cooper thinks they are in Hell, maybe not literally but close to it. He says he as in an car accident, someone pushed him into a guardrail, a smiling man injected him and he remembered nothing until he ended up there.

Cooper admits he conned Sawyer’s mom. He remembers how she eagerly wanted out of the life she was in and was willing to pay him money to leave it. Cooper doesn’t care that she was killed by her husband, just like he does not care that he stole Locke’s kidney for himself. Sawyer is enraged about Cooper’s disrespect of his parents. He reads Sawyer’s letter to him with disdain. Sawyer tells him he will go to hell right now as he strangles him with a chain from the Brig. Locke thanks Sawyer by giving him a tape recording of Juliet telling Ben that she is working to infiltrate the Losties and get samples from the pregnant woman. Sawyer can use this against her when he returns to the beach.

Naomi tells all about 815

Back at the beach:

No one trusts Jack anymore because of his faith in Juliet. Hurley and Charlie get Sayid instead. He questions the Naomi. She tells them more details about the “discovered” crash of 815. Located in deep sea trench 4 miles down. A robotic sub found all the survivors dead. This was probably staged by the Hanso Foundation which was given the responsibility by the Government to investigate the crash. Naomi is not on the island for them, she was sent on an expedition by Penny Widmore to find Desmond. At first the coordinates led her to just open sea (she used a copter launched from a ship), but after a few days the clouds cleared to reveal land. The copter crashed but she ejected. Sayid does not believe her until she produces the satellite phone. Sayid later fixes it but can not obtain a frequency. Kate finds out what is going on. Why not tell Jack she says. They reply they don’t trust him. Kate goes to tell Jack anyway. She wants a private meeting, but Jack says Juliet is part of any discussion he has. Kate tells him his friends don’t trust him anymore. Juliet wants to tell Kate something, but Jack says it is not time yet.


  • From now on, I would guess Sawyer will go by James Ford, his real name since he killed his nemesis.
  • Cooper was finally telling the truth about his real life as a con man and as a father. I guess he thought he had gotten away with this for so long he was invincible and no-one would touch him. He was wrong. Locke engineered his fathers death, because he wanted to learn more about the island, and James Ford got revenge for his parents death. Unfortunately his revenge was bittersweet as he too became a con man responsible for breaking relationships (like with Cassidy).
  • This was a fantastic episode, but I was disappointed that my old theory that Cooper was part of Hanso may be no longer true. (If he was part of Hanso, he would probably know about the island). I even thought he might be Hanso himself, but last summer the Lost Experience game proved that theory wrong too.


  • What is Danielle planning to blow up with the dynamite she got from the Black Rock? She knows that Alex is alive, so maybe she will plan an escape for her.
  • How will Locke carry that dead body across the jungle? Will it stink?
  • What does Jack and Juliet need to tell Kate about? Jack still continues to deny Kate’s existence. Does he know that she is going to die like all pregnant woman on the island. Was the x-ray that Jack saw of the 25 year old woman, Kate’s xray? Or did Juliet tell Jack her plan to get samples for Ben?

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