3.21 Greatest Hits (Charlie)


This episode recounts the best parts of Charlie’s life. His band, his Dad, his brother, and his girlfriend Claire are shown.

Charlie flashback:

Charlie is ready to quit the band. The band’s van breaks down and the lack of fan support have left Charlie depressed and ready to move on. But something amazing happens. His song “You all everybody” is being played on the radio. And the band now has some hope, in fact they become a big international hit. Naomi mentions that when 815 crashed there were memorial services for the band and a new album was released. Charlie was just as famous (by dying) as he was when he was alive. We see Charlie writing down all of his life’s favorite moments on a list (which he wants to give to Claire after he his gone).

5. The first time he heard his song on the radio.

4. His father teaching him to trust him and dive into the pool. Charlie is right, his dad did not catch him when he jumped into the pool. But it taught Charlie that he could survive on his own if he had to.

3. Liam and Charlie celebrating Christmas together. The band is at it’s peak, but Liam is doing drugs. He complements Charlie for resisting (unfortunately Charlie has already chosen some other vices). He gives Charlie his DriveShaft ring, which is really a family heirloom whose DS stands for their great grandfather’s initials.

Charlie's Top 5 countdown

2. Charlie saves a young girl who is being mugged. She calls Charlie a hero, as people ignore her on the street when she calls out, but Charlie actually tries to save her. As he did many times with Claire. Desmond called Charlie a hero and good man if I remember right also.

1. When I first met you.. Refers to his meeting with Claire. Charlie gave her a blanket on the night of the crash. This was a newly filmed scene, that placed both characters at the scene of the crash. Back in Season 1 we saw Hurley give her two dinners, one for her and one for the baby.

**bonus** Saving the group of survivors by deactivating the jamming signal from the Looking Glass station. **hopefully**

On the island:

It’s now time for Jack to tell the Losties his plan to protect them from the Others who are planning to invade the camp. But before that we see Karl running through the jungle. He has been hiding out alone in a cave or something when Alex comes to warn him that the Others are planning to take the women a day early and to kill anyone who gets in their way. Apparently Ben is ticked off at Locke’s ability to talk to Jacob and is worried his plans may be thwarted somehow (like if Locke were to regain his life and warn the Losties for instance). Karl catamarans to the main island to warn them since Austin and Ford saved his life.

Jack finally reveals his plan. Using dynamite that Rousseau got from the Black Rock, they will ambush the Others and blow up anyone who enters the tents on the beach. But they don’t have time to rig the electrical detonating wires. Sayid comes up with a plan to shoot the dynamite with sharpshooters located high up in the trees near the camp. (I hope this plan works out better than his plan to ambush the Others last time). Jack will lead the rest of the group to the radio tower which is about a day’s hike away.

Sayid also tells Jack that they could use the sat phone to signal Naomi’s freighter boat if they could take down the interference from the Transmission. (The Transmission is a distress call that Rousseau set up 16 years ago and plays on a continuous loop). Sayid thinks it is blocking any other transmission on the island. But Juliet tells him the Others are using the underwater Looking Glass station to block any unauthorized transmissions except their own. So Sayid’s plan is to have some one go out and deactivate the station. But who would volunteer for such a mission? Well Charlie would. He is told by Desmond that it is his fate to die while pushing a yellow switch, turning off the jammer and dying by drowning; thus allowing Claire and Aaron to be saved by helicopter.

Charlie says so long to Hurley and Claire. Neither one knowing that this may be the last time they will see him. Charlie then leaves his DS ring with Aaron, a child that he and Claire have raised since being on the island.

Schematic of the Looking Glass

Charlie and Des paddle out to the station using the buried cable to lead them. Once over top the station Des tries to get Charlie to go back. Des says he will do this task instead, but Charlie knocks him out and tells him “We both know this is my task not yours”. He uses some big rocks to bring him down through the water to the station. It’s very cool looking place, by the way. And just as he is about to run out of breath he makes it inside. Thinking the place is empty he yells out, only to find out the station is manned or “woman-ed”. He is now a prisoner in the Looking Glass.


1. Charlie’s flashback looks like it occurred before he became a drug addict but after the success of Drive Shaft. He is already on the road to trouble, and I guess the next scene would be him confessing to the priest back in the Season 1 episode the Moth???

2. Liam giving up the ring to Charlie is something like Esau giving up his birthright to his younger brother Jacob in the Bible story found here.

3. Charlie is definitely going to live a bit longer. But maybe only until the season finale.

4. It looks like we will finally get the “war” that was strongly suggested in Season 2. When Jack asked Anna about gearing up for a war with the Others.


1. Will Claire and Aaron really be saved, and if so, when?

2. Who is the relative that Charlie and Liam revere so much?

3. Will the Losties make it to the Radio Tower or will they meet Smokey or something worse first?

4. Why is Ben so ruthless in his pursuit of the women even to the point of killing people?

5. In the scene were Charlie saves the woman being mugged, it plays out just like the scene were Des meets Charlie for the first time. Including the part with the “Wonderwall” song and the rain. But where was Desmond?

6. Who was the woman that Charlie saved? It looked like Nadia, but at first I though it might be Naomi.

7. Did the Looking Glass knock down the helicopter? Why hasnt’t he helo wreckage washed up on the beach.

8. Why are there only woman manning the Looking Glass. Are they immune from the effects on the island? Would the Lostie women be safe there?

3 Responses

  1. There were quite a few questions raised in the episode. A couple of thoughts. I wonder if Desmond told the truth about his vision. We didn’t actually see his vision this time, so I wonder if the result of Charlie’s death in Desmond’s vision was his being reunited with Penelope. Also, I’ve got a feeling that whatever happended in the vision, won’t end up happening like he saw it because of what happeded at the very end with Charlie and the two women in the Looking Glass station.

  2. Another possibility is that Charlie will ultimately push the the flashing button and then drown so Desmond could be telling the truth about his vision. But since they didn’t show us the vision, your theory makes sense except Desmond’s visions are usually 100% accurate, assuming he doesn’t choose to change anything.

  3. if you guys think back to the episode (i think it was the season 2 finale) where Sun, Jin and Sayeed go to set a black smoke for Jack and Sun is left on the boat – do you remember when she shoots a blonde woman? is that the same blonde woman who approached Charlie at the end of this episode?

    Also – the woman who calls Charlie a hero – I thought that was Nadia (Sayeed’s interest) and I think it’s been picked up on elsewhere!!

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