3.22a Through the Looking Glass, part 1 (Island)

Here are some of scenes I most remember from the season 3 finale.

  • Charlie’s last message to Desmond – “Not Penny’s Boat”
  • Hurley to the rescue !!
  • Dynamite wipes out seven of the Others
  • Sawyer kills a defenseless Tom
  • Walt!
  • Naomi takes a knife to the back
  • Mikhail’s dead, I mean alive, I mean dead.
  • Jack beats up Ben (finally!)
  • Jack tells Kate he loves her. What took him so long?

Penny communicates to Charlie

Island story:

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet prepare to leave the beach to head to Rousseau’s radio tower. They need to turn off the signal in order to get Naomi’s radio working to call for help. She says there is a freighter off shore which could rescue them if they could just get their message through. Rose tells Bernard to remember he is just a dentist and not some hero as he, Jin and Sayid get into position to blow up the Others with dynamite.

Meanwhile Charlie is getting beat up by the two gun carrying girls in the Looking Glass. One of the girls calls Ben and let’s him know that they have someone. Ben has Mikhail go to the station. When he gets their Desmond is floating overhead. Mikhail shoots at him, so Desmond jumps overboard. He uses the guide wire to pull himself down and into the station. Charlie sees him and warns him to hide. Mikhail get to the station and eventually Charlie tells him that Juliet told the Losties about this station.

As night falls the Others approach the beach. Mikhail calls Ben and tells him that Juliet betrayed them. He questions Ben who lied to them about the station being flooded. Ben convinces Mikhail that he had to do it, to save them all from an outside invading force. Ben tries to call the Others to warn them of a trap, but their walkie’s are turned off. Our three Losties blow up seven of the Others as they try to get near the tents. Unfortunately the three are captured and under duress Bernard tells them of the plan to head to the radio tower.

Ben gets the news and decides to intercept the Losties before they can turn off the signal. He allows Alex to go as well, since he knows it was she who told Carl to warn the Losties of the ambush. Ben says he mistreated Carl so that Alex would not get pregnant knowing what could happen to her on the island. Seems a bit extreme, but okay.

On the way to the tower, the Losties realize something has gone wrong with their plan. The three men should have met them by now. Sawyer decides to go back. But first Kate tells him that Juliet was going to allow her to be captured by the Others because she might be pregnant. Sawyer’s reply “Let’s hope not”. Juliet joins up with Sawyer after kissing Jack goodbye which Kate happens to see. Hurley wants to join up too, but Sawyer says he is just too fat to help.

As the rest of the group gets close to the tower, Kate asks Jack why Sawyer would not let her go back to the beach. “He wanted to protect you, just like I did by telling you not to come back to rescue me”. “Why would you do that”, she asks. After a second or two he says, “Because I love you”. Kate seems a bit surprised and confused. Now she has two men to deal with, but let’s face it, Jack is the guy she has always been interested in.

Ben and Alex catch up to the Losities. Ben tries to talk Jack out of his mission to contact the outside world. He wants Jack to give him the satellite phone. Why would I do that, he says. “Because I have your friends captive on the beach and will kill them if you don’t do what I say in one minute”, says Ben. Jack excruciates over this, but he wants to get his people off the island and remembers Sayid’s request: “I will sacrifice my life to help you get off the island Jack, so don’t stop whatever happens”.  We are three shots and assume the men on the beach are dead.  But Sawyer and Juliet make it to the beach.  Jin, Bernard, and Sayid are alive and being held hostage.  As they discuss a rescue attempt, suddenly and engine is heard.  Then the large VW bus from earlier this season driven by Hurley appears.  He guns the bus and runs over a very surprised Other killing him.  Sawyer gets his gun and kills Tom declaring “that’s for snatching the kid from the boat”.

Naomi notices that her sat phone is starting to work (but it can’t transmit yet). She tells Claire that Charlie has completed his mission.

Locke is in the pit from the last episode when Ben shot him. He is still alive but he can’t not move and his legs are paralyzed again. Locke finds a loaded gun and is prepared to kill himself when he hears a voice. It’s Walt! He has returned from his trip away from the island, but how? He tells Locke not to give up, because he still has work to do.

In the Looking Glass, Charlie watches as Mikhail shoots the two girls. Apparently Ben has given orders to kill them (even though it was Ben’s idea that they go there in order to jam all transmissions off the island). Charlie tries to escape as Desmond comes out of a locker and shoots Mikhail with a spear gun. They ask a wounded girl for the code to the transmitter. It is Good Vibrations by the Beach boys, because it was coded by a musician. Charlie breaks the code and notices an incoming transmission. It is Penny trying to reach Desmond. Charlie says Naomi has come for them, but Penny has never heard of Naomi or the freighter ship that is just a few miles from the island. Just as he is about to tell Desmond we see Mikhail outside the station. He is about to blow a hole in the hatch using a hand grenade. Charlie dies heroically by closing a water tight door. He then sends Desmond a last message from Penny. “Not Penny’s boat”. Charlie drowns just like Desmond predicted.

Jack listens over the walkie as Ben’s people “kill” the three men. Jack grabs Ben and beats his face in. (And does he ever deserve it after all he has done to manipulate Jack). But he also tells Jack he is making a mistake; there are people who will come to the island not to rescue them, but to kill them all. Jack is undeterred. They turn off the radio and Jack is about to send the message when Locke arrives and kills Naomi by throwing a knife into her back. He threatens to kill Jack also, but can not do it. Jack than radios for help. They make contact with someone. But will they really be saved or will Ben be right and they are all now in danger?


Charlie’s drowning scene reminds me of the time he was in the flight 815 bathroom doing drugs. The plane suddenly lost altitude and Charlie was thrown to the ceiling. This time Charlie pushes away from the water tight door and floats away in a similar looking scene.

The return of Walt was a great surprise. Since Locke had again lost the use of his legs, did Walt do something to heal him? Or maybe Walt just gave Locke a reason to go on. and he healed himself (with the Island’s help).

Mikhail is one cool dude. I hope we can see him again in another flashback. Obviously he must be dead this time since he was blown up by a grenade and was underwater.

Sawyer does not seem to have problems killing anyone he has a grievance with even an unarmed man who is giving himself up.


Where was Penny if she was not on the boat? Who sent Naomi, if not Penny? Naomi seemed sincere even up to the point where Locke knifed her.

Who is coming to get the people on the island? I tend to believe Ben that they are not going to be friendly. Is it Mittelos or maybe is Penelope’s father and/or Mr. Paik. Perhaps they are all working together somehow.

Why did Sawyer say he was hoping Kate was not pregnant? Because he does not want to be a father or because he does not want Kate to die (as pregnant women do on the island).

4 Responses

  1. oh yeah, I wonder where Penny was during that transmission, poor Des for not seeing her awww

  2. Regarding Charlie’s death It seems to me there is a serious breach of the laws of physics involved. Unless the hatch window was at ceiling height the water would only go up to the level of the window. The air pressure would then prevent the water from going any higher. This would allow for a completely different story development. Desmond would then have time to gear himself up with the scuba gear and get a second set for Charlie. Charlie could them open the door which would result in the underwater station being partially flooded. Desmond could then hand Charlie the scuba gear and they could both go up to the surface and live happily ever after. Even with just one scuba gear they could share it between themselves and both would survive.

  3. Paulo – then Charlie would have to die yet again. The purpose of him drowning himself was not because he couldn’t escape but because he loved Claire and the bay and decided it was his way of stop cheating and accept his fate and die for them.

  4. @Harpoon – you miss my point. I’m not saying that the death of Charlie was not useful to the plot. I’m saying that unless the island changed the laws of physics (and in other occasions it has), the water wouldn’t have flooded the compartment.

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