3.22b Through the Looking Glass, part 2 (Jack)

Newspaper article

Whoa. What a great season finale. In my opinion the best episode of season 3. In this two-part episode we found out that Jack, and probably Kate, are trapped in some kind of of time travel maze. Somehow Fated to return to Lost island over and over. At least that is my best explanation for what is going on in this superb finale.

Jack’s flashback:

Jack is on an Oceanic airplane when he asks a flight attendant for another drink. Seeing that he has already had enough and that they are landing soon, she gives him a newspaper instead. The news upsets him enough that he considers throwing himself off a bridge. He asks for forgiveness and as he is about to jump, a car crashes behind him. A young boy cries for help. Jack stops and turns from jumping and rescues the boy and his mom from the burning wreckage. The next day he returns to visit them in the hospital. The boy is all right but the mom needs surgery. Jack wants to do it. But the chief surgeon in charge is no longer Jack’s dad. And what is interesting is Jack talks about his Dad as if he was still alive. The new chief surgeon recognizes Jack as a hero, and talks Jack out of the surgery. This is a very wise move, as Jack is a mess. He looks much older with a beard and is clearly abusing alcohol and as we see later, prescription drugs as well. Jack relents and goes home. He is trying to drown out his sorrow and frustration with loud music as he approaches the funeral parlor. He is so messed up a car nearly hits him as he walks to parlor. Inside there is no one there, just a closed casket. No one has come to this person’s funeral the director says. He asks Jack if he wants to look in the coffin. Jack declines. Who is in the coffin? We don’t know, but I have a few guesses in the thoughts section below.

Next we see Jack trying to refill his prescription. The doctor’s name on the Rx is Christian Shepherd. Again he could only have gotten away with this if his father was still alive. But as the nurse tries to call to confirm that, Jack leaves the pharmacy, crashing into a display of sunglasses. He steals the drugs he wants from the hospital, but is caught in the act by the chief surgeon. He tells Jack that the woman he saved crashed because she saw a man getting ready to jump off the bridge. “What were you doing on the bridge?”, he asks Jack. He won’t answer and quickly leaves the hospital. In the final sad scene at the end of the finale, Jack is despondent over his life. He makes a desperate call to someone. He wants to meet them at their familiar place near the airport. (While I was watching the show I said, It’s Kate!). Jack is at the airport. A car drives up behind him. A woman gets out of the car. It is Kate. But she looks different somehow. Jack says he was hoping she would show up at the funeral. Why would I go to the funeral”, she says coldly. She needs to get back to someone (Sawyer maybe). Jack says to her that he has been flying for weeks hoping that the airplane he is in will crash. He would do anything to get back to the island that he and Kate had crashed on. Jack clearly misses Kate and he wants to undo the mistake he made by getting them saved off the island. “We should have never left the island Kate” he tells her. “Yes we should have” she says. Jack says “We have to go back” as a crying Kate drives away.


It’s great to the story centered again around my two favorite characters, Jack and Kate. Their care and concern for one another has always been to me the best thing about Lost. Will they still end up together somehow; or will the ending of episode 3.22 be the real and final completion of their story.

Who is the man in the coffin? Whoever it is, both Kate and Jack know this person and the person must have been living in Jack’s town. The man in the coffin could be Ben, Locke or even Jack himself. Remember Jack did try and jump off the bridge. If time travel is involved, Jack may be trapped in it and is trying to undo a certain chain of events which leads to a death (maybe his). This is like what Desmond did with Charlie (until he finally gave up). But who really knows? This is a big mystery.

Kate looked younger in 2007 then she did on the island in 2004. Good makeup or is it a clue?


Was that Jin sitting in the row behind Jack on the plane? The woman he was sitting next to was not Sun.

Is the Golden Ticket simply a coupon from the airline or is it a way to make time travel possible? In other words, how could Jack expect to survive a plane crash and return to the island?

3 Responses

  1. I cannot keep my silence any longer. These people are screwing up every plan I ever have to help us get off this island. What do I have to for them? Can’t they shoot guns? .

  2. Hey guys

    Well I thought that ending was crud really. What kind of ending has characters look like they survived but then one of the stronger survivors (Jack) goes loopy when he returns to normal life and then goes onto to talk about his father as if he was alive? I don’t know, it just felt like a bit of a let down, we obviously know they won’t get rescued because of the seasons going on until 2010 but then…

    …maybe they do and (like prison break) have a season or two off the main subject of the plot (being lost) and have them sort of trying to settle into civilisation.

    Well I don’t think that is correct but hey this is lost and I don’t think anyone will guess correctly what the producers meant by this episode really. I have to admit I did cry when Charlie died, I can’t believe he is gone 😦 and what about Walt being there? very creepy but it was nice to see him again.

    I guess all in all it was a good episode as it gave a bit of ‘power’ back to the lostees and they are calling the shots now, well I suppose it is a sort of role reversal from the beginning of the season, Jack was tied up but now Ben is hahaha


    I have again written waaaayyy too much but it was the finale! Can’t wait to hear what you guys thought of the episode!

    Have a good summer guys byeee!


  3. In my opinion Jack has had a desmond moment only in reverse. He probably had some kind of a fall or Ben did something (hey maybe even Jacob) on the way to the beach from the radio tower, and when he woke he was in the future with all things out of order. I reckon he will crash, jump off the bridge or something and wake back on the island at the point of receiving that satellite phone call and will not take it this time and so the story can continue..

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