High’s, Low’s, and Don’t yet know”s” – Season 3 (1-6)

Season 3 was a great roller coaster ride of a LOST season. It started off with a spectacular “Others” eye view of the 815 plane crash. Then we had to settle in for a seemingly endless time Season 3 DVDwatching our Losties in cages, wet hatches, and “working in a chain gang”. That part ceased thankfully with the end of Fall group of episodes. And hope would be restored with the coming of winter.

A great second half to the season had us forgetting all about the first half. We finally got to spend some real time with the characters we liked from the first two seasons. Hurley, Claire,

Sayid, and especially Desmond were back in a wonderful way. In fact, the series changing episode occurred on the Des man’s watch with “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.

So here are Jeremy’s and TLE’s High’s, Low’s, and we still don’t know”s” for Season 3.

The High’s

1. 815 Plane crash (From the “Others” view)

2. The Red Sox win the World Series. This means the Others do have contact with the Outside World. And Jack is promised a trip home if he cooperates with Ben.

Charlie, Claire and Aaron

3. In Locke’s sweat lodge vision, Boone tells him that Charlie, Claire and Aaron will be “fine, for awhile“.

4. “Stay back or the bunny gets it!”. Sawyer is conned by Ben to “earn” his respect. A bunny or two figures into the finale episode as well.

5. Ben shows Sawyer, “you are not on ‘your’ island, James”.

Juliet has a plan

6. Juliet wants a revolution to overthrow Ben as leader. “No one has to know if you accidentally kill Ben during the surgery, Jack”.

Kate run

7. Kate, run!! (or something like that)

And now the Low’s

Smokey does not like Eko anymore

Smokey and Eko have a falling out. Eko does not make it. His last words were “John, you are next”.

Kate the fugitive meet Kevin the cop Kate, the fugitive, meet your new husband, Kevin, the detective. Huh? Would you like a cocktail, dear? Just say no, if Kate’s the one giving it to you. (Ask Michael from Season 1).

Sawyer gets electro shock therapy

Sawyer gets electo-shock therapy. Karl warned him, not to push the ‘knife and fork button’ too many times. Can “polar bears” use utensils to eat their fish biscuits?

I have a plan

Sayid: I have a plan. You stay with the fancy looking boat. They will never expect to find any of us there. We will hang out in these trees. When the Others come we will shoot them. End result of the plan: Sun kills an Other, not Sayid, and the boat is stolen. Later, Pickett tries to kill Sawyer for the death of his wife, Coleen.

Nikki and Paulo

Good news, Nikki and Paulo want to come too! “Nikki and Paulo… Who are they?” Later, at the Pearl station, Nikki points out to Locke that these TV monitors might be important. Locke says, “why didn’t I realize that?” just as Paulo exits from the bathroom… If it wasn’t for the “Expose” episode I would have thought these were two totally expendable characters.

The We Don’t Know”s”, yet…

  1. Did Ben hurt Kate? Why does she have marks on her wrists? I know she was wearing handcuffs. Did she try to get them off, or was it something else that caused those marks.
  2. When Jack was following his ex-wife Sarah she was not pregnant but was in a playground with some children. In the finale, she was pregnant. What event came first? (Note: Lostpedia says the crossword puzzle in Jack’s car is from July 2006. So this may have been a flash forward.)
  3. Why did Jack’s dad’s voice come out of the intercom in the Hydra?
  4. Sarah refused to tell Jack the name man she was seeing. Who is it?
  5. Where is Desmond’s boat being hidden?
  6. What were Kate and Sawyer working on at the construction site? Was it really a runway as Juliet says later, or was she covering up it’s true purpose?
  7. Who removed Yemmi’s body from the plane (and Jack’s dad’s body from its coffin)?
  8. Why did Smokey run away from Eko in season 2, but then kill Eko in season 3?
  9. Why wasn’t Jack on Jacob’s list? Who was on the list?

Thoughts or comments about any of these unanswered questions? What were your favorite high’s and least liked low’s?

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