Further Instructions updated

Click the link to see a new writeup on Episode 3.03 Further Instructions which is a Locke centric episode. I plan to update Episodes 3.04 and 3.05 in the near future.

Congratulations to Lostpedia

For winning the second annual Hugo cup for best Lost website. The Lostpedia site is an awesome collaboration of fan input that gives us the encyclopedia for Lost. Thanks also to Jay and Jack for hosting the awards.

Lost News and Podcast Update

In LOST news,  we won’t have to wait until February to see something new from the LOST universe.  We have some lost mobisodes to look forward to this Fall.  Apparently this has been three years in the making as it took the producers that long to negotiate the necessary contracts for cast and crew.  The mobisodes will be 90 second long LOST short stories to be aired on verizon wireless phones and then on the internet and will star our regular cast members.

Also, and it’s a BIG relief to me, Carlton Cuse says they are not planning to have LOST end its series like the Soprano’s (i.e. 6 seasons of shows taking 8 years of time which concludes with 10 seconds of blank screen).

For some more information about this you can go to this washington post article.

On the podcasting front, we are still planning to do a special LOST “millionaire” episode.  It may take a few weeks for us to put together as I am still assembling the questions at a very non-rushed pace.

The Glass Ballerina updated

Click here to see the updated Glass Ballerina post and/or the Tale of Two Cities post. I added new content to both. Stayed tuned for additional updates for episodes 3.03 to 3.05.

All About LOST Season 3 Wrap Up

In this special Season 3 wrap up show of All About LOST Jeremy kicks off the show with his tirade of the whole “Spoiler Gate Issue” Then we have feedback, highs lows and don’t yet knows of Season 3, the top 5 shows this year, and we wrap up the show by putting T.L.E. on the clock.

MP3 File

Lost News and Podcast Update

I have added a new post on Episode 3.01 A Tale of Two Cities. I also plan to blog on episodes 3.02 to 3.05 in the near future. So check out A Tale of Two Cities if you get the chance.

Now some Lost news. The Season 3 LOST DVD’s will go on sale December 11, 2007. This will be in time for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, and just a couple months before the Season 4 inaugural episode. I will fill you in on some promising new Lost books in an upcoming post.

Highs, Lows, and Don’t Yet Know”s” – Season 3 (7-22)

The second half of season 3 easily surpassed the first half. I enjoyed just about all of it. Hey, even the Nikki and Paulo episode had some shocking surprises and twists. So here is our list of High points for season 3 – part deux. (All photos are from Lostpedia, audio is from Losthatch).

the High’s

Kate and Sawyer escape the cages. No more cages, please!
Kate and Sawyer paddle away

Karl gets his daily brainwashing.
Karl sees

Desmond meets the ringlady (Ms. Hawking) who seems to know all about what Des needs to do on the Island in order to “save every single one of us”.
Ms Hawking

Des and Penny get their picture taken (not in Sydney, but in London).
Des and Penny photo

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