Highs, Lows, and Don’t Yet Know”s” – Season 3 (7-22)

The second half of season 3 easily surpassed the first half. I enjoyed just about all of it. Hey, even the Nikki and Paulo episode had some shocking surprises and twists. So here is our list of High points for season 3 – part deux. (All photos are from Lostpedia, audio is from Losthatch).

the High’s

Kate and Sawyer escape the cages. No more cages, please!
Kate and Sawyer paddle away

Karl gets his daily brainwashing.
Karl sees

Desmond meets the ringlady (Ms. Hawking) who seems to know all about what Des needs to do on the Island in order to “save every single one of us”.
Ms Hawking

Des and Penny get their picture taken (not in Sydney, but in London).
Des and Penny photo

Cindy (the stewardess from flight 815) and one of the kidnapped kids shows up at Jack’s cage. “They came to watch”. Along with Bernard, these are part of the Tailies from S2.Cindy and Emma

Hurley finds a mummified Roger work man in a VW van. It turns out later that this was Ben Linus’ father who died as a result of something that Ben did.
Roger work man

Hurley and Charlie take a joyride while listening to Shambala by Three Dog Night.
Hurley finds a van

We meet “Patchy” (Mikhail) for the first time. The man has a death wish; and his wish comes true many times over. Some people (ahem, Jeremy) say that this is really Radzinsky in disguise.

Claire’s tells her mom she is sorry for how she treated her. We also learn that Jack and Claire are half-brother and sister (related to Jack’s dad).Claire and her mom

Locke pushes Mikhail through the sonic death fence. Except it doesn’t really kill him.
Mikhael foams at the mouth

John Locke is reunited with his father on the island. It is not a happy reunion to say the least.
Cooper bites Locke

Looks like Nikki and Paulo are really dead and Hurley accidentally kills two more people. Too bad, in this episode they kinda grew on me. I liked how the producers tied them into iconic moments from seasons 1 and 2.
Nikki and Paulo will not return from the dead

Juliet arrives on the island (in her flashback) by submarine.
Juliet by sub will travel

Our first visitor to the island since this crash is a girl named Naomi. She has a sat-phone that could contact a freighter just off-shore. Will this mean rescue?
Naomi hanging around

Naomit tells Hurley there were no survivors from Flight 815 and that they found the wreckage deep in the ocean.
Naomi breaks the bad news

Locke gets Sawyer to kill the man they both despise, Anthony Cooper, ex-con man.
What a load on my back

We see an early glimpse of the Dharma Initiative and we are introduced to “Jacob”.

Ben introduces Locke to Jacob, a mysterious character “who is not there”.
Locke meet Jacob

Juliet says all radio signals are being jammed by the Looking Glass station. Charlie takes on Desmond’s mission to deactivate the station knowing that he will die in the process, but Claire and Aaron will be rescued.
Looking Glass

Thanks to Charlie, Jack can use the sat-phone to call for rescue. But later we find out that he made a grave mistake for himself and the Losties.
Jack get us out of here

The man in the coffin…. Who is it?
Flash forward funeral home

Even though we had a huge string of high points and great episodes there are few things that left us cold.

the Low’s

Aldo was there one minute, gone the next. Where is Aldo?

Edmund Burke Juliet’s husband, gets run over by a bus, just after Juliet says to leave her job, her husband would have to be hit by a bus.
Burke bus

Achara gives Jack his tatoo. Why did we need an entire episode to answer this question when there are so many others? Also, she only did half his tatoo, uh oh!Achara

Maybe it’s just a minor detail… but how did a van sitting on its side in the jungle for 20 years start without gas?
Van start

A vintage 1970’s computer that can do video from the Flame station?

Locke blows up Jack’s way off the island. Way to go, John. Actually he may have tried to do Jack a favor, now that we look back on the finale.

Things don’t stay buried on this island! Unfortunately for Nikki and Paulo it looks like they will stay buried ALIVE!

Smokey can lift a 250 lb Mr. Eko and uproot trees from underneath, but he can’t leap over or dig under a sonic fence.

the Don’t Yet Know”s”

Who is Jacob?
What exactly is the “magic box” and how does it work?
How did Walt magically reappear on the island?
How will they explain his growth spurt?
Who is in the coffin?
If Naomi was working for the bad guys, why did she not seem to know about it?
What did Jack mean when he said that leaving the island was a mistake, and that he and Kate must get back?
What is the Golden Pass?
Are certain characters moving back and forth in time and space?  And how could Jack’s dad be dead in 2004 and alive in 2007?
How was Penelope calling the Looking Glass station at the exact time when Charlie was deactivating the jamming signal?
Who is coming to the island, now that Jack made that call?

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