LOST at the EMMY’s


The Emmy nominations were announced today and the Lost creative team should be very proud. Congratulations to the nominees:
  • Michael Emerson (Ben) – Best Supporting Actor
  • Terry O’Quinn (Locke) – Best Supporting Actor
  • Jack Bender for “Through the Looking Glass”
  • Damon Lindelof and Carton Cuse for Through the Looking Glass

LOST also got nominations for Sound Editing, Picture Editing and Mixing.

Unfortunately LOST did not get the nod for Best Drama. Click here for an analysis of the Emmy’s nomination process and it’s shortfalls. (The writer is a big fan of the show “The Wire” but makes some very good points about LOST).

TLE’s view: LOST deserved an Emmy nod for Best Drama series, but you can’t control these things, and we should be happy fans that Season 3 was such a great season. I hope all the nominees win because they are all very deserving.

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Every Man for Himself episode updated

Click to see the writeup for Every Man for Himself.  Its a Sawyer centric episode with plenty of electricity.

Cloverfield, Voltron, Lost and Godzilla

Something is definitely going on here. Is it related to Lost or is it just a cool movie trailer? While at the new Transformers movie yesterday, we saw the famous “Bad Robot” logo from JJ Abrams’ production company. The same one we see each week after Lost is aired on T.V. But this time it was seen prior to showing about a two minute trailer for what looks like a movie that might be out on 01-18-08. The trailer showed “hand-held” video of a going away party that is interrupted by fireballs coming out of the sky and New York city under siege from an unknown force. At the end we get “1-18-08”, but not a title, unless that is the title of the movie.

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