Cloverfield, Voltron, Lost and Godzilla

Something is definitely going on here. Is it related to Lost or is it just a cool movie trailer? While at the new Transformers movie yesterday, we saw the famous “Bad Robot” logo from JJ Abrams’ production company. The same one we see each week after Lost is aired on T.V. But this time it was seen prior to showing about a two minute trailer for what looks like a movie that might be out on 01-18-08. The trailer showed “hand-held” video of a going away party that is interrupted by fireballs coming out of the sky and New York city under siege from an unknown force. At the end we get “1-18-08”, but not a title, unless that is the title of the movie.

Checking out the blogs today they reference a project codenamed “Cloverfield” and these two websites (, and as potentially being related to this trailer. As the blogs point out there would be no way to release a sci-fi spectacular type movie by that date. So is “1-18-08” just the title and the movie will come out next summer. It is also interesting to note that Lost season 4 returns just a few weeks after this. The bloggers speculate the movie may have something to do with possibly Voltron or Godzilla.

Is this something like The Lost Experience from last year, where clues about the movie will be released gradually over the web. This should be interesting. Check out this blog for some more information.  Also, you can watch the news clip below.

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