M101 King of the Castle

In this mobisode Jack and Ben are playing a game of chess. Jack comments that is not strange that he is playing chess since his father taught him to play. Ben says he means that it is strange that the two (who were enemies) are sitting down to a civilized game of chess. Jack is waiting to leave the island as Ben promised during season 3. This scene occurred sometime prior to Locke blowing up the submarine that Jack and Juliet were planning on using to escape (with Ben’s permission). Ben says something very important to Jack “if you leave this island and you want to get back remember this conversation”. Hinting that Jack may not be able to get back to the island. Jack at the time, sees no reason to return to the island. But… we find out in the final episode of season 3 that he made a terrible mistake. He does escape the island (presumbly to be shown in season 4), and DOES want to get back. In fact, he is desperate to do so.

Jack and Ben playing chess is very apropos as both men are great tacticians. In fact they have been “playing” each other for a while now. Trying to outmaneuver the other. Jack wants to leave the island, Ben wants him to stay, so as not to alert the outside world to there presence. Plus Ben knows something Jack does not… there are other people searching for the island (mittelos maybe) and they are not friendly.

What is the final move that Ben makes? I assume it is checkmate, but it probably has even a deeper meaning. Click here to see what chess move Ben used at the end of the episode.

M103 Hurley and Frogurt

In this episode Hurley speaks to Neil (Frogurt) about his impending date with Libby. It seems that Frogurt has caught Hurley red handed stealing a bottle of wine from Bernard’s tent. (The one he shares with his wife Rose). Frogurt thinks Hurley is a loser and is waiting for him to mess up so he can woo “sweet Libby” for himself.

This scene occurs shortly before Libby is accidental killed by Michael in the Hatch. Michael was releasing the prisoner (Henry Gale aka Ben Linus) from the Hatch’s armory in exchange for his son Walt. To do this he needed to get by Anna Lucia who was standing guard. He shot her and when Libby showed up unexpectedly he shot her also. Libby was there to pick up some blankets for her rendezvous with Hurley. She was shot and died the next day.

Why does Neil Frogurt think he can take over for Hurley and secure Libby. Do they know each other or did they have relationship before landing on the island?  Or is Frogurt overconfident due to his success in inventing/selling frozen yogurt?

M107 – The Watch

The Watch is a story about Jack and his Dad prior to Jack’s wedding to Sarah. The surprising thing to me was Christian Shepherd’s acceptance of Sarah as the perfect choice for Jack to make as his wife. Christian’s father had misgivings about who he married and told it to his son right before his wedding. That is when he gave him the watch (which Christian never wore). Today he gives the watch to Jack, telling him not to treat Jack and Sarah’s future son as badly as he treated Jack.

There is a reference to Time (the watch) in this episode as well as regrets for decisions we make. Clearly Christian had his regrets about his treatment of Jack. But today he apologizes to Jack (in a way) for that and wishes him the best with Sarah. Too bad, we find out later that Jack’s marriage to Sarah disolves into divorce before they have a child. However Sarah was pregnent when we last saw her, and she also seemed reluctant about whether Jack was the right man to be a father to her child. Sarah leaves Jack for another man. Jack tries to win her back, but Sarah refuses.

Will Sarah and Jack actually make amends sometime in the future, since we know he gets off the island?
What happens to Jack later in his life with Sarah to make him so paranoid that he believes his father may have had an affair with his wife.
What happens to Christian that leads him to go from a totally put together man in this mobisode to a drunk and despondent man that ends up dying in Australia?

Stayed tuned for LOST mobisode reviews

I plan to review the new (and first!) LOST mobisode. Why don’t you check it out too. You can find it here.