M103 Hurley and Frogurt

In this episode Hurley speaks to Neil (Frogurt) about his impending date with Libby. It seems that Frogurt has caught Hurley red handed stealing a bottle of wine from Bernard’s tent. (The one he shares with his wife Rose). Frogurt thinks Hurley is a loser and is waiting for him to mess up so he can woo “sweet Libby” for himself.

This scene occurs shortly before Libby is accidental killed by Michael in the Hatch. Michael was releasing the prisoner (Henry Gale aka Ben Linus) from the Hatch’s armory in exchange for his son Walt. To do this he needed to get by Anna Lucia who was standing guard. He shot her and when Libby showed up unexpectedly he shot her also. Libby was there to pick up some blankets for her rendezvous with Hurley. She was shot and died the next day.

Why does Neil Frogurt think he can take over for Hurley and secure Libby. Do they know each other or did they have relationship before landing on the island?  Or is Frogurt overconfident due to his success in inventing/selling frozen yogurt?

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