M101 King of the Castle

In this mobisode Jack and Ben are playing a game of chess. Jack comments that is not strange that he is playing chess since his father taught him to play. Ben says he means that it is strange that the two (who were enemies) are sitting down to a civilized game of chess. Jack is waiting to leave the island as Ben promised during season 3. This scene occurred sometime prior to Locke blowing up the submarine that Jack and Juliet were planning on using to escape (with Ben’s permission). Ben says something very important to Jack “if you leave this island and you want to get back remember this conversation”. Hinting that Jack may not be able to get back to the island. Jack at the time, sees no reason to return to the island. But… we find out in the final episode of season 3 that he made a terrible mistake. He does escape the island (presumbly to be shown in season 4), and DOES want to get back. In fact, he is desperate to do so.

Jack and Ben playing chess is very apropos as both men are great tacticians. In fact they have been “playing” each other for a while now. Trying to outmaneuver the other. Jack wants to leave the island, Ben wants him to stay, so as not to alert the outside world to there presence. Plus Ben knows something Jack does not… there are other people searching for the island (mittelos maybe) and they are not friendly.

What is the final move that Ben makes? I assume it is checkmate, but it probably has even a deeper meaning. Click here to see what chess move Ben used at the end of the episode.

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