M110 The Deal

In this mobisode, Juliet meets Michael after an encounter with the Others as he agrees to free Ben from the Losties in return for his son Walt. Juliet has heard of the deal and she knows it is a good idea to get Walt off the island because “he is very smart and very special”. Michael wonders why he should believe her. She says she too made a deal with Ben, to save her sister, in return for her staying on the island. As Juliet leaves she mentions this list of people that Michael must bring from the Losties camp (in a meeting with the Others at the end of Season 2). Michael in disbelief of all that is happening to him, kicks the ground in frustration (but as we know, decides to go through with “the deal”).


  • These mobisodes may be used to create a new “edit” of LOST in the future. One that fills in the “missing pieces” or “scenes” in the show. I see an extended DVD in our future.
    It is nice to see Harold back again, he does a good job showing us how his character is a pawn in events beyond his control.
    Juliet seems unbelievably calm, as she usually is in all her interactions on the island.

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