M106 Operation Sleeper

In this mobisode, Juliet visits Jack to tell him she has been directed by Ben to infiltrate the camp to find any of the pregnant woman and to take them back to the Others. Jack believed that Juliet was one of them (the Losties) trying to escape the island. After the submarine exploded he saw the look of disappointment and knew she could be trusted. But Juliet infers it may not have been Locke who destroyed the sub (hinting it was Ben’s doing somehow). Juliet tells Jack she is tired of living Ben’s dream (to find a cure for why the pregnant women who stay on the island die – along with their babies) and that she saw Sun’s baby in a sonagram. She wants to save Sun and her baby but they only have a month to get her off the island.


  • Juliet believes that Ben had something to do with the sub blowing up. Did he manipulate Locke into doing it? Did they plan it together? Or maybe Jacob told Locke that someone was coming who would blow up the sub and Ben was supposed to let it happen.
  • This scene explains why Jack was so docile when the Losties were thinking that Juliet was a spy. He knew she was, but he also knew that Juliet had turned and was now willing to help them and stop helping Ben.
  • This scene occurs a day or so after Sun and Juliet visited the medical hatch a few episodes before the end of Season 2.

Watch “Operation Sleeper“.

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