Season 3 DVD Set Review – Lost Book Club

My favorite bits from the DVD set for Season 3. Part 1

Lost Book Club segment:

Carrie: That the main character in Stephen King’s book “Carrie” and Juliet have something in common; they both appear to be vulnerable but they can also commit some serious atrocities. For Carrie it was wiping out her classmates at the prom after they taunted her. For Juliet it was killing Picket without a warning to save Jack’s friends.

The 3rd Policeman: That the book is about redemption (like Lost) but is also told from the point of view of someone who is dead (purgatory?, let’s not go there!).

Charles Dickens: Wrote anthologies (weekly stories) in the newspaper and got primitive feedback from his audience through letters as the story progressed. Similar to how the Lost writers use the internet to get feedback leading to story directions. [Side note: Paulo and Nikki came about because the fans said they were interested in learning more about the background characters – do they regret this now I wonder?]

Sawyer’s books: Started with the easy fun ones ended up with the leftovers or difficult books like the Fountainhead. It is about a character named Roark who is similar to Sawyer. Roark believes in a philosophy of Objectivism which is “that the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness or “rational self-interest” (from wikipedia). Sure sounds like Sawyer, at least until he got to the island.

Wizard of Oz: References include “Henry Gale”, the baloon, The Man Behind the Curtain, and the person in the red sneakers (ruby slippers) who was crushed when building materials fell on him. Who is the wizard? Is it Ben or Jacob or someOne even greater?

Lord of the Flies: Not at all like Lost or is it? Who are the bad guys… the Others or is it really our Losties. At least Ben tried to warn them about Naomi’s group (who we think are now coming to kill them – see the season 4 trailer).

The Stand by Stephen King: A group of people survive a catastrophe and band together for one last stand against evil.

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