Season 3 DVD Set Review – Flashbacks

Part 2 of the DVD review… Here are some of the missing flashback scenes from Season 3 along with a brief analysis.

Locke: He returns to his commune to find that Eddie has arrested the “family” Locke had thought he inherited. Just minutes before this scene, Locke had allowed Eddie to escape his trap. After finding out that Eddie was an undercover cop sent to infiltrate the commune , he planned to kill Eddie but could not literally pull the trigger. Eddie told him he was not a killer. It is interesting that Colleen told Sun she was not a killer, right before Sun shot and killed her.

Jin: He showed up at Jae Lee’s funeral. So did Sun, who was saying goodbye to a man she had an inappropriate relationship with. The scene is very short and it just informs us that Jin did pay his respects to the family.

Nikki and Paulo: Nikki is shown right as the hatch implodes when Desmond turned the fail safe key at the end of season 2. Nikki is frightened when the sky turned purple and a loud “whirring” sound is heard. She runs to Claire and then Paulo for an explanation. The fear from this event makes her realize that she has been selfish all along (more interested in diamonds than people). She promises to make amends by being more friendly to both Paulo and the rest of the castaways. She later reneges on this promise in the “Expose” episode when she finds out that Paulo had found the diamonds she was looking for but was hiding it from her in order for it to not be a wedge between them. She is later buried alive with Paulo after both are paralyzed by spiders and presumed dead.

Mrs Hawking: Referred to by LindeCuse (not sure which one) that she is a temporal policeman – meaning she was sent to make sure whoever needed to be on Lost island made it there. In this case, she was telling Desmond that it was his destiny to get to Lost island and turn the fail safe key to save “us” (the world, I guess). She told this to Desmond years before the actual event happened.

Gary Troupe: In a commentary on Expose, it is pointed out that Gary Troupe is the person who is sucked into the wrecked airplane engine in the very first episode of Lost. This is a very obscure reference to an imaginary author who was writing on book on the Valenzetti equation when he died aboard flight 815. The Valenzetti equation is where we get the famous numbers that Hurley is known for and that keep showing up in unexpected places.

Jacob: In a commentary on “The Man Behind the Curtain” LindeCuse says that although some people thought they saw Locke (in makeup) sitting in Jacob’s chair, it was an actually a glimpse of another actor they have hired to play Jacob. And that we will see more of him in Season 4.

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