LOST Refresher

Okay, we are less than a one day away from the premiere of Season 4.

Here are some important things to remember about Season 3:

  • The Others and our Lostaways fought a war. The Losties won by killing most of the Others (in self defense). But they may have made a serious mistake.
  • A woman parachuted onto the island from a helicopter. Her name was Naomi, she said she came from a freighter just off-shore. She was able to get her sat phone working, which Jack then used to call the freighter.
  • Both Ben and Locke warned Jack not to call the freighter, because everyone on the island would be killed if he did. Locke killed Naomi to try and stop it from happening.
  • In a flash forward in time, Jack and Kate are now off the island (it is about 2.5 years later). Jack is a drugged out mess. He regrets his decision to leave the island.
  • He takes up flying Oceanic Airlines again, hoping to somehow return to the island. He flies every Friday hoping his long flights from LA to Sydney or Tokyo will crash like flight 815 did.
  • Jack shows Kate an obituary. A man they know has died. Jack shows up at his funeral but no one else attends. Kate tells Jack she doesn’t care about the dead man. Who is the man in the casket?
  • Jack calls out to Kate in desperation. “We should have never left the island, Kate, we need to go back, we have to go back!”.

If you missed the Season 3 finale, ABC will replay it this Wednesday a 8pm with a special enhanced version. And on Thursday, a new LOST episode airs at 9pm preceded by a recap show. LOST will then air 8 weeks of continuous new episodes every Thursday with more to come if the writers strike ends soon.

It looks to be a great season with lots of new adventures ahead!

New Prison Break Podcast

After more than a month a new Prison Break Podcast is now available!

Click here to get it.

Cloverfield Movie Review

No significant spoilers in this review.

While Cloverfield is not the best disaster or monster movie I have ever seen, it’s not half bad. It helps if you have a taste for hand held camera work. Some of the people with us got a bit woozy at all the herky-jerky camera motion. I have seen the Bourne movies and plenty of 24 episodes, so the camera work did not effect me too much.

The cast is likable enough but you never get to know them very well. There is some heroism on the part of the characters which helps bring some humanity into the proceedings.

A big plus to the movie is that I felt I was really there with them during the horrifying events that take place in and below the city. The special effects were all done expertly. The SFX brought me right into the action in sort of a Private Ryan sort of way. Another plus was the unexpected comedy of the video “cameraman” who makes smart alecky comments amidst the destruction. There are a few gross out moments which are a bit surprising because most of the deaths are “off-screen”.

If you like The Day After Tomorrow or The Host you may like this movie. I would definitely keep little kids away though (too scary and some profanity).

From a Lost fans perspective, Cloverfield has its mysteries (where did this “thing” come from?) but they are not resolved. And there are no overt Lost references that I really picked up on. Some of the LOST production team were involved in the making of, including Drew Goddard as writer, Kevin Blank as special effects supervisor and Bryan Burk as producer.

LOST Google Map

On find815.blogspot.com there is a map that includes all of the references to places on the show LOST as well as the new reality game find815.com. Check it out by putting your cursor over each location. You can even see where 815 (may) have crashed!  Or maybe where “they” want us to think it crashed.

Click the “view larger map” link below to examine the map.  Next click on the Sunda Trench entry found in the box to the left of the map.

View Larger Map

Lost Google Map screenshot

Lost, Cloverfield and JJ Abrams

With Cloverfield coming out in a few days, you might want to check out this 18 minute video of JJ Abrams speaking about Lost and why he is interested in creating entertaining mysteries.

Link to JJ Abrams talk about mysteries.

Buried Secrets and Artz and Crafts

The “Buried Secrets” mobisode shows Jin fishing and Sun trying to hide her fake California drivers license in the beach. She could have done this anytime or anywhere, but she picks broad daylight and digs a very shallow hole when Michael shows up looking for Vincent. Michael always seems to be shouting for Walt! or Vincent! when we see him. Anyway he figures out what Sun is doing and she tells him her secret… She was going to leave Jin to move to America but chickened out at the airport. Michael tells her it’s okay we are getting off the island anyway (he built a raft you know) and that she should just tell Jin and apologize. But Sun shakes her head. Michael gives her a hug and they look like they are about to kiss when Vincent shows up. Sun leaves and Michael looks confused (and so am I).

In “Artz and Crafts”, we see Dr. Arzt trying to convince the beach camp group of Jin, Sun, Hurley and Michael that it is a mistake to follow Jack to the caves. Arzt saw him crying about his daddy in the jungle, so why follow Jack? Anyway he yells at the Korean couple and tries to convince the others not to go to the caves when Smokey shows up. Why does Smokey lurk around near the beach anyway? And why when we get to Season 3 anyone (like Hurley for instance) can go across the island without worrying about Smokey at all? Anyway Dr. Arzt has a change of “heart”z and decides the caves are looking mighty good after all. Even if cave worms may lay their eggs in your ears when you sleep there.

All About LOST New Year Special

On this edition of All About LOST Jeremy and T.L.E. return with a vengeance with several special segments. Episode complete with LOST season 3 DVD review, what to look forward to in season 4 and lots of other fun segments.

MP3 File