Buried Secrets and Artz and Crafts

The “Buried Secrets” mobisode shows Jin fishing and Sun trying to hide her fake California drivers license in the beach. She could have done this anytime or anywhere, but she picks broad daylight and digs a very shallow hole when Michael shows up looking for Vincent. Michael always seems to be shouting for Walt! or Vincent! when we see him. Anyway he figures out what Sun is doing and she tells him her secret… She was going to leave Jin to move to America but chickened out at the airport. Michael tells her it’s okay we are getting off the island anyway (he built a raft you know) and that she should just tell Jin and apologize. But Sun shakes her head. Michael gives her a hug and they look like they are about to kiss when Vincent shows up. Sun leaves and Michael looks confused (and so am I).

In “Artz and Crafts”, we see Dr. Arzt trying to convince the beach camp group of Jin, Sun, Hurley and Michael that it is a mistake to follow Jack to the caves. Arzt saw him crying about his daddy in the jungle, so why follow Jack? Anyway he yells at the Korean couple and tries to convince the others not to go to the caves when Smokey shows up. Why does Smokey lurk around near the beach anyway? And why when we get to Season 3 anyone (like Hurley for instance) can go across the island without worrying about Smokey at all? Anyway Dr. Arzt has a change of “heart”z and decides the caves are looking mighty good after all. Even if cave worms may lay their eggs in your ears when you sleep there.

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