Cloverfield Movie Review

No significant spoilers in this review.

While Cloverfield is not the best disaster or monster movie I have ever seen, it’s not half bad. It helps if you have a taste for hand held camera work. Some of the people with us got a bit woozy at all the herky-jerky camera motion. I have seen the Bourne movies and plenty of 24 episodes, so the camera work did not effect me too much.

The cast is likable enough but you never get to know them very well. There is some heroism on the part of the characters which helps bring some humanity into the proceedings.

A big plus to the movie is that I felt I was really there with them during the horrifying events that take place in and below the city. The special effects were all done expertly. The SFX brought me right into the action in sort of a Private Ryan sort of way. Another plus was the unexpected comedy of the video “cameraman” who makes smart alecky comments amidst the destruction. There are a few gross out moments which are a bit surprising because most of the deaths are “off-screen”.

If you like The Day After Tomorrow or The Host you may like this movie. I would definitely keep little kids away though (too scary and some profanity).

From a Lost fans perspective, Cloverfield has its mysteries (where did this “thing” come from?) but they are not resolved. And there are no overt Lost references that I really picked up on. Some of the LOST production team were involved in the making of, including Drew Goddard as writer, Kevin Blank as special effects supervisor and Bryan Burk as producer.

3 Responses

  1. this movie is soo korny but very cool i know cuz its a biography from 1st person veiw but it could of been better i know it was his first movie he made but you know well bye

  2. perhaps the ‘overt’ lost references were from when the characters of cloverfield are talking about where this ‘monster’ came from. they then talk about how it might have been hiding in a deep ocean trench or something to that effect. this would somewhat tie into the current ‘find 815’ game and it’s involvement with the ‘sunda trench’. not too far of a stretch.

  3. the first person pov was the main reason I liked this movie.It gives you the feeling that you are there, but the rest of the movie was sort of crap.

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