LOST Refresher

Okay, we are less than a one day away from the premiere of Season 4.

Here are some important things to remember about Season 3:

  • The Others and our Lostaways fought a war. The Losties won by killing most of the Others (in self defense). But they may have made a serious mistake.
  • A woman parachuted onto the island from a helicopter. Her name was Naomi, she said she came from a freighter just off-shore. She was able to get her sat phone working, which Jack then used to call the freighter.
  • Both Ben and Locke warned Jack not to call the freighter, because everyone on the island would be killed if he did. Locke killed Naomi to try and stop it from happening.
  • In a flash forward in time, Jack and Kate are now off the island (it is about 2.5 years later). Jack is a drugged out mess. He regrets his decision to leave the island.
  • He takes up flying Oceanic Airlines again, hoping to somehow return to the island. He flies every Friday hoping his long flights from LA to Sydney or Tokyo will crash like flight 815 did.
  • Jack shows Kate an obituary. A man they know has died. Jack shows up at his funeral but no one else attends. Kate tells Jack she doesn’t care about the dead man. Who is the man in the casket?
  • Jack calls out to Kate in desperation. “We should have never left the island, Kate, we need to go back, we have to go back!”.

If you missed the Season 3 finale, ABC will replay it this Wednesday a 8pm with a special enhanced version. And on Thursday, a new LOST episode airs at 9pm preceded by a recap show. LOST will then air 8 weeks of continuous new episodes every Thursday with more to come if the writers strike ends soon.

It looks to be a great season with lots of new adventures ahead!

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