4.05 The Constant (Desmond)


Desmond is in a time maze just like Jack was in Season 3 when he said “call my Dad” even though Jack knew his Dad was dead in previous episodes.

The Constant is something you love, something you will always remember. Through space and time, gain and loss it is our love’s that we can’t seem to forget. So it is so for Desmond. He can’t forget his love for Penny.

Now if all this seems a bit weird, think about it. Many of us, myself included, have experienced Deja Vu from time to time. Deja Vu is a feeling (actually it’s a vivid memory) of something that has not happened yet. It’ s something we “remember” about the future.

So if this all seems a bit sci-fi for you, remember you may actually have experienced this Deja Vu for yourself. Kinda creepy, but nothing to be alarmed about.


The plot was pretty sparse so let me get right into the analysis. This episode focused in on Desmond’s time travel ability and how it “works”. Des’ flashes started in earnest after he was exposed to radiation from the hatch implosion. When he travels in the helo trip to the freighter he encounters and electrical storm, which triggers more flashes.

What’s really interesting is these don’t appear to be flashes at all. Des consciousness (his soul if you will) actually transports from his body in the present to his body in another time. The consciousness remembers what happened just before the transport.

For instance on the freighter Daniel tells Des to visit him at Oxford and gives him some important things to remember to tell him when he sees him in the future. He tells him about his device (set the frequency and remember Elinor – the lab rat).

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All About LOST eps 4.4 (Eggtown)

In this edition of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss eps 4.4 of Lost. Episode complete with recap, feedback/questions, and finally T.L.E. goes on the clock to end the show.

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4.04 Eggtown (Kate)

On the island:

Locke goes to visit Ben in his cell in the basement of Ben’s house. Locke gives him a couple of eggs to eat for breakfast telling him these are the last of the eggs. Locke asks Ben some questions but he won’t answer. Ben mocks Locke for coming to him for advice since he can’ t seem to reach Jacob any more. Locke slams the breakfast tray against the wall.

Kate and Claire share coffee when Sawyer comes up to talk. He is upset that Kate left the day before. He tries to make some amends, but she asks him to leave. She wants to talk to Miles so she cons Hurley into telling her that he is going to take breakfast to Miles at the boat house. She makes a deal with Miles. She will give him a minute with Ben, if Miles will answer her questions.

Kate questions Miles about her situation at home (ie off the island). Miles wants to meet Ben first. When they meet Miles makes Ben a deal. $3.2 M to say he is dead (he will have to take care of Charlotte too). Miles knows Ben is rich and powerful. He treats Kate and the losties as stooges. Kate breaks up the meeting ,but gets her answer. Miles knows all about her being a fugitive for killing her stepdad, and getting caught in Australia. Locke catches them as they are leaving Ben’s cell. He orders Kate to leave the barracks. She goes to Sawyer to tell him. They spend a night together. In the morning Sawyer and Kate talk about a family. Sawyer does not want one, but maybe Kate does. She gets mad at him after he tells her she will be back once she gets mad at Jack. She slaps him and leaves Sawyer (maybe for good) to return to the beach. Locke has Miles tied up again in the boat house. Locke has learned their must be punishment for those he break his rules. He puts a granade in Miles mouth (probably fake) and tells him to keep holding the trigger in his mouth and then leaves Miles to consider his fate.

Miles and Charlotte play some kind of mind reading game (similar to a scene from ghostbuster by the way) Miles is disappointed that he only guesses two out of three cards.

Jack tries all day to call the freighter. He gets Charlotte to use the emergency frequency. Regina on the freighter says that the helicopter has not arrived even though it left hours ago. What happened to those on board like Sayid and Desmond?

Flash forward:

Kate gets out of a car. A man who is his lawyer tells her it is okay to go straight into the courthouse. She is being arraigned for what she did. The court decides to lock her up without bail. Her mom is the star witness, she will testify against Kate. Her lawyer urges her to take a deal 8 years for 4 years. Kate won’ t take it. She meets her mom. She decides not to testify against Kate because it has been 4 years since the incident and she has had a change of heart. Her mom wants to see Kate’s son. Kate says no.

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All About LOST eps 4.3 (The Economist)

In this episode of All About LOST T.L.E. and Jeremy discuss episode 4.3 of Lost. Episode complete with feedback, recap, thoughts/questions and T.L.E. goes on the clock.

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4.03 The Economist (Sayid)

As our castaways maneuver to either stay on the island or leave it, one of them makes a desperate decision…. protect your friends by helping your enemy. Sayid helps both the dangerous freighter folks and another expected person in a flash forward. A key line he says to Ben foreshadows this… “The day I start trusting him, is the day I sell my soul”.

Sayid on the island:
We see Sayid praying as the episode starts. His attention is drawn to the dead Naomi. As he goes to searches her personal effects he finds two things: 1) a necklace that says “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G”, and 2) a picture of Penny and Desmond. He shows the picture to Jack and Juliet and they decide to send her to get Des on the beach and bring him back to see if he knows why Naomi came for him. Sayid then decides he needs to get off the island and so makes a deal with the helo pilot; if he brings Charollotte back safe and sound, he will get a free ride to the freighter. Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte (more on that later) and gets his ride on the helo. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets there.

Sayid in flash forward(Golf course):
Sayid is playing golf in the Seychelles. when a man in a cart drives up and bets him he can’t make a good shot with a 7 iron, he needs a 5 iron instead the man says. The man questions Sayid and he admits he got a large cash settlement from being one of the Oceanic 6. When the man tries to leave quickly without even collecting his “winnings”, Sayid reaches into his golf bag, says the man’s name “Mr. Avellino” and shoots the man dead, leaving him there with the sprinklers running.

Sayid in the flash forward (Berlin):
We see Sayid enter a restaurant. He pretends he is looking for directions when he meets a beautiful girl who says her name is Elsa. (Elsa was the name of Indy’s girlfriend/Nazi spy in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade). She pretends to recognize Sayid and he will give her identity if she will agree to meet him for dinner which begins a week long love affair, or so we think. She says she works for an Economist (the title) and that she buys things for him. Sayid and Elsa prepare for a date at the Opera. She wonders who is he boss, but he won’t tell her. Sometime later they are sharing some intimate time together when she says she loves him. Sayid says it is time for no more secrets, he will answer her questions. Just then her pager rings, it is the Economist. Sayid’s target has identified himself. Elsa acts betrayed when he tells her to leave Berlin because questions will be asked when her boss is dead. She pretends to be hurt that he used her. But she used him also, to try to find out who he worked for. She shoots him in the shoulder. Reluctantly leaving him alive per the bosses instruction. As Sayid lays wounded, he throws something at a mirror distracting Elsa enough so he can grab his (loaded) gun and shoot her. He looks at her sadly as she dies. She is wearing a similar bracelet to the one we saw Naomi wearing. Sayid is seen next in a vet hospital. He sits down as a “doctor” starts tending his wounded shoulder. He says he has another name, another person for Sayid to kill. Looks like Ben has been making lists again. Sayid says they know he is after them now. Ben says “good”. Being as Ben is one of the “good guys” that is an apropos thing to say.

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All about Lost eps 4.2 (Confirmed Dead)

On this episode of All about Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss episode 4.2 of Lost. Episode complete with recap, feedback, questions, T.L.E. goes on the clock and a Find815.com recap.

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