4.01 The Beginning of the End (Hurley)

Beginning of the End refers to Ben’s prediction from last season’s finale that calling the freighter would bring about death for all of those who remain on the island. It is an interesting title, it is the first time that I can remember that a title did not refer to a book (the looking glass, tale of two cities) or a particular character (what Kate did) or characters (man of science, man of faith – Jack/Locke).
This title refers to where we are in the story of LOST. The beginning of the end (in other words we have reached the mid point of our story. From here on out the action should pick up considerably and the questions posed in the past will start to be answered.

This episode is about the decisions that people make to protect themselves. In the flash forward Hurley decided he was safer going back to the mental hospital than living in the real world. It is a bit depressing because Hurley seemed to conquer his fears on the island (as symbolized by the cannonball he said he had always wanted to do and finally did). But now he was back in Santa Rosa and his visions of imaginary people have returned. But more on that in the recap.

Kate chooses to help Jack as always even though her paramour Sawyer leaves her to join with Locke’s group. We see Kate doing some island tracking again. It makes me wonder more than ever if Kate has been to the island before. She never seems to lose her sense of direction on the island.

And Jack begins to have some doubts about his leadership skills, but not enough doubt to call off the freighter rescue. Which looks less and less like a rescue after all….

We see a man pouring a glass of OJ while watching a high speed chase in LA. (The OJ is subtle reference to that actual chase of OJ Simpson a few years ago). The man is Jack and he appears to have just come home from work. He is somewhat clean shaven and wearing a suit.
We see a stack of fruit (oranges, mangoes) that we think is on the island but is actually set in front of picture of the ocean. The fruit is destroyed when a red hot rod car plows through it. We see the high speed chase up close. Finally the police stop the man. I thought it could be Kate, because we know she is off the island, but if I would have remembered back to Hurley’s love of hot rod cars, I should have known it was him. The police arrest him but Hurley seeks leniency reminding them that he is part of the famous Oceanic 6.

We next see Hurley being questioned in LA by anna lucia’s cop partner. It is interesting that they bring him into the story after not even mentioning Anna during the recap show which aired right before this episode. The cop wants to know why Hurley bolted out of the convenience store. The video shows him looking in horror at something in there and then knocking over things in his haste to leave. This is what started the high speed chase and his arrest. Hurley will not tell the cop anything. The cop refers to Hurley’s celebrity status not giving him any special privileges. Hurley and the rest of the Oceanic survivors are apparently considered heroes. But we still only know 3 of the 6 people who may be famous (being Hurley Jack and Kate).

Hurley sees a vision of water flooding the interrogation room, which refers to Charlie’s death in the Looking Glass station. Apparently Hurley has Charlie on his mind. The detective hears Hurley’s cries for help and says he will send him back to the mental institution if he does not calm down, but that is exactly where Hurley wants to go. He feels safe there.

On the island Hurley does the aforementioned cannonball when he hears the news that rescue is on the way. The beach group of Sawyer, Jin Bernard, Sayid and Juliet wait for Des and Charlie, but only Des returns to tell them that Charlie is dead and that the freighter that is coming for them is not from Penny. They decide not to warn Jack by walkie as they are worried the communications are being monitored. So they start the trek towards our other group of Losties who are near the radio tower.

The radio tower group has just seen Jack call for rescue and Locke who tried to stop him is gone. Naomi lies “dead” with a knife in her back. The freighter calls back asking for Naomi to change the frequency (is might also a secret code) so they can hone in on their location. Jack lies and says she is getting firewood. Ben tells the French chick to get Alex out of their because they are all in danger. He refers to Alex as his daughter and gets an elbow in the face from Danielle. Jack and Kate notice that Naomi is gone. She is not dead after all. Kate finds her tracks but for some reason Jack says he will track her down and Kate is to go towards the beach to the rescue point. Kate agrees, but instead takes the sat phone from Jack and locates Naomi who is hiding in a tree. She sure has a lot a strength for a nearly dead person. I think the island is healing her because she is not a threat, but later when she grabs Kate and changes the frequency the island stops healing her and she dies. Her last words to the freighter, “tell her sister she loves her”.

Back to Hurley in the future. He is locked up in Santa Rosa but he is having a great time there with his friends when a visitor shows up. He says he is from Oceanic and wants to settle with him. But really he has come to question Hurley about the survivors still on the island. Are they still alive he asks. Hurley figures out the trap and calls for help. The man leaves quickly.

Now we see Hurley playing outside when another visitor is there. He is staring at Hurley and the man starts walking towards Hurley. It is his old friend Charlie. Is his mind playing tricks on him. Charlie is dead. But now we know what spooked Hurley in the convenience store he saw Charlie. Charlie tries to tell him something but Hurley won’t believe it. Charlie tells him he is dead, but he is there anyway to warn Hurley. Hurley believes it is the island calling him back.

Back on the island Hurley has gotten lost. He finds Jacob’s cabin. Jacob is hosting a visitor. Our guess is that it’s Locke. Hurley is freaked out when a man in the cabin looks at Hurley. He runs but his running leads him back to Jacob’s cabin. He closes his eyes and the cabin is gone, but Locke is standing over him.

The two groups meet up near the cockpit location from Season 1. Hurley breaks the news to Claire that Charlie is dead. Locke tells everyone he meant to help them all not to harm them. Jack refuses to believe it. Saying Locke dashed all their hope of rescue including killing Naomi. Kate returns to tell them that the sat phone frequency is changed and the rescuers can now find them. Hurley will not be rescued. He believes his friend Charlie’s message that it is not Penny’s boat coming to rescue them. Des is silent since he convinced Charlie to turn off the Looking Glass frequency blocker. Locke will lead people back to the Barracks if they will join him. Hurley spurns Jack and goes with Locke so does Claire and pretty much all the beach folks including Sawyer. Kate wonders what he is doing Sawyer says “surviving” like I always do”. Kate stays with Jack. She does not always believe or even trusts Jack judgement but she wants to be with him even in danger. That’s why I love Kate.

Back to the future. Hurley is playing some hoops alone when another visitor comes. It is Jack. He saw Hurley on the news. He is worried about him, but also he is worried that Hurley will not keep the secret that has allowed them to live in LA. I am guessing Hanso wants to keep the island and what happened there a secret if they tell Hanso will kill them. Hurely apologizes to Jack for going with Locke. Jack accepts his apology. But Hurley has another message for Jack. After seeing Charlie “alive” after he was dead he realizes that the island is calling them back. Jack refuses to believe it. He will never go back, or so he says. But we know from the flashforward with Kate in Season 3 he later becomes desperate to go back.

To wrap things up for this episode. A storm begins to rain down on the cockpit group of Losties. kate and Jack reminisce about the time they came to this spot way back in season 1. It was their first adventure on the island and now rescue is coming. They think they hear lightning but it is the rescue helicopter. It drops a man into the jungle they run to him. The man takes off his helmet. He asks are you Jack? End

Does Jack seem to have a vague recollection of the helicopter rescue man?
Who are the other 3 people that got off the island and are part of the famous Oceanic 6?
What did Hanso say or do that keeps Hurely and Jack from revealing the true events of their stay on the island?
What did Locke learn from Jacob when he visited his cabin?
Where is Kate in LA (probably will be an upcoming episode)?
Will the barracks protect Locke’s group of survivors?
Which side is Desmond on?
How did the freighter group find the island if Penny did not send them?
Will Charlie be the new “Dave” to guide Hurley in his visions?
How did Hurley become rescued when he is with Locke’s group?

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