All About LOST eps 4.1 (Beginning of the End)

In this edition of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss the season premiere of Season 4 of Lost. Episode complete with Mobisode wrap up, recap, questions/thoughts, T.L.E. goes on the clock, and to conclude the show a Cloverfieled review.

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4 Responses

  1. that is a clip in slow motion of hurley looking through jacobs window. the eye looks like mikails…
    please check it out.

    great podcast by the way:) of lost and prison break

  2. Sorry but the Crapitals are coming on strong and Ovi is the Mac Daddy of all Hokcey players.


  3. Okay I gave you guys a chance and your better then the other ” lost ” podcast that I listenened to last year..

    Two questions and then a theory ..

    Why did Kate steal Jack’s phone and why wasn’t Jack bothered by this ???

    Last season Juliet ended the season with giving Jack a kiss and in the season premier she goes with Ben’s and Locke and Hurley’s group ???

    How about this for a theory ??? Who ever staged the plane crash of oceanic is the same group who don’t want these survivors ever be found …

  4. Hey guys

    That was a good episode, but I feel sooo sorry for Hurley!

    I was totally confused about the house/Hurley/rocking chair thing, was it in his imagination? I guess that’s the magic of lost!

    It was great to see Charlie (with a haircut which actually looks nice!) but it is such a shame that he won’t be in it anymore.

    Also, that part in the interrogation room when he sees the water, how does he know how Charlie actually dies to see it? He wasn’t there!

    Any more thoughts on who may have been in that coffin from the last episode from last year? If 6 survived, we know it was Jack, Kate and Hurley for definate but I can only guess that Juliette would have upset Jack enough to cry but maybe have no visitors when she died. I can’t really think of any other lostees that he would have been really close to.

    I wonder what changes Jack’s mind in regards to going back to the island like Hurley said?

    I have a little theory, I think one by one, each ‘survivor’ will have misfortune which will remind them of who and what they left behind and the only way (they think) to get rid of their ‘bad luck’ is to go back – what do you guys think? (Crappy? Probably!)

    last bit…

    Just want to say I agree with Jeremy, this episode was a bit disapointing to be a Hurley one especially as we waited soooo long for the season to return. Bring on Friday!!!!


    p.s still loving the podcast! 🙂

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