The FIND story line follows the character of Sam Thomas who is heartbroken over the loss of his partner Sonya a flight attendant who disappeared along with Oceanic Flight 815. To make matters worse Sam was ready to propose to Sonya after an eight year courtship and had purchased a diamond engagement ring.

We first see Sam as he speaks to the news media about the resumption of Oceanic Air flights which were suspended after 815 went down. He is frustrated and vows to continue the search for the passengers and Sonya even though Oceanic has given up the search. After the media interview of Sam airs, he receives a strange message from a “friend” of Sonya’s who actually is sending him a coded picture with references to the Sunda trench, the Christiane I, and Black Rock. Sam is an IT technician for Oceanic, at least he was, until he complained about the company when it abandoned the search.

Oceanic begins it’s advertising campaign by placing billboards in select cities throughout the world. The billboards are placed in the towns associated with some of the main characters of LOST. List of billboards:

– Los Angeles, CA (Jack) – Tustin, CA (Locke) – Ames, IA (Kate) – Miami, FL(Juliet) – New York, NY (Michael) – Portland, OR (Ben) – Knoxville, TN(Sawyer) – Seoul, South Korea (Sun) – Sydney, Australia (Claire)

Sam finds out that Christiane I is a freighter docked in Jakarta, so he gets a plane ticket out and finds his way on board. He convinces the captain to bring him on the crew when he demonstrates his electronics skills. He meets a man names Talbot who distrusts Sam. Sam finds many clues on the ship, including the coordinates to Black Rock. Use the chart plotter he finds the location of Black Rock, near the Sunda trench.

It turns out the Maxwell group is trying to find the location of an old slave ship called the Black Rock and are using Captain Magnus Hanso’s log book to locate it.

After searching for some time and experiencing some strange phenonena including the “southern lights” aurora astralis. They detect something on sonar. They then send down an ROV to explore the ocean floor looking for the sunkeon vessel. But Sam who is driving the ROV finds something else instead, it’s the wreckage a downed airplane. It’s flight 815 found four miles underwater in the Sunda trench, just as Naomi had said to our still alive Oceanic survivors.

Sam returns home dejected at finding what he believes to be the final resting place of his beloved Sonya. As he watches a news video of Talbot explaining the strange coincidence of Sam discovering the wreck, a look of realization crosses Sam’s face. Was he “chosen” to find the wreck in order to serve as pawn of the cover up of the real whereabouts of Oceanic flight 815?






Sunda Trench

3 Responses

  1. hi. i did not know where to leave my comment of episode 402. i hope here is good 🙂

    so, did you guys like the episode? when hurley said that ‘the cabin was that way’, locke and ben gave him a really bad look…maybe he is special, like locke…

    anyway, on last weeks show, you were talking about the mobisodes. in mobisode 13, we saw jacks dad, christian shepherd. he was wearing white shoes. also, the name of the actor of christian shepherd was credited at the beginning of the episode. they man in jacobs chair was also wearing white shoes. where else did we see christian sheperd in this episode? this has been on my mine since last week. anyway, thats my theory…

    is this rumor that the strike is over true? i hope it is 🙂

    also, that car that hurley was driving is the one that he had fixed with his dad as i just checked.

    i really appreciate it that you guys make this podcast! it is really entertaining. my favourite thing about it is that you read nearly all our listener feedback. are you brothers? when i asked this question some time ago, you told me to watch the video podcast, which i did….

    anyway, i think ben is such a good character. michael emerson does an amazing job. i think its michael emerson… correct me if im wrong. he is my favourite character.. who are your favourite characters?

    what exactly did ben mean at the end when he said i have a man on their boat? i did not really get that.

    does the korean/cinese/japanese guy talk to dead bodies? that is so cool!
    the older man, the pilot of the helicopter, he said that he was supposed to be on oceanic 815…. and how/why did naomi think that there might be survivors of oceanic 815… do you think they knew anything about the false plane at the bottom of the ocean.. (if it is not the real oceanic 815 plane, as you can never know with lost)

    thanks, chiara

  2. hi again,

    is it possible that each one of “the oceanic 6” get visions/haunted or whatever by a survivor who died on the island, and then wants to go back to the island? hurley and jack both start acting wierd- hurley did not seem too bad, but it was only the second vision he had of charlie. maybe jack starts getting visions of someone, and then he became an alcoholic and a drug addict… just a thought… please tell me what you think


  3. that is a picture of christian in jacobs chair

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