4.03 The Economist (Sayid)

As our castaways maneuver to either stay on the island or leave it, one of them makes a desperate decision…. protect your friends by helping your enemy. Sayid helps both the dangerous freighter folks and another expected person in a flash forward. A key line he says to Ben foreshadows this… “The day I start trusting him, is the day I sell my soul”.

Sayid on the island:
We see Sayid praying as the episode starts. His attention is drawn to the dead Naomi. As he goes to searches her personal effects he finds two things: 1) a necklace that says “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G”, and 2) a picture of Penny and Desmond. He shows the picture to Jack and Juliet and they decide to send her to get Des on the beach and bring him back to see if he knows why Naomi came for him. Sayid then decides he needs to get off the island and so makes a deal with the helo pilot; if he brings Charollotte back safe and sound, he will get a free ride to the freighter. Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte (more on that later) and gets his ride on the helo. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets there.

Sayid in flash forward(Golf course):
Sayid is playing golf in the Seychelles. when a man in a cart drives up and bets him he can’t make a good shot with a 7 iron, he needs a 5 iron instead the man says. The man questions Sayid and he admits he got a large cash settlement from being one of the Oceanic 6. When the man tries to leave quickly without even collecting his “winnings”, Sayid reaches into his golf bag, says the man’s name “Mr. Avellino” and shoots the man dead, leaving him there with the sprinklers running.

Sayid in the flash forward (Berlin):
We see Sayid enter a restaurant. He pretends he is looking for directions when he meets a beautiful girl who says her name is Elsa. (Elsa was the name of Indy’s girlfriend/Nazi spy in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade). She pretends to recognize Sayid and he will give her identity if she will agree to meet him for dinner which begins a week long love affair, or so we think. She says she works for an Economist (the title) and that she buys things for him. Sayid and Elsa prepare for a date at the Opera. She wonders who is he boss, but he won’t tell her. Sometime later they are sharing some intimate time together when she says she loves him. Sayid says it is time for no more secrets, he will answer her questions. Just then her pager rings, it is the Economist. Sayid’s target has identified himself. Elsa acts betrayed when he tells her to leave Berlin because questions will be asked when her boss is dead. She pretends to be hurt that he used her. But she used him also, to try to find out who he worked for. She shoots him in the shoulder. Reluctantly leaving him alive per the bosses instruction. As Sayid lays wounded, he throws something at a mirror distracting Elsa enough so he can grab his (loaded) gun and shoot her. He looks at her sadly as she dies. She is wearing a similar bracelet to the one we saw Naomi wearing. Sayid is seen next in a vet hospital. He sits down as a “doctor” starts tending his wounded shoulder. He says he has another name, another person for Sayid to kill. Looks like Ben has been making lists again. Sayid says they know he is after them now. Ben says “good”. Being as Ben is one of the “good guys” that is an apropos thing to say.

On the Island:
Locke treks toward Jacob’s cabin with Ben and Charlotte in tow. But when they get there the cabin is gone, which makes sense since Hurley saw it in another location. Locke decides to go on to the barracks, but not before Hurley questions his authority. For some unknown reason Jack sends Kate with Sayid. Is he saying he trusts Kate now on her own or is he just being stupid by putting her in jeopardy. Jack tells her Sawyer will keep her safe from Locke, but who is going to keep her safe from Sawyer? Anyway they find Hurley tied up in Juliet’s house. They question Hurley, who knows already about the freighter group but does not know why Locke tied him up or where they all went. They investigate Ben’s house where Sayid finds a secret room with fake passports and foreign money (Bourne identity anyone?). Kate is trapped as Sawyer shows up and then Sayid is trapped also. Hurley has set them all with the fake prisoner routine. What happened to the honest Hurley we used to like? He tricked Sawyer and now he does the same to his friends Kate and Sayid.

Interesting experiment:
Daniel uses a watch and a homing beacon to retrieve a rocket sent from the ship. The interesting part is the rocket does not get there, at least not in real time. It takes an additional 31 minutes 18 seconds to arrive. What is weird is that the freighter thinks it has arrived on target. Where did it go for those 31 minutes. Did Daniel suspect this was going to happen? He tells the helo pilot Frank to be sure he follows the correct heading with no deviations, otherwise he too could be caught up in… what…. a time warp?

Escape from the island:
Sayid and Ben are both “locked” up in the rec room so that Locke can question them. Sayid makes a deal, give me Charlotte and I will find out what is going on at the freighter. So Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte, returns to the helo and takes off with Frank, and dead Naomi.


  • How did Sayid know that his golf betting body was his enemy?
  • What is up with the bracelet ? Are Naomi and Elsa wearing the same one? What does the inscription mean “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G? Why does Sayid see pairs of cats and bracelets on and off the island?
  • Did the cabin really change locations? If so it defeated the line of ash around it, which some thought was there to keep Jacob from leaving there.
  • Why is Jack so uncaring about Kate? One minute he says he loves her, the next he sends her to be with his rival even though Kate has voluntarily decided to stay with Jack.
  • Why is Hurley willing to go along with this con in pretending he was tied up and left behind?
  • How did Ben get his torturer, Sayid, agree to use him as an assassin? Who is Ben trying to get rid of (he is not an Economist says Sayid)?
  • How did Ben and Sayid get off the island?
  • What does Ben mean when he tells Sayid to remember what “they” did the “last time you followed your heart instead of your gun?

3 Responses

  1. when’s the podcast coming out?

  2. Chiara,
    We should be working on it today. Jeremy is still a bit under the weather. Also, we might have worked on it yesterday afternoon, but he is a big NASCAR fan and wanted to watch the Daytona 500.

    By the way, thanks for all your great comments. Hopefully we will have the LOST podcast out before we watch the finale of Prison Break tonight.


  3. thanks very much! i look forward to listening to it!
    get well soon jeremy!
    enjoy prison break!

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