4.05 The Constant (Desmond)


Desmond is in a time maze just like Jack was in Season 3 when he said “call my Dad” even though Jack knew his Dad was dead in previous episodes.

The Constant is something you love, something you will always remember. Through space and time, gain and loss it is our love’s that we can’t seem to forget. So it is so for Desmond. He can’t forget his love for Penny.

Now if all this seems a bit weird, think about it. Many of us, myself included, have experienced Deja Vu from time to time. Deja Vu is a feeling (actually it’s a vivid memory) of something that has not happened yet. It’ s something we “remember” about the future.

So if this all seems a bit sci-fi for you, remember you may actually have experienced this Deja Vu for yourself. Kinda creepy, but nothing to be alarmed about.


The plot was pretty sparse so let me get right into the analysis. This episode focused in on Desmond’s time travel ability and how it “works”. Des’ flashes started in earnest after he was exposed to radiation from the hatch implosion. When he travels in the helo trip to the freighter he encounters and electrical storm, which triggers more flashes.

What’s really interesting is these don’t appear to be flashes at all. Des consciousness (his soul if you will) actually transports from his body in the present to his body in another time. The consciousness remembers what happened just before the transport.

For instance on the freighter Daniel tells Des to visit him at Oxford and gives him some important things to remember to tell him when he sees him in the future. He tells him about his device (set the frequency and remember Elinor – the lab rat).

Similarly when Elinor is exposed to a certain radiation she remembers what she was taught in the future, i.e. how to run through the maze. Elinor ends up dead though, and the reason is that the mind can withstand all the back and forth in time thing. It needs a reference (something that is Constant) to let the mind know that there is something to hold on to, something familiar.

Of course when Des has the flashes he momentarily does not know where he is, who is around him, or how he got there. It is apparent now why Des got kicked out the Army. It’s hard to follow orders when your mind is somewhere else! (literally).

It also appears you can’t take anything with you on the time journey. When Des wrote down Dan’s instructions on his hand they disappeared when he showed up in England.

Penny is distressed also. She loves Desmond but can’t settle down with someone who is always so confused. She believes he is a coward, but maybe Desmond senses that he would be burden on those who love him and that is why he is constantly running away.

Mr. Widmore makes an appearance also. It is interesting that he says he does not hate Desmond (but Penny instead). Widmore was bidding on the manuscript of Capt Magnus Hanso, which played a part in the find815 game. It was this manuscript that led the Christiane I to what they thought would be the Black Rock ship. Instead they found the apparently faked wreckage of flight 815.

Des also meets a fellow time traveller. It’s Minkowski the radio operator on the freighter. Now we know why Minkowski can’t come to the phone, they have locked him up in sick bay thinking he has gone mad.

All in all another great Lost episode.


Are other folks on the island experiencing Desmond’s “symptoms” of time mazing? I already mentioned Jack and his Dad, who else may have time mazed?

How did Penny contact the boat? When we saw her she was at home in England. Minkowsky said she had called for Des a number of times. Any thoughts on that?

How did Said fix the phone so fast? When I call England I dial 01 44 before the number. Did he do that all that number pushing?

Penny waited for Des for eight years.., what a girl! I like Pen a lot.

Suggested reading:

Time and Again – by Jack Finney

from the Midwest Book Review
Blend mystery and science fiction with a romance which travels through time and you have a haunting story of a man transported back in time to fall in love with a beautiful woman of yesteryear.

2 Responses

  1. God this episode was so great tonight. And, even though it’s cheesy, i really hope Penny and Desmond find each other again…

  2. A couple of my crazy theories:

    I think there’s going to be a big reveal that Jack’s dad is going to be alive. Whether it’s because he was never dead (Jack was delusional) or because the island somehow brought him back, I don’t know. I think that when he said his dad was upstairs in the flash forward, his dad was really upstairs.

    Jack’s dad was seen walking through the jungle in season 1 by jack but thought to be a hallucination. Hurley saw him in Jacob’s house. The producers have said that the last two of the Oceanic 6 are going to be more of a surprise so what if he is one of the 6? What if he was only figuratively ‘dead’ in Jack’s eyes? What if he was truly a passenger on the plane? I would love to find out that he is alive and see flashbacks of what’s been going on with him.

    Here’s my next crazy theory. Ben’s contact on the ship is going to be Ben himself. I’d like to put out the theory that there are multiple clones of Ben and the Ben is Sayid’s flash forward is different from the Ben on the island. Each one of the passports were potentially from a different version of Ben.

    In the Orchid station video there were two of the same rabbit. What was going on with Eloise the mouse still didn’t address this. It’s probably tied together with Faraday’s later expiriments but hasn’t been answered yet. Maybe somehow Faraday was unintentionally making copies when he was doing his expiriments. I don’t know. It’s just fun to think about.

    Topeka, kS

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