All About LOST eps 4.5 (The Constant)

On this episode of all About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss episode 4.5 of Lost. Episode complete with episode analysis, feedback/questions, and T.L.E. goes on the clock.

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  1. Great episode – as always. And out early as well. Thanks guys.

    I’d like to throw out a couple of things about Claire. First, I think she could be one of the Oceanic Six. Most people have now assumed that she’s dead or still on the island since Kate is raising Aaron as her own but follow this:
    1) Desmond said Claire and Aaron leave the island in a helicopter
    2) Claire gets caught in a time maze (at first I was thinking this is what killed her because Aaron would logically be her constant and wouldn’t exist in the past. She could still die but that’s not as interesting.)
    3) Claire goes crazy because of the time maze and gets locked up at the same mental institution Hurley is at.

    Since the producers said they were going to surprise us with the last two of the Oceanic Six, that would do it. I think pretty much everyone is assuming she’s dead. I predict episode 8 will be a Claire episode with flash forwards that will confuse the heck out of everybody at first.

    Also, I’d like to say before next week’s episode airs that I will be really disappointed if they try to make Juliet one of the six. I think assuming someone’s identity from that flight would be really hard to do. Everybody on that plane would have a passport photo on file that would be easily referenced once back to civilization.

  2. and….
    I liked the comparison to Journey to the Center of the Earth. Once we found out that time is moving differently on the island, I’ve been trying to figure out why. I know that there’s a part of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that says that the higher the gravity, the slower time will move.

    I didn’t figure there would be enough gravity here on earth to make 30 seconds seem like 30 minutes like what happened with the payload so I figured the island would have to be close to a black hole. That would explain why Michael needed to sail in a particular direction and why the helicopter also needed to follow an exact bearing. Go in the wrong direction and you’re screwed.

    Since the producers probably aren’t going to have a black hole, the center of the earth would have stronger gravity as well. I don’t think the gravity would be strong enough to shift time that much but it would be easier for the show to handle. That would also explain why there is so much importance placed on the directions people are heading. Also, if there were multiple opening to get to the center, that would explain how the different ships/planes arrived from different locations. (I think the wormhole idea ranks up there with my black hole idea and is something the show wouldn’t do.)

    They could also relate this back to a flat earth theory from the middle ages. Early explorers could possibly have been falling into the Earth instead of off the Earth.

  3. and….
    I was glad to hear that you don’t want Michael to be the one on the boat. My friends that get into lost all assume it’s going to be Michael but it’s not going to be much of a reveal to anyone that’s into the show. I understand the logic and that will probably be the case, but that would totally suck.

    It’s going to be someone we know otherwise it wouldn’t be such a secret.

    It needs to be someone like:
    Penny’s Dad
    Ben (clone)
    The Dharma Scientist Guy (what’s his name)
    Juliet’s sister
    Richard Alpert
    Christian Shepherd
    Steven King
    George W. Bush

    Anyone but Michael.

    It probably will be him and he will be one of the Oceanic Six. That would be enough of a surprise to people theorizing about the six but it will still suck.

  4. Ok, I thought I posted this. Maybe I did and it was deleted. Maybe I didn’t but thought I did because I’m in a time maze.

    I was so glad to hear that you’re against the idea of Michael being on the boat. That is going to be so lame and anti-climatic for the fans. It’s only the light viewers that will be shocked. First off, he probably is the one and will be one of the Oceanic Six which is something I haven’t heard said yet. (Maybe it’s out there, but the only other podcast I listen to is the ‘official’ podcast. I tried a few other podcasts last year and didn’t enjoy them as much. I also don’t read the fansites. I prefer to come up with crazy theories all on my own.) Anyway, that could be part of the ‘shocking’ value of the final two of the Oceanic Six.

    So, my picks for the last two Oceanic Six are Claire (as I posted earlier) and Michael.

    I’d like for them to reveal Ben’s contact on the boat in the next episode but don’t think it will happen until episode 7. Here’s who I’d prefer to see over Michael as Ben’s contact:
    Ben (clone)
    Christian Shepherd
    Juliet’s sister
    Penny’s dad (although he’s not a freighter type of guy)
    The Dharma video scientist guy whats-his-name
    Hurley’s mom
    One of the Desperate Housewives
    Howie Mandel
    George W. Bush

    Pretty much anyone other than Michael. If/when it’s revealed to be Michael, that will suck.

  5. hey guys

    just a quick one today about the last episode ‘The Constant’, it reminded me of the Matrix a lot!! I mean it was like the island was real life and the flashes were like the matrix world, do you agree?

    Also do you think the tatoos on the guys arm (on the boat) meant anything?

    Until next time


    p.s Jeremy your British/Scottish accents are rubbish but you are great on the podcast and don’t let anyone say otherwise!

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