4.06 The Other Woman (Juliet)

I thought this episode was a big let down from last weeks cool Desmond/Penny story, but it did answer a few questions….

  • We know why Juliet fell for Goodwin (not important to me).
  • We know why Ben was out of the book club (he sent Goodwin to his death).
  • We know how the island gets its power, actually “where” it gets it’s power. I am still not sure how it generated the power but toxic gas must have been an output.
  • We know who sent the freighter to the island (important, but since we guessed this already, not climatic). It was Mr. Widmore Penny’s dad, who wants to control the island’s healing properties for profit – at least that is what Ben says.
  • We know that Dan and Charlotte had a mission to keep Ben from gassing any invaders on the island.
  • We also know that Ben somehow knew this (from Michael or Miles from the boat probably) and he sent some unknown character (Harper) to get Juliet to stop them.
  • We know that Jack can’t decide between Kate and Juliet (loves the one, but kisses the Other, nice play on words there too!).
  • We know that Ben is as creepy in love as he is in war.

But overall I did not like the episode that much. More on that later….


The Other Woman refers both to Juliet’s being an Other and her relationship with Harper’s husband Goodwin. We see Juliet being interviewed by her therapist, Harper. We first think Juliet may be one the Oceanic 6 because she refers to herself as a “celebrity”. But really she is just a celebrity to the people in Otherville who want her to save their society by allowing the pregnant women to survive childbirth. Juliet was a fertility doctor who discovered the secret for making infertile people pregnant. Ben brought her to the island to cure his people but so far Juliet has not had any success and pregnant women keep dying. Juliet is guilt ridden over this when Goodwin comes to bring her comfort. Juliet has no friends and thinks her therapist is mean and spiteful, she finds out that she is also married to Goodwin. He has come to the infirmary to treat a burn from a transformer which is a lie… Ben is making him work with deadly chemicals in or near the Tempest, which is a power generating plant also.

On the island in present time Dan and Charlotte have left the beach on orders from the freighter to destroy the chemicals. Jack, Jin and Juliet go in pursuit not knowing what their plans are. Juliet runs into a ghost of Harper (or something) that says that Ben wants Juliet to stop them before they get to the Tempest. But Kate runs into them first. She has just returned from Otherville after learning that the freighter folk know all about her criminal past. She notices that the sat phone that Dan carries is working and that Charlotte is lying about trying to get new batteries. When she inspects his bag, Charlotte hits her in the head knocking her out. Jack and Jules find Kate and Juliet then sneaks off on her own to get to the Tempest quickly. Kate and Jack follow. When they get there Dan is trying to deactivate the device. Juliet threatens to shoot, but Charlotte fights Juliet until Dan gets the job done. Juliet is convinced now that Ben is only trying to protect himself and would kill anyone who gets in his way.

Speaking of Ben. He has talked Locke into letting him free for an exchange of information. He shows Locke a tape (which used to be the Red Sox winning the Series) of a man named Charles Widmore who owns the freighter and who wants to exploit the island. He also gives Locke a dossier on Widmore full of secretly obtained information.

Back to Juliet. In the past, she was welcomed to the island by Ben, who gave her a nice place to live, fully furnished with Opera CD’s. He also invited her to a dinner party but forget to mention that she was his only guest. She wants to know about Goodwin who Ben sent out to kidnap people from the crash of Oceanic 815. He has been gone 3 weeks and they have all the people from the list already. She wants to know when he will be back. Ben infers that he is seeing Anna Lucia know. Anna was in the tail section of 815. She was also on to Goodwin being an Other. She killed him accidentally during a flight. Ben learns that Jack is a spinal surgeon and can operate on his tumor. He knows about Goodwin and takes Juliet to his final resting place. She is horrified of course. Why did he have to show her the grisly corpse of the man she was having an affair with. Ben says he knew about them all along. Juliet accuses Ben of sending Goodwin to his death, but why. Ben says he has treated Juliet so well that she should know that Juliet is “his”. He walks away.

Back to the present. Juliet tells Jack that Ben is at war with the freighter folks and that he is going to win. He tells Jack to stay away from her because Ben thinks Juliet belong to him and that he knows that she has feelings for Jack. Jack sees a chance to risk someone and gives Juliet a reassuring kiss. He tells her that Ben knows where to find him (sounds like he just challenged him to a duel). Meanwhile in the last scene of the show we see Ben walking free back to his old house. Sawyer and Hurley (who just used his luck to win horseshoes) say “what are you doing out”. Ben just says “see you at dinner”. LOST.


If the scenes with Ben telling Juliet that she was “his” and Jack challenging Ben to duel seemed like a soap opera to you, well that is how I felt. At least this episode gave us a lot of information about Juliet and her loneliness. She was also very wise not to fall for Ben’s creepy advances. Juliet seems to be human just like everyone else. Very sympathetic … unless of course she is using Jack. I still don’t totally trust her. By the way Ben’s line reminded me about Bilbo and the ring (…it’s mine… my own… my precious…). Just a bit of geekiness to brighten your day.


  • What do you think… Is Juliet using Jack or is she just a pawn of Ben’s manipulations and really likes Jack?
  • Was it wise for Locke to let Ben out, and was this (information about Widmore) really Ben’s last bargaining chip?
  • Next week we will find out who is Ben’s man on the boat. Michael, Miles or maybe even Walt. What do you think?

7 Responses

  1. hi!
    now we found out why juliet asked jack to kill ben during the operation in season 3…
    this episode was one of the best (for me…) as i love ben!!
    how many episodes are left? until the break? if its one, i think that the last 2 oceanic 6 will be sun and jin, as their flast backs were always together…

    TLE’s Questions

    Q1-What do you think… Is Juliet using Jack or is she just a pawn of Ben’s manipulations and really likes Jack?
    A-I think that juliet really likes jack… she hates ben, but still does what he says…. (how did goodwins wife tell juliet that ben wanted her to kill dan and charlotte? isnt ben locked up…. )

    Q2-Was it wise for Locke to let Ben out, and was this (information about Widmore) really Ben’s last bargaining chip?
    A- well for me its good as id like to see more of ben. could it be that ben gave locke that information so that he would be free, and be able to raise the 3.2 million dollars?

    Q3-Next week we will find out who is Ben’s man on the boat. Michael, Miles or maybe even Walt. What do you think?
    A-Im sure it is michael as he is coming back… he has got a promotional photo so he is definately coming back!!…


  2. ben was out of the book club because in season 3 juliet said that ben killed her sister… don’t you remember that? right after ben send goodwin and ethan to the plane crash places, he tells juliet something like ‘yesterday you called me a liar’, and then took her to mikhail and showed her the video with her sister… thats my opinion…

    why did juliet fall for goodwin? was there any reason?

    harper told juliet that ‘ben is exactly where he wants to be’ …. thats wierd… 🙂

    when juliet heard the whispers, it was like she did not know what they where. how is this possible if she is an Other? didnt she ever go out and whisper??

  3. why do the losties ALWAYS make reference to the RED SOX?

  4. chiara,
    Yes. I do remember. I think you are right about Juliet’s sister because Goodwin would not be dead until after the book club.

    On the Red Sox question you asked. They were a baseball team that could not win the world series championship for 80 plus years. That is why Jack thought Ben was lying when he said the Red Sox finally won it. Jack’s dad also used this expression to mean “that fate has determined something will or will not happen”, because the Red Sox could never win no matter how hard they tried.
    Later, Jack still can’t believe the Red Sox won the big game so he asks Frank the helicopter to confirm it, which he does.

    Hope that helps.

  5. It’s nice to see that the site appears to be working better. And if you’re spending that much time reading my insane comments, apparently you’re desperate for material. With 1500+ listeners, somebody has to have something more intelligent to say.

    Here are my new observations:
    First, Juliet needed a therapist when she first got to the island to make sure she wasn’t time jumping. I think Ben and at least some of the Others know about the effects.

    I really don’t think Miles can be Ben’s man on the boat because that person is probably the one who opened the door for Sayid and Desmond. By the time this makes it to a podcast it will probably be revealed to be Michael but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    I’m sure this one’s been around somewhere but I thought I’d post it anyway. I think the whispers are the Others talking slightly out of time. They’ve done this on several Sci Fi shows and movies where some people are not quite in the same timeline and can’t be seen but voices can be heard in whispers, high pitched noises, etc. I know they’ve done it on Star Trek and Stephen King’s Langoliers (made for tv movie).

    That’s how the Others appear and disappear seemingly from nowhere. Also, if they have the ability or device that allows them to do this then that is how they could communicate with Ben. They could sneak into Ben’s cell and shift back to normal time, talk, then time shift out of sync again.

  6. And to answer TLE’s questions:
    I think Juliet is manipulating Jack. She’s playing the ‘poor helpless me’ card wanting Jack to rescue her from the ‘evil’ Ben. She’s only known the guy for a couple weeks. It’s been years for us, but not for the show.

    And no, it wasn’t wise for Locke to let Ben out. Ben has Locke wrapped around his little finger as always. I also believe that Ben could have left any time he wanted to but only stayed so he could manipulate Locke. By getting Locke to volunarily let him out, Ben knows that he’s back in control.

    No that wasn’t Ben’s last bargaining chip. Ben has more bargaining chips than someone in the World Series of Poker.

    And last, as much as I hate to say it, it will be Michael on the boat. It would be really great if the producers worked out a contract to put Harold Perrineau’s name in the credits with no intention of him ever being on the show. I think he’s a decent actor. I always like him on Oz, but I got tired of the whole ‘I have to protect my son’ attitude the character had on the show.

    Now that I think about the whole Michael/Walt issue, maybe Walt is one of the O6 instead of Michael. Michael would give his life to save Walt. Jin would do the same for Sun so I don’t think both Sun and Jin will get off the island. Sun said last episode that she has to get off the island and will do anything to save her baby. Jin will get left behind.

  7. And, on a side note, is Prison Break really that good? I see that the first couple of seasons are on dvd but I’ve never watched the show. Are there really the kind of mysteries going on that would compare to Lost? There must be something interesting if you’re able to have a PB podcast but the commercials just never appealed to me.

    Just curious.

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