4.07 Ji Yeon (Sun)

Another good episode of Lost but in a sad way.

We learn:

  • Sun has her baby in Seoul, just as she wanted.
  • Jin gets to name the baby but is not around for her birth.
  • Hurley gets out the mental institution and visits Sun. Or maybe he has not committed himself yet.
  • Kate is still suspicious of Juliet which leads Sun to make a decision.
  • Frank is running errands (to the island?) and he was not the one who opened the door allowing Des and Sayid to escape.
  • Michael is alive and working as a janitor on the freighter.
  • That we are not to trust the captain of the freighter.
  • Expose’ with Nikki is playing (in reruns?) in Korea on Sun’s TV. Is that what put her into emergency labor?


On/near the island:
The helicopter returns to the freighter after Frank runs an errand. He is carrying a package which he delivers to Sayid and Desmond who are now locked up after leaving sick bay without permission. Frank walks past Regina who is reading a book turned upside down. He delivers the package which turns out to be cans of lima beans, since the kitchen is having some problems (apparently the sabeteour has been there). The next morning they find a note that was slipped through their door saying, Do not trust the Captain. Sayid and Desmond are on the flight deck when they see Regina wearing heavy chains, make her way to the ships guard rail where she jumps into the ocean. Desmond yells for someone to save her but no one does. They then meet the Captain who says he does not want any one else to die. The boat crew have been suffering from severe “cabin fever” caused by their proximity to the island. The boat can’t leave however because a sabateor has wrecked the engine. He says Charles Widmore is who he gets orders from. Once the boat is fixed they will then move to safer waters. The Captain takes them to his cabin where he tells them about the flight data recorder (black box) from flight 815 that was found many miles from their (in the Sunda trench). He says someone has gone to great lengths to fake the crash and to place 324 dead bodies inside the plane. That is the reason they are looking for Ben Linus.

On the island:
Sun and Jin are discussing names for their unborn baby. Sun thinks it will be a boy, Jin thinks it will be a girl and he likes the name Ji Yeon. Sun says it is bad luck to name the baby now and they will wait until they get off the island. The next day Kate returns and tells Sun that the freighter folk have talked about many things but not rescue. Sun decides she and Jin need to go to Locke’s camp to protect the baby. Juliet tries to stop them and in desperation tells Jin that Sun was with another man and that Sun thought the baby was not his. Jin is brokenhearted and leaves Sun to go fishing with Bernard who tells him marriage is difficult challenge but good choices can bring good results.  Juliet tells Sun she will die in three weeks if she does not get off the island.  Later Jin returns to Sun and the couple makes up with Jin forgiving Sun, and promising to protect her and the baby.  They will try and get off the island as soon as possible.

Sun is getting ready to go to the hospital when suddenly we see her experience birth pains. She calls for help and makes it to the hospital, but Jin is not to be seen. We then cut to Jin who is in a hurry to get a giant stuffed panda. As he is about to get into a cab he gets bumped, drops his phone and loses to panda to another cab fare. He must go back to the store to get another one. Back at the hospital Sun is about to deliver the baby. The nurse tries to take her wedding ring but Sun will not give it up. (There was an episode in season 2? about Sun losing her wedding ring on the island). She is given some medication and calls for Jin and the doctors says he will call for him. Later Sun delivers the baby without Jin. But we see him entering the hospital with the panda. He takes it to the delivery room where a man starts guard outside. Jin says he needs to give the panda to the Chinese ambassador as a gift of friendship for Mr. Paik who wants to do business there. We see that is not Sun in the room, but another woman. As Jin leaves the hospital he tells the nurse it is too soon for him to have a baby as he’s only been married for two months. We they see Sun a few weeks later. She is dressing for funeral, but she puts her lipstick and wedding ring on. She answers the door and it is Hurley. “Is anyone else coming” he asks. She says “no” to which Hurley says “good”. They visit with the baby who looks like Jin and then head out to the cemetery. In a very touching scene Sun kneels by Jin’s grave (actually there is a marker for both of them) and tells Jin about her delivery, how she named their daughter Ji Yeon, and about how much she misses him.

On the freighter:
The doctor takes Sayid and Des to a new room closer to the front of the boat where there is less turbulence. Sayid says the boat is not moving, the doctor remarks, “if you say so” or something. He opens the door and we see cockroaches scurrying. We also see a huge blood spatter on the wall, to which the doc says that should not still be there. The doc calls for the janitor. The janitor says he is busy but the doc insists. He walks toward them and introduces himself as Kevin Johnson. But we recognize him as Michael who was a survivor of 815 and who we saw escaping the island after betraying his friends. He had his son Walt then, but now Walt is nowhere to be seen.

Great acting by everyone particularly Jin and Sun and Hurley in the last scene. I supposed that Jin’s story was probably a flashback, but they kept me guessing until the end. I was really surprised to see Hurley show up, but I could tell (and so did Jeremy) that they were going to a funeral (actually to see Jin’s grave site). We know why Sayid did not show, but what about Jack? Kate probably needs to take care of Aaron or is still incarcerated.

A sad episode for Sun but glad to see that a) she got off the island, b) had her baby, and c) reconciled with her husband Jin before he “died”. Also even liked the fishing scene with Bernard and Jin. Good drama without the melodrama of last week’s episode.

  • Where was Frank going to in the helicopter? Maybe the runway they were building on Hydra Island in Season 3?
  • Jin died, apparently while protecting Sun and their baby. What happened? I don’t think he left the island since his gravestone showed the date of the Oceanic 815 crash. Is he still alive on the island and his death “faked”.
  • Who is the ambassador and does Mr. Paik have some influence over him?
  • Why was Sun alone during the delivery? She was a famous person being part of the Oceanic 6, so where were the paparazzi or her mother and father?
  • What is the “sickness” that led Regina to drown herself. Why does the Captain seem so normal (ie. unaffected by the sickness)?
  • Is this the sickness that led Danielle to kill her French comrades?
  • Who is sabotaging the boat? (This is an easy one).
  • Is the captain really upset about Ben Linus and his supposed plot to stage the wreckage and 324 bodies of Oceanic 815? Or is he actually in cahoots with Ben and maybe even his “man on the boat”? The captain sure seemed to quick to give up the name of Charles Widmore as owning the boat.

9 Responses

  1. I thought the episode was great. Here are some of my thoughts/responses:

    I think Jin probably died while they were on their way back to civilization. If Jin was still on the island (alive or dead) I would assume Sun would go to the beach looking out and talking rather than talking to an empty grave. Maybe he got crazy time loop sickness or something.

    Between Sun’s O6 money and that of her family they could probably afford plenty of privacy to keep away paparazzi. It’s possible she and her parents had a falling out and she somehow blames them for Jin’s death.

    I don’t know what Regina’s sickness was but did notice it was Zoe Bell from last year’s movie Death Proof. She’s a stunt woman turned actor and was more interesting being driven around strapped to the hood of a car.

    Of course Michael is sabotaging the boat and I think he’ll be caught doing something else next episode and be killed by the captain.

    I don’t think the captain is really upset. I don’t think he cares one bit about Ben or the 324 bodies. And why would he have the ‘fake’ 815’s data recorder on the ship? That just doesn’t make sense. I think the captain is going to turn out to be just as manipulative as Ben.

  2. Ji Yeon was good episode, i agree with tle that the acting in the last scene was great and Sun naming her child Ji Yeon was sweet as it was Jin’s choice of name.

    About the captain i don’t think he is Ben’s man on the boat, it must be Michael as he is now back. I wonder where Walt has gone maybe he is on the boat but using an alias like father.

    Finally it will be fascinating to discover who staged the fake wreck of Oceanic 815, hopefully we find that out soon.

  3. I’m pretty sure that somehow Ben got a hold of Walt again. There is no other way Ben would be able to have control over Michael (giving Ben infomation and sabotaging the boat). With the way Michael left he surely didn’t come back to rescue the other survivors. The only motivation he’s ever had is protecting Walt.

    And I was the Anonymous before. I thought I had my info there but apparently not. My mind’s just not what it used to be. Oh well. Hopefully somebody will stop me before I jump off this ship with a giant chain wrapped around me.

  4. i have a feeling that jin is still alive, and on the island. my guess is that only one of them could leave the island, and jin let sun leave. then, since the oceanic 6’s story is that only 8 of them survived, they would have made a tomb stone for jin, saying that he died during the crash…

  5. They would have made tombstones for everyone on 815 (including the Oceanic 6) shortly after they found the wreckage under the ocean. Jin could still be alive but why would Sun visit the empty grave if that was the case? I didn’t see any paparazzi or anyone she would have been trying to fool.

  6. when is the podcast coming out??? 🙂

  7. Chiara,
    Jeremy was getting ready for a tennis match which occurred today. Hopefully we can record it tonight and it will be ready for download tomorrow.

  8. thanks and no problem!

  9. Jeremy and TLE you guys better keep an eye on those Washington Capitals 🙂 They have won 4 in a row and are moving their way towards the Playoffs and OVECHKIN Is 2 goals short of 60 for the season.

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