4.08 Meet Kevin Johnson (Michael)

We find out that:

  • Michael and Walt made it back to NY.
  • Michael feels extremely guilty about what he did on the island and that Walt won’t talk to him.
  • Michael wants to end it all, but can’t, (ala Groundhog Day the movie).
  • Libby is back, that’s good; but in a dead creepy way, bad.
  • Capt Gault beats his crew to keep them from leaving the freighter in a small inflatable raft.
  • The Others have a plan to use Michael to get rid of the Freighter folk.
  • Somebody(s) die(s) and no one could have guessed who(m).


On the island:
Locke has a meeting with his group where Miles explains that the freighter group are after Ben. Ben shot Locke and now Sawyer wants to know why they should protect him from the Freighter group. Ben says his man on the boat is Michael. Later they discuss the 3.2 million in extortion money and Miles says Ben should have no trouble getting the money because Ben gets what he wants. This is proven by Ben’s ability to free himself from Locke’s captivity.

In NY (Manhattan):
Michael is living by himself in a run down apartment. He is watching a show (not Expose’, looked like a quiz show). He writes a note and pins it on himself, before heading out to his car. The neighborhood is old and rundown. He takes his car on a high speed run to the docks where he plows his car head first into a large metal crate. He seems to “die” as everything goes dark for a second, but instead he wakes up alive in the hospital. The nurse comes in to bring him some blankets, but it isn’t the real nurse, it’s Libby. Ironic because Libby was shot by Michael when she went to retrieve blankets from the hatch for her picnic with Hurley. It was then that Michael accidentally shot her after killing Anna Lucia to free Ben from captivity. Ben promised to return his son Walt to Michael for this act, but Ben never told Michael to kill Anna. Ben kept his word and Michael and Walt were given a boat and told to follow a 325 bearing to find rescue. Now they are in their hometown of NY, and Michael is in the hospital when the real nurse asks him for his name. Mike won’t tell her. She asks if she should call Walt, since that was on the note they found pinned on Mike when he crashed his car.

Next we see Mike at his Mom’s house. He told her that he and Walt must use made up names and he won’t tell her what happened for the last two months since he crashed on flight 815. Walt does not want to see him because he killed some people to get Walt off the island. Mike is so despondent he decides to pawn Jin’s watch for a gun and bullets. He tries to end it all in a dark alley but is stopped by the appearance of Tom Friendly. He or the Others helped Michael when he left the island to get to NY. Now Tom wants a favor in return. Michael refuses. Tom says the island will not let him die, no matter what he Mike tries to do. As Mike is getting ready to fire the gun again to take his life, he sees the news story about 815 being found in the Sunda trench. He goes to visit Tom in his penthouse apartment which he is sharing with some guy. Tom tells him that Widmore staged the crash in order to keep the real location of Lost island a secret. Widmore wants Ben and will kill everyone else on the island once he gets him. He offers Michael a chance for redemption, do our bidding and you can save your friends.

Mike is then given a fake passport and a job as deck hand on Widmore’s freighter. His job is to kill all the people on the boat to stop them from getting to the island. Mike agrees and goes to Fiji where the freighter is docked. He meets Naomi and the other crew members. Frank tells him that Oceanic was faked and he is there on a rescue mission to save the real survivors. But later “Steroids guy” is doing some practice shooting. “I thought this was a rescue mission?” Michael asks. Steroids just tells him to go back and mop something. Michael decides he must stop the boat people, so he goes and gets a suitcase bomb planted on the boat by Ben. He detonates the bomb, but not before “dead Libby’s ghost” tells him not to. The bomb does not explode. Instead a message says “Not yet”. Minkowsky tells him he has a call from “Walt” which really turns out to Ben to give Mike some further instruction. I want a list of the crew, then you can kill the guilty, because Ben does not kill innocent people.  Sayid and Des get this whole account from Michael.  In a rage, Said takes Michael to the Captain and says his real name is Michael Dawson, not Kevin Johnson and he is a traitor.

Back on the island:
Danielle, Carl and Alex are convinced by Ben to flee to the Temple where the Others have gone to hide. Ben says it’s the safest place on the island. (I also have hunch it’s a special place where people enter a “worm hole” and move on and off the island. This is probably “rubbish” but I can’t figure out how people are moving back and forth to the island so quickly). They head out into the jungle. Carl has a bad feeling that Ben has set them up. Alex says her “Dad” is wicked but would never hurt her. Just then Carl is shot by two rifle bullets. Danielle and Alex find cover and they try to run away, but Danielle is shot. Alex cries out that she is Ben’s daughter. She offers herself up to be hostage to the unseen people. LOST.

I liked this episode. They did a good job filling in some of the blanks about Michael’s time off the island. Ben did keep his word and really let Michael go. I originally thought the small fishing boat just ended up meeting the freighter, but instead Michael made it home only to be convinced by Ben and Tom to return to the island via the freighter. I had one minor complaint. If Naomi was the head of this secret mission why did she let Michael on the boat without checking his background? Anyway, I had no idea that Carl and Danielle would be shot. This is probably just as likely to be Ben’s doing as the freighter folk. Maybe the Others who went to the temple were told to shot to kill anyone who got close to them. All in all a good episode and now we wait five weeks for the next one.


  • If Walt is in NY, how did tall “ghost” Walt get back to the island to save Locke from the pit?
  • For that matter, how did Mike and Walt get to NY when they were in such a tiny short range boat?
  • If Libby is dead (and buried) how did she visit Michael at the hospital and on the boat, or was it all a hallucination?
  • How did Tom get from the island to NY and back in such a short period of time?
  • Is Tom telling the truth that Widmore staged the faked wreckage and bodies of 815? Capt Gault says it was Ben.
  • If the island won’t let you die when you leave it then who is the “dead” person in the coffin?
  • Who shot Carl and Danielle? Will we get Danielle’s backstory (we better!)?



9 Responses

  1. in the promo for next week, it says ‘all the oceanic 6 revealed’ and it shows aarons face.. so aaron is really one of the oceanic 6!

    i forgot to mention this in my email, but michael is having ‘hurley hallucinations’ . charlie and libby were both killed on the island, and then when mike and hurley are off the island, they have illusions of them… i think its the island telling them that they have to go back…

    i was also amazing by the fact that the island wont let them kill themselves..
    if michael knew that the island wouldnt let him kill himels, why did he try the ‘bomb’ ?

  2. i just thought about this. in episode 13 of season 3, (the man from talahasse), ben asks richard to get his ‘the man from talahasse.’ at the same moment, locke destroys the submarine which was going to take jack and juliet off the island. now, how could richard use the submarine, go to talahasse and back in such a short time? im sure that there is another way off the island… maybe a plane? why were they building a runway?

    also, something else that shows us that tom was gay, was in the first episode of season 3, where kate tells him ‘im not changing in front of you’ and tom replies to her ‘you’re not my type’

  3. Yes, from the moment Tom said Kate wasn’t his type, he was definitely gay. No straight man would have said that about Kate. This episode just confirmed the gayness.

    Since Aaron is now apprently one of the O6, I still wonder does the general public know he’s not Kate’s biological child? Kate’s mother wanted to see her grandson, but that doesn’t mean that she believed there was a biological connection. People with adopted children don’t refer to their children differently than biological children.

    Ben blames Widmore and Widmore blames Ben for the fake plane. I think it will be revealed in the future that Ben and Widmore are brothers and are playing some giant manipulative game. When it’s all over, the loser will pay the other one a dollar for losing the bet.

    Q&A responses:
    The tall ghost Walt was the smoke monster

    Michael and Walt only needed to make it to the west coast of the U.S. Getting from CA to NY is doable after that. They will probably have more Michael flashbacks to tell us.

    Libby visiting Michael is the same as Charlie visiting Hurley. It’s the island’s influence/smoke monster manifesting off island. If the island can stop Michael from killing himself in NY, it can surely make ghosts.

    Tom flew………and boy his arms are tired. Or, the same way they got Locke’s dad to the island without him knowing where he was. Teleporter? (There was a rabbit dropping from the ceiling in the Orchid video.) Or, if they can manipulate time well enough, there are a lot of possibilities that would take too long to talk about.

    I think the Capt and Tom are both telling the truth. I think it will be revealed that Ben and Widmore worked together to stage the fake wreckage.

    I don’t think Tom said the island wouldn’t let him die. He said it wouldn’t let him kill himself. The island let Sayid get injured pretty significantly and he very well might have died if he hadn’t gotten to Ben.

  4. i have to disagree with you lee.
    i doubt that ben and widmore are brothers, as we saw bens birth/childhood.

    in my opinion, they would have been working together, charles widmore getting people to work on the island, and ben being the leader on the island. widmore and ben would have fought over something, and lost all communtication when desmond turned the fail safe key… now widmore is looking for ben…

  5. do you think its a coincidence that desmond was doing a solo race around the world to prove himself to widmore, then he ends up crashing on the island that widmore is searching for?

    why was walt on the island (to locke)? was that smokey? did he appear like yemi had to eko??

  6. when is the podcast coming out? 🙂

  7. ive been meaning to ask you this;
    the others have false beards, and clothes with no labels. why would they have those? do you think they only wear them when going out, in the jungle, since the oceainic plane crashed? why would they have beards and rags before the plane crashed.

    as we saw, kate found theatrical glue in the medical station. where did that come from? do you think the others used to go out with the false beards before the oceanic people crashed there?

  8. how and why was carl on the island? why would they bring a 16-18 year old to the island?
    when juliet sees bens xrays, she tells goodwin;
    carl developed some xrays for me

    please tell me what you think

  9. Ok. Maybe Ben and Widmore aren’t brothers but I think a direct connection will be revealed between the two of them more than what would be expected.

    I think you’ve got a point about it being more than a coincidence that Desmond crashed on the island Widmore is looking for. This is Lost and things are usually more than a coincidence.

    Walt appearing to Locke was almost definitely Smokey. We now know that Walt’s been (and presumably remains) in New York. Also, on the latest official contact the producers pretty much confirmed it.

    The false beards and theatrical glue could just be because they actually performed their own theatrical productions on the island in the past. The thought of them wearing fake beards on a daily basis just for fun is kind of entertaining. There wasn’t much logic to wearing them on the show. They never planned on any of them getting off the island and the issues are more with telling the outside world about the island rather than descriptions of who’s on it. So, is there more to the disguises? Are they wanted for crimes off island and have come to the island to get away? I don’t think that’s something the shows going to try to elaborate on.

    Maybe Carl isn’t as young as we think. We know that there’s something going on with time moving differently on island so maybe he’s older. I suppose even as a teenager he could be old enough to develop x-rays. Maybe he was from some kind of previous crash/kidnapping and has been raised on the island since he was young. He’s probably dead so we won’t ever know. Although he wouldn’t be the first to survive after being shot.

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