All About Lost eps 4.8 (Meet Kevin Johnson)

In this episode of All about Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss the first half finale of Lost season 4. Episode complete with recap, thoughts/questions/feedback, T.L.E. goes on the clock, the results are read for two more first round match ups in the favorite charachter tournament (VERY CONTROVERSIAL), and finally four new match ups are discussed.

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. Here goes…I think Carl is Alex’s twin, Ben stole them both as newborns and not even Danielle knows. This explains Ben freaking out about their relationship and the lack of info about Carls background and parenting. Might work…Ben would keep it secret to help keep their kidnapping not quite as easy to detect.

  2. jeremy, its not fair you let kate win!! juliet is nicer than kate… although sometimes i think she is still working for ben…


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